How to Make a Casserole or Pie dish Carrier

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“It s vanessa from crafty gemini. Calm and i post weekly crafting and cooking videos videos here on youtube. This week. I m going to be teaching you all how make a classic carrier.

The first step is to take one of your cotton fabric pieces and lay. It over one of the pieces of the batting. You see you should have a little bit extra the batting should be a little bit bigger than your fabric. Let everything nice and flat and now pin it leaving that diagonal open because we re going to be tracing a line there with our ruler.

So after you ve pinned everything around just enough to hold it down flat go ahead and take some kind of a fabric marker and draw a line on the diagonal from one corner to the other then you turn your piece around you re going to do the same thing. So basically you re doing like a big x across the entire square and then all you have to do is take the straight stitch and just go following the lines that you traced out after you re done with that you can do some cross hatching for the quilting. Which basically i ve just drawn lines on the diagonal every two to three inches or so you can do any kind of quilting. If you like free motion quilting you can do that as well once it s done i like to flip it over make sure i didn t miss any lines and you can see i just went one way on the diagonal and then the other way as well you re going to repeat that with your other cotton batting piece and the fabric piece pin it all around the same and then you can do quilting whatever you want i chose a different design for this one just on diagonals then when you re done quilting those two pieces you want to take your rotary cutter and trim up all the excess batting that you have around your fabric.

The reason..

We do this is because everything tends to shrink a little after the quilting. So you want your pieces to be a little bigger once you re done with both your pieces you re ready to start putting everything together. So. Now you re going to take one and lay.

It over the other both with the pretty sides touching each other so you should see one of the batting pieces facing up pin. All the way around and then you re going to mark an opening of about ten inches or so we re going to leave this open you re going to start on one end backstitch go all the way around stop on the other end then your space. There is going to be open make sure that you backstitch once you ve sewn that around using a quarter inch seam allowance you see where the opening is i like to go ahead and trim all my corners you just want to trim it like that to reduce some of the excess bulk there and do that on all four corners and then you re just going to go to your opening. And you re going to flip the entire piece inside out through there i like to poke out the corners first so just go to a corner flip it out and then just continue to do that until you have everything flipped out give it a good press with your iron to make everything lay nice and flat and then at the opening you just want to tug on the ends and have both of the fabrics.

There flip under you can pin it just like that and then take it to your sewing machine and we re actually going to top stitch. This entire piece with a little bit less than a quarter inch or a quarter inch. Whatever you think is fine. I like to do it nice and close to the edge about an eighth of an inch away and that s going to help secure our opening and top stitch.

The whole piece you can see how it looks all the way around and the stitching here looks just like that now you re ready to make your straps..

So you want to take the longest strip and like i usually do if you ve seen any of my videos you fold. It in half lengthwise. Then you grab the shorter ends and reach them towards the center. Make sure that you re pressing this with the iron.

So it stays nice and crisp. Like i have here. Then you just refold the entire strip down the center. You want to tuck in the ends about a quarter of an inch and then refold it again i do it on both ends.

And then you flip or close the little strip back down on the lengthwise half like that pin everything together. And we re going to be sewing all of these shut. Nice and close to that edge once you re done they should all look somewhat like this and you re ready to attach them to your casserole carrier to attach the shorter strips go to one corner. And just flip it like this it s basically just bending it into a loop and you re going to pin it down so we have this little loop on one of the corners.

I put some pins here just to secure it in place before i sew..

It then you re going to repeat the same thing on the opposite corner opposite that corner you re going to put another short loop. So turn it around so it s facing you take your little piece and just curve. It a little bit and put some pins. There as well so you can sew these down.

We re now going to lay our long strip is the one that s going to match up with the other eight corners right now the other across one diagonal. You want to put it up to the corner. There and just put a pin to secure it in place. And then go to the other end on the opposite corner.

And do the same thing to stitch all of these down. I want you to stitch in a rectangle like this around and you can even go twice or three times over to reinforce that there the strip your take note that it should be lifting up a little like this you want that strip to be a little shorter now i can go to my sewing machine remove my pin and stitch with a straight stitch around in a little rectangle to secure these corners. You pivot before you get to the end of the strip. You want to stop with the needle down so it holds your place and then lift up the presser foot and pivot.

So it looks like this once you re done and you have a choice you can do a straight stitch or you can do a zig zag stitch like you see here whatever you feel will be more secure now to use your casserole carrier real simple put the plate in the middle..

Then you re going to slip that long strap through both of those loops and then it turns into your handle. This casserole carrier is also reversible to flip it just flip it around so that the outside fabric is now on the inside. But you want to make sure that you re pulling that strap over to the side. With you put your plate and continue to the exact same thing just slip the long strip through the small loops.

I want to show you here even with a 13 inch round plate you can do that as well so it works up to i would say about a plate or dish this size anything bigger you d probably want to change the pattern and make your pieces bigger and congratulations. You ve just finished your first quilted reversible casserole carrier. I hope you guys enjoyed my step by step tutorial feel free to spread the word to your friends and family and remember to upload pictures of your completed projects to our facebook page since i always love to see what you make from my tutorials. ” .


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