How to go wireless with your HD tv and Blu-Ray

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“There i m veronica belmont today. I m going to show you how to go go wireless. With your blu ray disc home theater system. And why would you want do that well for many reasons.

But for starters just look at this ugly horrible cable mess say goodbye wireless internet connectivity allows you to conveniently access and stream online entertainment. Directly from the internet movies videos tv episodes music and more from a huge list of providers like netflix youtube pandora and curiosity just to name a few all of this without needing a dedicated ethernet connection. Plus you can easily set up your home theater system. Wherever you d like you don t need to be near an ethernet port to be able to connect to the internet first things first you ll need an existing home network with a router.

If your router is not already wireless you ll need to upgrade to a wireless router. The wireless router is hardwired to your broadband connection. Then the router gives off wireless signal..


Which connects with your wi fi enabled devices. Next you ll want to ensure your products. Have built in wi fi. Like this hdtv and blu ray disc home theater system.

If they don t have built in wi fi. But our wi fi enabled that s fine too just. Make sure you buy the appropriate wi fi adapter okay now that you ve got a wireless connection and wi fi enabled products you can connect your products to your wi fi network. Wherever your products are set up depending on your router.

And network. Configuration. You may need to take additional steps to finish your wi fi setup typically your on screen display will help guide you through the setup process place your hdtv and blu ray disc home theater system wherever you like next setup..


The speakers this system has wireless rear speakers so you won t have to run wires from the front of the room to the back this unit sends a signal to the transmitter box in the back of the room it needs to be plugged into an outlet. So it can send a wireless signal to the rear speakers now place your speakers and subwoofer around the room. Two speakers on either side of the tv and two in the back of the room angled toward where you ll sit and one speaker. At centered slightly below your hdtv.

The subwoofer can be on the left or the right of the tv now power up your sis and start streaming online entertainment. Directly from the internet with millions of choices you ll never run out of things to watch. I m veronica belmont for Many of them give us a great insight into the world of the octarians and squid. But many also make references or take some real life situations.

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