I Tried Amazon s Top Rated Heated Cat Bed K&H Cat Bed Review

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“Kiddies love. These beds. Hi. Everybody my name is jason and welcome to cats and and pets today.

I m excited to review. Something that i like and my kitties. So you know the past few months have been winter at least. I think it s still winter.

I don t know when the changeover is the past few months have been pretty cold insulation and heat. They only do so much and like my hardwood floors especially are pretty chilly. We have oil heat. Which like comes out of the vents like especially hot.

Which is really nice and the kitties love it and they ll go and like sleep directly on top of the vents and if you go over to pet them they re like very warm. But the big downside of that is that they re blocking like all the heat from actually coming into the room itself. So it s kind of a like you guys are cute. But can you move to the side maybe.

I ve also been noticing at night like when i m sleeping in bed or like just getting into bed. If like big orange or lunar or somebody hops up in the bed. It s like walk across me. I can feel like they re cold like paw pads like across my skin.

And it s not like my house is like cold or anything. It s still like 70 degrees. But just the floors are kind of you know the chilly like i wear socks all the time so i wanted to do something to make sure my kitties were like always warm when they were sleeping especially if we re like away traveling and they can t come snuggle in bed at night. So i went to my go to which you know is amazon.

I went there like sorted by four stars and prime delivery. You know all the good things you do when you shop and i came across this bed. Which let me get the name right. It s the k h.

Pet products. Thermo kitty heated cat bed a little bit of a mouthful. But let me tell you i couldn t be more happy with this thing so let s dive into the review and of course with any of my reviews always do amazon affiliate links down in the description below you can click on that go to see if anything you buy through those links helps my channel out lots of times. I end up using it to buy like more random products for my cats to try or you know whatever i need it helps me out.

But yeah let s get into it so first thing first this is how it comes and you might be like why is it still in the package well i m hoping at this point. You ve noticed i bought this one originally. I ve had this for another three or four months now..


It s been a while. But my kitties have liked it so much i actually went and bought a second one. But yeah. This is how it comes it s just you know plastic wrapped up nothing fancy so let s open this up here and i can show you feel like these lights are too bright um struggling over here so this bed comes in two colors.

The one. I just have it up here this is mocha. Which is like a you know mocha brown as well as sage. Which is this you know light green saved green.

One here this was sarah s favorite color. Which is why that was the first one i bought. But i think i really like the mocha color. I guess it depends what you have in your house and ambiance and the vibe.

You re going with might move my machine back here a little bit so we have two colors. We also have two sizes. This is the bigger of the two this is the 20 inch version you can see it s this big. I m not gonna compare to my head.

But 20 inches the size of the other one is 16 inches. Which you see is a little small. I guess. It s pretty clearly smaller here and they haven t even taken this stuff out yet so yeah.

But yeah smaller version. I originally bought the bigger one the 20 inch. One here because i thought you know it d be nice. If i had like this big bed and the kiddies could get in there and snuggle together which to their credit.

They have a couple times. But not very often i m thinking between the electric heat and like their body heat. It might get too hot too fast mm so lots of times. It s just one of them mill.

Mr mill. Most of the time big oranges in here she kind of dominates. The bed overall. I d say all the movement will sometimes come along and like walked over to it and kind of bopper and they pop her out of it which isn t very nice mr.

Mill. We should be sharing. Which that s another reason i got a second bed because when these kitties aren t sharing..


Nobody s do you know left in the dark. So let s see about the bed itself they advertise it as low power usage. I have mine plugged in 24. 7.

I haven t noticed a difference in my electric bill. I think they advertise it as like the same wattage just like what an island would use or two night lights would use or something it seems pretty negligible negligible negligible yes you won t notice it as what i m trying to say haim you doing this one. I think he smells that it s noon. He s eyeing you oh yeah.

One thing i want to emphasize these beds are made for indoor use. Only they re not for like outdoor use don t try to like i am one and stuff it in a plastic shelter. If you want a heated mat for outside. They have one specifically designed for outside so get that don t get something like this also another word of warning anytime.

You have like a heated bed product or something make sure your cat is not like confined to it that they can get out of it and away from it because you don t want your cat to get overheated. And it s designed by k h. Is one of many they have like one that has like a good thing that kind of goes over it they have one s ago. A pod.

I haven t tried those i ve tried these they re good for what i like although. The pod is kind of calling my name if you guys see any of those out there that you want to review on before you buy it let me know i can try it have my kiddies try it and i can tell you how it is so one feature. I haven t actually tried yet if you couldn t tell by all the stuff still in there is actually the cleaning process part of this bed. I think.

The interior pillow part is machine washable and let me see what the site says so the instructions say cleaning is a breeze. The thermo kitty bed is a snap to clean remove it here my looking ones because everyone misleading sorts come on inside of it unzip. The zipper on the palm of the bed and remove them all s there the governor watch. I joe paul use a mallet written my dry.

We re trying to dry on the doing cycle. These know you know watch heater you know watch the balls. I haven t tried this yet. I don t know of any reason.

Why it wouldn t work. But just saying i can t attest to it i will open it up if you want to see you know who i do need to wash. This thing alright so a zipper trying do this someone in the camera fencers just a little bit that lets you take the heating pad. Part out then why not oh.

I see i m foolish okay. So you can take the whole cover off get some walls out take you can pad out okay. Then i guess you can put this entire thing in the washer including the foam heads..


I suit yes and not the here and not other things so i think this whole part can go in the washer. Which mine is actually far dirtier than i realize especially in their crack since though so i guess i could machine wash this although to be honest. I ll probably use like a rubber glove and just like get the hair out of it and kind of shake it out some and then maybe really wash. It some times later know how fickle kitties are they ll be like brand new.

I m washed and clean and they ll bake mm i m not sure i want that anymore. But yeah that s how that comes apart you can see the walls come out here. So you don t wash those and ruin those and i ll put this back together. Probably off camera in a few minutes.

Um. Maybe i ll leave like a a 1 to 10 rating of how easy. It is to stuff it back in there or something uhnope oranges here and she looks distraught. This is her favorite bed okay.

I ll put it back together point you don t worry oh yeah before when i was talking about 16 versus 20 inches. If it was an obvious best diameter um. They advertise it to be six inches tall. Which i guess.

That s six inches tall looks about right. I think the height is good. When your cat gets in there. And the pillow kind of compresses down.

It s enough of a bear that they can kind of lean against it. But it s not too too high and big oranges favorite thing is to like sit inside the bed. And she goes and rest their chin on the outside and kind of either falls asleep. Like that or is like looking around in the world.

It s pretty adorable. So yeah. Other things as far as temperature goes. The description says it has a four watt dual thermostat which heats up to 102 degrees fahrenheit.

When your pet is present all other times when your pet isn t in the bed. It stays. 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature. And that sounds right what do you walk by and i put your hand in it it feels warmer than like you know your couch does.

But it doesn t feel like you re putting your hand on like a heating pad or something another thing they advertise. The electrical cord as being five and a half feet long. I just have mine plugged into the floor..


I have like set it on the couch. Or the loveseat cord link hasn t been an issue. So just a few more notes. I made to myself to remember to talk about i think something like this is especially nice for like older kitties who just like older people like your joists can get stiff.

And it s nice to have like something warm. You don t get as like creaky or like as cramped up. So. If you have an older kitty.

I think this is worth the investment the pillow pad. I think is nice and thick and comfy if it was full sized. I lie on it i think the bed itself. Oh no looks kind of cute like you can have this just you know sitting out in your house.

And it doesn t look like this obnoxious thing. That s just like in your living room at least. I think it looks nice. I think the mocha is a nice color.

I think the sage is a nice color. I think they did a good job making it presentable imo imho. So yeah. That s what i think about the thermo indoor kitty bed.

I think it s a good product. I recommend it before anybody asks i m not sponsored by k and h. Or anything like that i just bought it off a hammer. I liked it once again i d recommend it especially for older cats or if you have like hardwood floors.

Everywhere and they can get kind of cold. I think this is ideal. So yeah have you tried this bed out or another bed similar to it let me know down in the comments below and if that s anything else you want me to review let me know down below. As well.

If you re new here. Cat spats is all about cats. I do informational videos. I do lots of reviews as well so subscribe.

If you haven t already thanks for watching i ll see you next time ” ..

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