HP Slate 21 All in One Review with Pros & Cons

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“Very often do we do a video review often all in one computer well in in all in one pc. As the fashion is but this one from hp the 21 does deserve this kind of attention. Quite frankly when this arrived in the test center. I did not have too many hopes from it neither did anyone else in the team over a period of the last one week.

This machine has grown on us we fallen in love with it and the day it goes back. There will be a sense of disappointment. Let me tell you why there are a few things very different with this all in one first of all it s not windows. It s all android.

It s one of the first such products to enter into the indian market. This is powered by the integra. 4 processor. Again one of the first products to have that kind of processing power and it s just a very different experience that you get from a computer from a pc.

People are used to the entire windows experience and cannot really visualize a pc environment. Which is not windows. But this one is a very convenient machine to use once you do get used to the entire thing of course..


Let s begin from the start. This is the home screen well you have the flexibility of changing the wallpapers. Whenever you want so that that s pretty much then what you have right in the top is the search bar. So you don t have to really bother going through the file system through the folder structure to kind of get to the files that you want you simply search your click off you go.

That s one of the conveniences of android and that s replicated here brilliantly the entire thing works exceptionally well with the mouse and the keyboard. I am flipping through the screens here with the mouse. It s just mighty smooth in fact. It s so smooth that it gets a little disconcerting.

If you just use the slowest machine now let me start off with the build quality here it s all plastic. It s all white. But it s excellently with the plastic quality is very nice it s slight enamel finish. So you could be slightly careful about scratches on this but apart from that it looks elegant it looks classy and it will be comfortable sitting anywhere in your home.

As as a computer as an entertainment device whatever they use it s not or maybe. The keyboard and the mouse are provided with the device. These are usb part..


But i m sure you have some support devices. Which are wireless. So in case you want to upgrade later you can do that some of us have been asking that how does the right click feature on this thing work. Let me show you how i have opened a tab here in chrome.

So browsing through this reading. An article. Now i want to go somewhere else so i go here. I long press.

The right key and you have the other options like you would on a normal browser on your pc. This 21 inch. Display is full hd resolution. The ips panel is absolutely brilliant in terms of color reproduction.

So if you re watching movies of this the experience is absolutely unmatched as far as most of the organ ones in this price. Range is concerned the performance is unbelievably good i mean this one pretty much takes the cake for the performance. It s blinding fast so much so that we done the three debug benchmark on this and it actually came back with a score..


Which said. This benchmark is too light for this machine. It s doing excellently well in terms of the build quality. It s doing excellently well in terms of functionality and usability.

This machine also does very well in terms of performance now you would expect me to tell you the price which i will of course the box price of this machine is around thirty thousand rupees. Now give or take a deal that you may find at certain stores you could get this for around twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine thousand rupees. Where does this fit in your life. If you don t have a tv in your room.

And you want to watch something. And you want something to watch movies on from a hard drive or something this machine fits in there perfectly. If you need a pc at home with your wife or your mother want to use. But the entire windows ecosystem is a little too much for them or the machines.

In that ecosystem are looking at the part in this price bracket. Again this one fits in perfectly. What you get internally is an 8 gb storage out of its the user has access to about 5 gb..


But you have a memory card slot and this machine has absolutely no problem accepting any usb drives. So we plugged in a few usb drives on this machine fat32 and ntfs. It played back movies. It read documents of those tribes with absolutely no problem at all so.

If you have a bunch of movies that you want to watch just put them on the memory card slot that in you re good to go all in all if you need an all in one machine well no pun intended for your home or even. If you want to keep it on your table at work this is a machine that you must consider do realize. This is android. So it will be a change a big change from you for you from switching to windows to this.

But it s it s i guess a change worth it because you re not paying a lot of money. But you re getting excellent performance and an entire world of apps. That you probably have on your ” ..


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