How to use the Second Screen on the LG V20

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“What s up guys. This is joe from phandroid. And this is the lg v. V.

20. And today i want to show you guys how to use and what can do with the second screen. And that is the screen across the top that i have my recent app showing in right now that s kind of one of the unique features of the v10 and now the v 20 is the second screen. So we ll go into the settings.


And there is an entire section for the second screen and in here you can do a couple things so first we can do show when main screen is on so right now the screen is on and this is where i can decide what i want to show when the screen is on so we can go to the settings. Here and there a bunch of different things you can choose and the more that you select here it ll basically cycle through those so right now. I have recent apps selected and so it s showing the five most recent apps. That i ve opened across the top and that s really nice for quickly jumping into the things that you ve done.

But there s also a lot of different things that you can choose specific apps. You could have them music player contacts. Some tools or just a signature and calendar events and so. If i turn more of these on it s going to kind of cycle through these and i can use my finger to swipe between them so turn quick tools on now i have that and i can switch between these two.


And you can also rearrange them to however you want and some of them have more options so i could choose which quick tools show up so that s what you can do when the screen is on and if you don t want that you can also just turn it off and then it ll be blank now the other thing you can do is decide what to see when the main screen is off so if we go into here. There s not as many options. But we can have the default screen be date and time or signature thinking. But whatever you really want their name maybe like an email address.

If you loose your phone. Something like that and you can set that right here. There s also quick tools again and again you can choose whatever ones you want to see here. And then you can have it turn off at a specific time because maybe you put your phone on the nice at night.


And you don t want the second screen to be glowing in your room. So you could have a turn off at a specific time and so when i turn the screen off. We can see now it shows the date and time and i can swipe over to the quick tools and if i had notifications they would also show right now and that s kind of cool. Because then you can see if there s anything worth looking at before unlocking your phone.

Now. There s also one more thing you can do and that s in this more section. And you can show time while content is shown so basically. When you re watching a video such as youtube.


Now when i rotate into landscape mode. It s going to move the time and the status information and notifications to the second screen. So i can still see it and that s the second screen is an interesting feature that you can t get on any other android phone right now and it s kind of unique. There s some uses for that make a lot of sense.

And there are some things that don t make a lot of sense. But it s there and it s cool so this is the lgv 20 stay tuned for more about this phone and we ll see in the ” ..

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