I Bought the CHEAPEST 10-CORE Tablet On Wish.Com (Part 1)

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“We re back again for something. I ve been waiting for for a long time time literally about a month. This is a really cool tablet that i got from what s supposed to be a really cool tablet that i got from wish. It says.

It s a ten core 128 gigabytes of storage. Six gigabytes of ram. No name tablet. And it s supposed to have like hard a home button just like the ipad does it s sort of a copy of the ipad honestly it s supposed to have two sim card slots.

It s supposed to have an sd card slot. All sorts of great stuff. I m opening it up here and we ve got a charger. It s like a micro usb charger.

We have micro usb cable and we have this this is really exciting that means i can plug up accessories so let s get everything set aside and we re gonna check out this monster of a tablet in just a minute but let me get this all boxed up first. I am really excited about this opening up the manual. That s cool. But here is the listing that i bought it from.

So there you can see. Everything it s supposed to have android 80. And there s the complete total. I wanted to try there by now pay later so i paid half already and i ll pay the other half of the 72 dollars after shipping next.

Week here s all the. Specs 6 gigs of memory and android 80. And all the stuff that i just mentioned before it s supposed to have and ips screen as well so let s find out about vat. I mean it looks okay.

There s a little scratch right there where it looks like a chunk of the paint that s missing. But whatever you log in and everything looks pretty good here s all the settings and i went through and looked and it said it had 128 gigs of storage. And it said it had 6 gigs of ram and we ll find out though because i ll download like an app or something and we ll see you know we can look at it. But for now.

I m just signing up with my google account and connecting to the internet..

So we can grab some things off the play store and do a couple other things to me it doesn t seem like it gets bright enough. The brightness setting doesn t go bright enough. And it also doesn t go dark enough so it d be kind of weird using it in the dark. You know you feel like a nice gem screen and if you using it outside you re probably not gonna be able to see anything my first thoughts.

This is not an ips screen and the viewing angles are bad. It s also not the most responsive touchscreen and for a ten core tablet with six gigs of ram. It runs kind of slow as you can see there when i scroll like there s just a little bit of delay and i tried to download stardew valley and the town load failed i may try that again later but i m also gonna download minecraft and see if we can load up some minecraft on this thing i think that d be a pretty good test of what this was capable of so let s go ahead and install that and i do want to put a couple other things on here. I put retroarch.

I put youtube and pluto tv on there i could not find a netflix app on the play store at all so i m guessing this thing will not play netflix. I actually saw some reviews about that where people were upset. But anyway. Let s check out retroarch really quick and we ll see what we can come up with i actually put a ps1 game on here.

A dreamcast game on here and a playstation 2 game on here. Just for kicks. I couldn t get a gamecube game to work at all looks like the playstation game was loading up we re gonna load a crash bandicoot to see what that s all about on this particular tablet also i thought i would mention that that home button is not a hard button touch sensitive that s it it doesn t press down anything like that alright crash bandicoot seems to load just fine let s see what the gameplay looks like i kind of playing this with it sitting on the table so i m gonna suck really bad that sounds really good the speaker s okay it looks like it s playing at full speed to me i think we re about to wrap this up as soon as i try to walk up. These stairs.

That s pretty good it ll play playstation games. Just fine no problems. Let s give dreamcast. A try and see what happens with that yeah i had to delete the gamecube game.

Because it just didn t work like it wouldn t load at all but uh here s crazy taxi. 2. And i ll be back in just a second after this loads. It seems so far to be loading okay.

Everything s responsive enough. I suppose right away. I could say the sound is really bad. But let s see if it is play it for speed it sound like it s not going to fin for cpu.

I feel like it should play all right let s load this puppy up and see what it looks like it s not running it for speed and the sound is horrendous..

I mean this sound is just absolutely unlistenable and the game. I would not really call playable. There seems to be a bit of a delay when you hit any kind of button. You know it s not responsive and i think part of the blame is on this touchscreen that is not the best.

But another thing is this tablet. Simply cannot handle dreamcast games. Let s close that up. And the tablet.

Just freakin done ha ha. It just turned off it turned off. And it won t turn back on i didn t put it on here. But it will not load playstation 2 games at all i m not even gonna make you sit through that it crashes.

If you try to load a playstation 2 game. I expected that to be honest. But alright this thing died and i had to plug it in and then i had to get a like a thumbtack or something so i could press that reset button. And when i did that it was fine what actually happened when it died i cut it out because you know whatever.

But i was trying to start up minecraft when i hit the minecraft icon. The whole tablet. Just went black and i tried it several times and just to show you i ll go through and do it again and it died again. I m just gonna cut that out because i mean.

It s just the same thing you can see it right there. It s dead so let me go ahead reset. It again and it s back on we re not gonna play minecraft. This thing can not run minecraft you know in terms of whether or not this thing actually has the android version it claims to or if it s just spoofed.

I don t know man. But some stuff it runs some stuff it doesn t and it claims to not have android 8. It claims to actually have android 9 android. Pi.

I mean it doesn t run like a system that s supposed to be as beefy as it is with that os so i don t know guys and a little bit here..

I ll download a management app that ll tell us everything about the specs of the tablet for real. Though it ll just tell us everything we need to know so if they ve lied about anything it should pick it up. Yeah you can see the brightness. It s all the way up it s not bright enough for me.

But whatever the battery is pretty okay. I think it s got like an 80 600 mah battery. It was really good from 85. Which is where it was at when i powered it on down to about 68 and then the battery sort of draining kind of fast.

But i am doing a lot more with it though so i feel like that s to be expected it plays youtube trek the youtube app actually crashed that first time but when i pull it back up it does seem to play and after i search for a video. We ll find one of my channel and play it i ll let you see what it looks like i ll give you just a little bit of a view of what that looks like all right let s play the one. I just uploaded recently and i ll be back all right. That was good now let s try to play youtube from the actual web browser because it wouldn t go about 720p in the actual youtube app 360.

I said it at 1080p and there was a little bit of a skip and then it played perfectly fine so it will play 1080p videos on youtube browser youtube app plays in 720p max that s good to know that s pretty acceptable i think it s acceptable since i didn t have any other tv app. Let s pull up pluto tv and see if it works and i ll be right back. Yet again okay does seem to work without any issues whatsoever. The video quality is actually really nice with the maputo app.

I mean maybe the screens not as bad as i thought it was but it s certainly not as sharp all right i ve launched the program here that shows you the specs of the system it ll let us know if they re lying about any of this stuff as you can see we have 10 cores several of which are offline. But that s just because we re not doing a whole lot right now and you can see it right there. And let s try to go check out the hardware whoops. I hit the wrong button.

But that s pretty cool because you can see the load that all the cpus are under right there and going into the hardware section. It looks like we have eight cortex a53. Cores and two cortex a7 two cores so 10 total cores. They re not lying about that it appears this device was actually made by higher if i m pronouncing that correctly they make a lot of things for i believe ge and several other companies as well so not surprising.

They re there. A chinese based company and this is a chinese base tablet. So as you can see we have a 2560 by 1600 resolution with only 210 pixels per inch. Which is really bad that s probably why it doesn t look so sharp.

We have six and a half gigs of ram..

Which is a half gig more than i thought and here are some other stuff that you can look at and show you again. There who actually makes this device you can see it right there scroll through some of these other settings and look at that this actually does have android version 90. According to this app even though i highly doubt that that s what this really is it sure says that s what it is it even shows you the date that the thing was built which looks like december 2019 so there s the. Battery we have an 8500 mah battery to me it s in good condition there s the wi fi.

There are some apps. We can look at it shows we have a 13 megapixel back camera and i believe that said. It was an 8 megapixel. Front camera.

And this thing also has an accelerometer a proximity sensor and a light sensor alright and here s that panel that s open on the back what this house is is the sd card slot. Which is actually a micro sd card that it takes and 2 sim card slots here s a photo that i took with the camera of the tablet not really good. But i ve seen a heck of a lot worse. I don t really suspect that people would be using a tablet camera very much anyway.

But here s another picture i took with it again it s not the worst. But it s also not good i don t recommend using it here is a video that i took with the tablets camera. I would never use this for anything to be honest with you i kind of need to go outside and see if it takes better pictures outside because i find that these cheaper cameras take horrible pictures inside with lower light levels. But if you go outside.

They ll take a halfway okay picture. So that s something i really need to do in the future. But i wouldn t recommend using this for youtube or to make any kind of a video log or anything like that i wouldn t do it. And i wouldn t suspect that most people will do that with a tablet anyway so that s all i ve got for today.

I really appreciate you guys coming and checking this out do i recommend this thing not for the price of 72 dollars after shipping. If it were about 40 or 50 dollars after shipping maybe. I really like the fact that it has a lot of storage. And there are some other things that i dig about it i like the sim card slots on the sd card slot and all that good stuff.

But i wouldn t pay this much for it. But anyway. That s all i have for today thanks for checking out retro tech toys. ” .


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