Huawei Vision 3: Cellphone Overview & Tour (1 of 11) Consumer Cellular

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“To consumer cellular. How to video series this video will help you get the most most out of your huawei vision 3 lte android smartphone today we ve enlisted the of michael who will be taking the tour along with us hi. There i hope you re as excited as me to learn about this cool looking phone. Great michael.

Let s get to it then your wall wave vision. 3. Lte. Is a touchscreen smartphone that allows you to take advantage of robust features like accessing the web checking your email and taking photos.

That you could easily share among your circles of friends and family let s take a few minutes to highlight some of your phone s features with a general tour of the huawei vision 3. Lte. Ok. When you re ready to take a deeper dive into some of your phone s specific functions be sure to visit our video library on each of the features in this general tour.

So your phone is turned on if it isn t just press and hold down the power key. That s the small button on the right side of your phone. Until your screen wakes up right. There now use your finger to touch the lock icon and drag it to the green lock on the right to unlock the phone.


We re now ready to explore your phone from top to bottom when you look at the face of your phone you ll see a horizontal bar at the top above the display. That s your speaker. Next to the speaker on the right is the front facing camera the bulk of your screen is the display. And we ll explore this some more during this video michael you ll notice the three main icons at the bottom of your display screen.

Oh yeah the back icon on the left takes you to the previous screen or clears entries. When you press it the home icon in the center returns you to the home screen from any other screen on the right is the recent apps icon this allows you to easily return to any of the apps that you have recently been using for easier navigation between screens at the top of your phone you ll see the headphone jack and speaker on the right side of your phone. You ll see the power key. Which allows you to turn your phone on and off.

It also allows you to lock and unlock. The touch just above that is your volume control on the bottom of your phone is another microphone and the micro usb connection port. Which you ll use to connect the charger and other accessories to your phone. The camera lens is on the back of the phone near the top along with a flash for taking pictures.

There s also a speaker on the back. Now let s take a deeper look at the display. The first time you turn your phone on you re looking at your home screen. This display contains three main areas status indicators at the top.


The main display area and the icons towards the bottom of your display that are your primary shortcuts. Let s take a look at the status indicators at the top of your display. The signal strength indicator shows you the quality of your signal. These five bars indicate that we currently have the best possible signal.

Okay here you ll also notice. The battery power status your battery is currently fully charged you ll see this indicator decrease. As your power. Wanes signaling.

You have to charge your battery your display also shows the time and your connection to the consumer cellular network. You might also see some icons. That include new messages. Alerts and alarms.

Now hold your finger at the top of the screen. By these indicators and swipe down. This opens. Your notifications bar.


A useful way to access important information across the top of the notification bar. Are controls to adjust your wi fi volume. And other settings. Great you can also get quick access to new voice or text messages or get notifications from various apps on your phone the google search widget is up next simply touch it and type in a search term or search.

Google. By saying. The words ok google. Then simply speak your search term.

Ok. You may have noticed that the main display area of your phone comes pre populated with useful apps like a collection of google apps and google play store. Which gives you easy access to all the applications that are available. There other important apps.

Include the camera your gallery of photos apps for managing settings and themes an email app and the consumer cellular app. Which allows you to manage your account all right on every screen below your apps are the primary shortcut icons the phone icon opens. The phone dialer so you can make a call the contacts icon opens your directory of contacts. The messaging icon allows you to use the text messaging features the browser icon opens.


The web browser so you can use the internet. Now how about we take a quick look at some of the other applications on your phone to do this you can swipe to the left or right to reveal additional panels this shows you some more of the preloaded applications on your phone like the calendar. A clock and a tool for taking notes you ll probably want to add some of the apps. You ll use most to your home screen for easy access yeah let s move your calendar app icon to your home screen for quick and easy access great just touch and hold the calendar icon then drag it to the left over to the home screen and let go tap home at the bottom.

And you ll see the calendar app is now there pretty easy right absolutely easy. And i expected and that s the big view of your wall way vision. 3 lte. In a nutshell.

I feel like an expert already thanks for watching today be sure to review consumer cellular s library of easy to follow in depth videos for each of the features on your wall way vision. 3 lte. For more information visit. The support page on our website or call us at 888 5 8.

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