How to make a Wasted gif

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“Guys. This is a how to video to make wasted gifts. This is gonna be be a really quick video so you find your video you re gonna want to it and take it to your link downloader. I use j downloader.

You add your url and then you continue with the one you want and then it ll come here it ll download you ll hit play and it ll start its download. And then once you have that you go to your video editor. I use pinnacle open up your video open up. There.

It is and you have your template right here. I put the template on top. I don t know why i usually do and put the video underneath. So you want to edit the template go to kear s go to studio chroma keyer and that gets rid of your green screen or makes it transparent and then you go to colors.

She ll excuse me shift channels. And then i turned the green..

All the way off except and then you edit the video. What i usually do right away as i go for the moment of impact where you get that first initial hit and that looks like it s about it right there. So i m gonna cut this video and this interest seems like it s yeah. It s a little long so i ll probably start it right here.

Then i take my template. And i slide. It over to my cutscene all right. And you just want to get it over laughs and just a little bit it s just slightly off.

I would say this is one of the most time time consuming parts. Because you just have to like trial and error. Until you that looks pretty good until you get that that right there that looks pretty good all right and then i let it run until you get the wanted screen. Oh sorry i forgot to slow this after you cut this you want to slow this down halfway.

I usually do just a little bit less than half about 45 let that load and go to the wanted screen or wasted screen. Sorry i ve been probably sick and sam wanted cut it again so you want to take this clip..

And you want to slow this down to 19 alright. And this tends to replay. Some of this see the referees turning his back and it cuts down to his waist and now it s on his back cutting down to his waist. This is probably just this program.

You might use something else you don t have to deal with this whoops. We both leave you both again. It s a little jumping up. I just cut a little bit off slide.

It over there. So i don t want to show that much of the ending. So i ll probably stop it right here then you re gonna want to edit this clip. I usually move the marker.

So you can see what s going on go to colors jericho. Which is black and white and then camera you want to zoom in just a little bit..

And if your subject is hid behind the wasted screen. You can just kind of adjust it and get it where you want it it s kind of hard to see the edge of this clip. Never really had that problem with any others okay and then you want to move this little tab right here. So it doesn t move the entire clip.

And you see it s kind of fading out a little bit. I usually delete this last keyframe and that gets rid of the zooming like i said if you use a difference program editing program. You probably don t have to deal with this. But people that use pinnacle just little heads up all right let that load and just watch the whole clip.

Just see how it looks all right. I m happy so you got file export and exported call it like it already exists. I ve already made it so we ll just replace it and then you want to go to virtualdub. Which is just convert your video into a gif.

The light there it is open it up file export animated gif. Except and then you want to go sorry..

I closed. My photoshop so if so you want to open this and basically photoshop just resizes it if you don t want to resize. It you can just load up load to let s that call it g kitty cat that right there the link will be below. Yeah.

If you want to use them you can just skip. This part of the video. And i believe this video is actually small enough that it can be uploaded on imgur yep. But let s say the video isn t so you would just you can change your colors and that ll drop it down a lot and you can also change the percentage and then you would hit save all right so.

Then you upload it to m gur and you re good to go. ” ..

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