I FOUND MY OLD NINTENDO DSI !! Playing nintendogs ! And finding old stuff

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“Pals. I like posting a video. So maybe i ll put this in my vlog vlog channel on my second channel. Where i can put whatever i want so my like oh crazed he went to california and i have in california.

If there s some engineers of my entire life of living when i live in utah. So i m brother went to california and my grandparents brought him back to vegas and then my mom picked up in vegas and they came to the top of a block does it matter so i have i still have a bunch of stuff of my stuff in california. But since they were gonna bring him to you know i was better so my grandparents when they brought my brother to vegas. They brought someone there of our stuff with them in the car.

So now i have some of my stuff and goods when i found my god i found i found my old nintendo ds. I am so excited and i thought this didn t work because my brother i thought he broke it i think he did break it. But i charged it with his charger cause. He has ideas and look it works.

It actually works. I m so excited so yes and i got to see all my old pictures here. I ll show you and it was never a person and i m still not i m a person that likes to take pictures of themselves. Because i don t like taking pictures of myself.

But i just found a bunch of old pictures of just a weird things like what but yes so yeah. That s really cool and i just found other random stuff that i m very excited about so i m very excited to find my dsl let me show you my my games. What was it it and the game that i m most excited about that i found so i got this box too. It just has a bunch of random stuff.

I didn t even remember i had this here. I ll show you so it s just this caboodles boxes..

And on ramela good. Good do caboodles does anyone remember that i found this old egyptian thing. This taylor swift perfume. A little bag that came with it so lucky ah.

I m so so excited um. I found i found look does anyone else remember this the game. I found my nintendogs diaz game. I m so excited because they really focus.

But yes. I m so excited to play it so we re gonna play this right. Now. I found a hannah montana game omg that s a raving game.

Oh. Let s look played it and this game is not wasn t wherever a gamer. But it was a good evening and i think i have more dias games. Because i had a bunch of them.

But i gave it to my brother. But these i found right now in the california stack. So i m gonna look for that and i ll try look for him and i ll show you if you can hear that in the back as a fan. Okay so i went through my drawer.

It s my super. Messy drawers..

And i just found this game. Cooking mama. And i really remember it i m excited for this one. So.

Let s put it so i remember my dog s name was lucky. I love dogs and of course. I have not picked them in years. I saw a picture once on instagram that said that i don t remember was it thunder gonna try and tell you it is nintendogs oh my gosh can you hear i m so excited my doggies how high they still alive.

I haven t been too many years or give him water. But they re probably starving a look like you chubby and so wishing of course. I would name a dog sushi well i m so excited let s go check. It out let s see if they re hungry.

Oh. He s super dirty he s famished and parched he s eating fried chicken. I wanna remember how you could take them on a box let s see if he s hungry oh i love this game you guys you spent 13. He s oh.

My gosh all of my dogs are hungry and all of them are super dirty. I forgot how you feed them now uh huh who else remembers this game did any of you used to play this game. So let s see let s give them some food. I have enough food i m so glad they re gonna eat they re gonna eat goes one there goes the other one hmm there goes the other one yeah and they don t have any toys.

So water they have enough water their authors highway pause can i pause i want to so you get to scratch them and pet them oh how cute actually i m gonna shower. One of these i m gonna go and cook bath so care oh no i m gonna give them a shower..

Because they re gross short hair shampoo let s see who i m going to get lucky because he was my first dog ever look look how dirty. It is gonna rinse them out gonna turn out i can t wait to buy more deer season pain i refriended i haven t checked hemisphere the neck for 1. I think right i had a really cool mario game. I wonder what happened to that i think i told you i m done ever remember this sparkling.

He s good to go someone likes beautiful lucky. It s healing. Very good now push i take for a walk. I ll take sue she just went for a walk later dog rest for a while before going out again.

When ducky when dog on a walk. I have not even turned on my diaz in like three years. What just went for a walk lay your dog rest for a. While what looks you chubby you want to go for a walk.

What that s very weird. I guess. That s it what i m so confused how does it say that i took my dogs for a walk already i haven t turned arm ideas 1980s. I am like three years.

The last picture. I took here was in two thousand eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen well it s like more than three years you guys i guess. That s it i just wanted to show you my d s. Let s see just look at this also so i also got a bunch.

My old movies look what i found i thought i had totally lost this look what i found with what i found are you ready cover eyes ready open my head. I m on telling you guys you don t even know how much of an a montana look it i m so happy i found this..

I also have one of the dvds. This one with the first ever episodes. How great aquamarine. I love this movie so much let me know if you ve watched it before a cinderella story.

The city of ember have you guys washes away this movie. It s really really great and arvy. And that s all yes. Maybe i ll make up.

Oh yeah so today i posted. My giveaway video. I m having a lot of fun reading the comments. I don t you see what guys love about yourself is really.

I guess. My pals. Thanks for watching. And subscribe to this channel.

Ok bye and go subscribe to my main channel. If i don t know your place flip to that if you re not if you re completely new to me go subscribe to my main channel. I m doing a giveaway so i ll put the link in the description. If you want to go check that out some ” .


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