How To Port Forward for A Minecraft Server

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“They re gonna welcome back to the breakdown today. I m gonna be teaching you you how to port forward a minecraft server now this is the video that i requested a lot and i think the reason i get requested it so much is because people want me to go more in depth in the port forward process then in my other more basic server tours. Where i go through port forwarding. But don t go as in depth with it so basically if you want to see how to start a server and like get a server up and running you ll get the i at the top of your screen.

That s gonna show you exactly how to make a server like what you see on your screen right now right. It s gonna have like the run dot bat file that you can click on and the the command prompt window that opens and all this stuff and at this point this server to be joined locally. But your friends can t doing this server in order to do that you need to be able to port forward that s where we are with this video and that s what we re starting it but we re gonna go through every single step of port forwarding. A minecraft server for you however first and foremost didn t want to mention that if you don t report forward at all if you just want to start a minecraft server get an ip and play the easiest way to do that and it really only way to do that is with somebody like apex minecraft.

Hosting go to the first link down below the breakdown. It explained z apex. Get an incredible 24 hour detox pack in minecraft server for you and your friends. All you have to do over there is get an ip address and join that ip address.

If you can join our server played out breakdown craft comm you can join an apex server. Because we host our server on apex minecraft. Hosting so again go to the first thing down below the breakdown to the xyz size shape x. Get an incredible server without having to port forward.

Nevertheless. What have you doing a port forward you want to host your computer or your server on your computer well let s go ahead and do that now again you should already have your server set up if you don t there is a link in the description down below that will take you here and this is going to show you how to set up your server and everything like that if you click on this other thing of the page. I was just on because i set up a server this server before the video. I forgot to close out of this page.

But nevertheless this will watch you through every single step of doing and setting up your own minecraft server on top of that we do have our in depth video tutorial that i self over 100000. People. At the time. I m making this video start a server in 114.

We ve talked it over a million people start minecraft servers in the past. So you come here and go through this tutorial to start your server. If you haven t already. I m assuming you have because we re just focusing on port forwarding now at this point once you ve got your server up.

What we want to do is get your default gateway and your ipv4 address. So. If you click the top left hand corner of your screen or of my screen. It s in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

You will have the start window click on that little windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. And then type in cmd. You ll then have command prompt. Here.

Then go ahead and click on that and this should look pretty familiar. It s basically just like the thing behind us there except it s not gonna anything in it it s because we re gonna type in here ip conf ig ip config all one word exactly like we have it there and hit enter now a lot of information is gonna come up that s pretty overwhelming. But we only need two numbers. We need our ipv4 address and the default gateway.

Now some of this might not be here for you you might just have numbers you might not have these big long strings of numbers and letters. However if you do like i do that s perfectly fine. So we re gonna open up a notepad document here you could write it down on your computer or something like there and on your computer on your blank notepad or whatever. But we re just gonna put it in notepad here.

And this is our ipv4 address here. We ll actually move this down here. So this is our ip v4 address and that is going to be. Your 19216811.

2. 3..

That s what it is for me yours is most likely completely different. If it is that s perfectly fine. Then you re gonna need your default gateway. Now your default gateway.

There s actually two options. So. There s this. Big long string of numbers fe80.

9. 6. 10. All that stuff that s not the one you want you want the one that s just numbers.

Which in my case is the one in the bottom. It might be on top for you. But for me it s. On the bottom and it s.

Just. 19216811. It s that simple that easy. And that s all you need now before we get on into port forwarding.

We actually need to come over to our server dot properties file here in the minecraft server. So when you double click on the server dot properties file. It opens in notepad for me. It might not free you it might you might have to select notepad to open.

It the reason we want to open this is because there s two things we need to do first we need to come down here and find server ip equals. See that then next to the. Server ip equals you want to enter your ipv4 address. In my.

Case. 19216811. Right like that now above. That you need to take note of your server port.

It should be two five five six five. If it isn t make make that into two five five six five. But that s what it should be you shouldn t have to change your server port. But it s important that you you know look at it there and make sure.

It is two five five six five now go ahead and click file save on your server type properties file and now we need to open up our browser in our browser. We need to open up a brand new tab and then in that new tab we need to take. Our default gateway which. In my case.

Was. 19216811. And just paste it in the url bar. Where you would type in the breakdown to xyz or breakdown.

Craft calm or youtubecom. Enter in there your eye or your default gateway and then hit enter. Then you ll get a page that most likely looks completely different from what you see here. You will have though some sort of a login box.

Now. This is where i can t give too much more information other than kind of going through our already existing tutorial for this because everybody s router is different as far as what your login information is now a net gear..

Router might have the same login information is another netgear router especially if it s the default information. But overall you re gonna have to find this yourself. And we do have a resource linked in the description down below on how to find your router s password that goes through everything and basically method number one is talk to the person who set up your internet. So go to whether it s you know your brother your sister your significant other whatever.

It is go talk to the person who set up your internet and that is going to be the first step in s. And hey how do you log into the router in order to you know like get into the back end of the router and port forward and change settings and things like that and if they don t know then move on and check your router for a sticker. A lot of routers will actually have the default login information for the router on it and as long as your information hasn t been changed and most people s hasn t actually you just take that information taught it into the router and then you re good to go now. If that doesn t work no worries or if that doesn t have a sticker on your router you can try the default username and password from this website router passwords right here.

So if we click on that as you ll be able to see this is where you can select the manufacturer of your router. Let s say you ve had a i don t know an axis router. You can find the password and then it will give you all of the potential models and all the temperature and user names and passwords for that router so you just select your model of router and there you go last. But not least is if you find the default password and it doesn t work you can reset your router and try the default info.

It will work at that point. If you reset your router to default and then last. But not least if it s still not working you can contact your isp. Some isps do need to do port forwarding for you or specifically need to allow you to log into your router.

This is very very rare in my experience for example. We ve had 18 charter and then local isp that i ve worked with in the past and all of them just allow you to log into your router. Without any problems. However.

I ve have heard verizon sometimes seem to enable it on your account. But nevertheless. Though is your last option nobody wants to give that option and most people don t. But nevertheless at this point.

We can go ahead. And now jump back over here. Enter your login information and log into your router. Now unfortunately.

This is another example somewhere. Where it s going to be completely different for you unless you have a linksys router and luckily for you we have a tutorial that will help you out we went through and created a resource of all of the top routers that are out there today verizon at t. Cisco net gear linksys all of these routers are covered in this video. And if your router isn t specifically covered in this video.

Which by the way this is linked in the description down below. But if it your router is not specifically covered in this video. That s perfectly fine and the reason. I say that is because a router like yours is probably featured in this video.

Most routers have very similar software. You know cisco develops a lot of it netgear develops. Some of it but most of the time. It s very similar to other routers.

So if you want to do all of this video. You ll be able to log in to your router and be like oh. This was mentioned on a cisco router. This was mentioned on another netgear router.

Even if yours isn t in the video. You re most likely gonna be able to get help from that video. But nevertheless for me it is in security now for you it may be in apps and gaming. It might be in advanced.

It might be in security. It might be in mat gaming..

And i ll be in at 40 in 80 40. It could be in so many different options that you know you just need to make sure you re looking for port forwarding or port forwarding. Port triggering. But overall.

It should be port forwarding. It should be asking for a port and ip address all of that stuff you ll see what it should be asking for here in a minute. But for me it is insecurity. Then what did i say it could be in absent gaming.

Right that was something i said well there s absent gaming. Right there so as you can see apps and gaming and then from there for me. It s in single port forwarding right. It s security absent gaming.

Single port forwarding for me right three different options. I just don t be afraid to click through your router. If you can t all break a router you can t you can t do anything wrong as long as you only confirm and save changes when it is port forwarding and when port forwarding is what you re doing right. I mean you don t have anything to worry about as long as the only changes you re saving is port forwarding.

So now that s once you re here you ll see you know basically this application name or id ports. Involved it could be external. Port and internal port port 1 port 2. But you ll see something along the lines of a port you ll then see a protocol of some sort it could also be called a network protocol and then you ll see some sort of ip you can also see how the drop down box of devices connected to your networks or your computer.

Your apple tv your phone. All that stuff will be listed there and that s okay that s the same thing so for me i need to click add in a single port forward. And then for an application name or the id right we re finally port forwarding for minecraft didn t know it would take you 10 minutes did you but nevertheless let s go ahead and type in minecraft for that it s our application name that s just so we can identify now the port anything to do with mine. Crack is going to be 2 5.

5. 6. 5. Unless you changed it in your server properties file.

If you change the excerpt properties file. It s going to be something different. But by default. It should be 2 5.

5. 6. 5. Now again anything to do with port.

So. External. Port. Was.

2. 5. 5. 6.

5. Internal port is 2 5. 5. 6.

5. It doesn t matter..

What word. It says before or after port. 4. You put 2 5 5 6 5.

There now for protocol. We re gonna do both we re gonna do tcp udp or udp tcp either one right. But you need to make sure both protocols select. But nick what if i can t select protocols.

What if i do all right just pour forward twice right do this twice for each protocol do it once for tcp and then again for udp. But you shouldn t need to do that you should be able to select both now for device ip. This is actually going to be your ipv4 address which i signed sometimes referred to as your local ip address because that is the ip address of your computer so we re gonna take this right. Here which in my case was 192168.

And it s gonna be dot. One dot. One two three right like so and that s that it s done your port forward is done go ahead and click save click apply and click ok now you will need to stop your server and start your server in order to make it work. So let s go ahead and stop our server here.

It was running in the background and then we can go ahead and double click on run dot bat. And then it ll start right on it right is that simple that easy. I think a lot of people make port forwarding. A little more crazy and a little more difficult than it actually is it s not too hard to do you just need to log into your router and find port forwarding from there it s very very simple now at this point your server will start right on up you ll be good to go.

And you will be able to join it if you your public ip address. Now that s not always true all i say that you can join any of your public ip address. But your friends will be able to join it via your public ip address. But you can find it what s my ip calm.

Which is selected in the description of this video. But nevertheless you can go and join via your public ip address. Most of the time. Sometimes you ll have to join off at your local ip address here.

Which is your ipv4 address so copy and paste that into minecraft. Me. If you can join off of that you re good to go. And if your friends can join off your public ip address you re good to go.

But what if your friends can t join off of your public ip address well you need to enable it in windows defender your firewall on your computer or a firewall on your router right it could also be in a fire on your router. See i have all these different firewalls on my router. I can come in here. And do that i can add ports right to be ok in my router as security settings.

So then it s something you might need to do i need you do need to do that it s gonna be a bit different for every router. But just make sure you re adding a pour for it or basically your port is being allowed on your router for that connection and then the same thing for windows defender your local firewall. You ll need to enable java or minecraft or basically java and minecraft to allow public connections to your computer in order to allow minecraft servers to work. So yeah.

That s pretty much if you have any questions let us know in the comment section down below. We ll try our best to help you out you can also comment on any of the articles on our website for help with more specific things. But thank you so so much for watching this video. If it helped you out give it thumbs up subscribe the channel for more awesome content and come play with us.

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