Indiana Haunting… Living Dead Paranormal

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“Moved in i would say september of 2017 moved in and everything seemed kind of of normal and i would say when started painting doing things to the house is i started noticing different things. It was more upstairs than downstairs. You know it s just one of those things i would walk by a room and kind of you think oh was there something there they all know. It s nothing.

It s a darkroom and then when it happens almost every time you started thinking. There s something in that room laying in bed. You feel like you re being lodged. And i would start hearing somebody walking around upstairs.

And i would go to investigate it and there s nobody upstairs whatever s up there could switch rooms. The one room. I always feel there s something in there and just i never fell alone upstairs. I never feel alone really i would say after we started really kind of fixing up the place that i thought maybe we were disturbing something hearing like a radio or talking and i had noticed it way before crystal did she was in bed.

And she felt something sit down on the bed crystal has mentioned. She s heard a woman s voice. And she says that it sounds like she s talking more towards a child. I can t distinguish them it s mumbles to me.

And that s the room that i walk by and i i feel there s something in there. I don t like to be in that room very long the dream happened it was shortly after we moved in something appeared and i still could not make out what it was and it lifted me up put me on the ceiling and then put me up against the wall and i m like what do you want and he s like you need to find my murderer. I felt calm and okay this is a ghost and i m not here to hurt you it doesn t want to be seen or owe something saw me. And it s trying to hide.

But we just got here to a residence in indiana. The family they ve been experiencing strange things inside the house a lot of what i think they re experiencing is coming from the second floor. Here in footsteps voices banging sounds music so we re here tonight to see if we can document any of that stuff on audio and video. So i think what we ll do is we ll start down here and just work our way through the downstairs.

There are any spirits inside this house. My name is josh..

This is rocky and sean. We re just here to talk with you tonight can you see or hear us your head knocking second floor. Are you upstairs. Why are you trying to communicate with this family or down on the main level are we allowed coming upstairs.

If this room feels fine don t you when i was standing in here earlier shut these lights off yeah. I thought i heard a female voice who is the female that they hear talking in the house. There s a female throw. Thing yeah i came back here and i was flipping this light switch off here.

I think it sound like i heard a female who is the woman inside this house can you communicate with us please. We mean you no harm. We just want to talk with you john did you move that it kind of saw it was right about this right here. Didn t hear can you do that again.

Why don t you come down to the main level. Why don t you come down to the main level. Why don t you come down to the main level upstairs. I heard it where we were standing let me walk to the top of the stairs.

What you think that s what we heard walker so i m walked right beside this upstairs. This creepy every the minute you get up. It s creepy. Yeah.

This is cold chills in here and this would have been where we were standing down. There heard that walking you know could have been this room can you see us now. What there s a male voice that asked me a question. I think they said what are you doing i was unplugging his light lights.

Yeah. I swear i thought was one of you guys said what are you doing we re unplugging your night lights..

Who is the man. I just heard can you please communicate with us female. It was like a drone so this room doesn t feel as bad as the other one doesn t let me finish these lights remember. She said that she thought she felt something sit down on the edge of the bed.

Who is in this house with us is it a child inside. This house is it a woman. It s okay to communicate with us we promise. We can t hurt you can you tell us your name definitely the female got a reaction so i m gonna pull that other night light off these are way way too bright.

Yeah yeah when you stand there you stand there like get your hand. There or something. And it was like a black shadow or something like right by your hand. There rocky can you kill one of your lights.

How do you have on who plays the music well it seems like i keep seeing like a faint shadow. But it s only like this big how many people s in the house with us something short paying this time are you by me right now are you causing this pain. I m having you tell me how long you been in this house touch on again are you staying sorry again this little smile just i start with the adults. Not the honey.

They re just going to play yeah. It was like i started out likes to hear you over that yeah. It sounds like music did you pass away on this land. Let me try spiritbox session.

I got speakers this room is definitely colder than all the other rooms. We ve been to you just kind of get that creepy feeling. I ve got a device here that will hopefully help you communicate with us we want to tell you again. None of the equipment that we re using or you know will hurt you in any way.

We re just trying to figure out if you ve got a message that you re trying to tell the family or you know why you re inside this house. It s possible we can help you can you see us yes or no where d it come from so i ll get your camera behind you behind me right now you can come in here with us master..

So we look right at stairs. That s why a real cold feeling right here. He s talked about being pushed down the stairs. I m afraid are you trying to communicate with us.

If you knock we can hear you every minute. I walked out here. I got a real uneasy feeling can you tell me your name. Did you die.

Inside. This house. What is your name something just ran across the bottom two stairs holy shit. I mean something literally darted are you downstairs.

Now are you downstairs. Where are you inside this house female behind you female side behind you i don t know. Which room are you in it s weird because now you walk in this room. And it s cold in here are you in the bedroom.

Did you tell me why you re inside this house did you use the lid. Here what is your name so that was pretty creepy are you afraid to communicate without was this your bedroom early. He said behind you where s behind you at you re needing to use the energy from our equipment. Anything you have to do to communicate with us for some reason.

This room doesn t just seem darker and colder is this your bedroom. Why do you stay upstairs are you a man or a woman. I m afraid to look down. The stairwell are you up here with us.

Now. Viju..

Ha. Don t meet a film rock. You snap. Here.

And write a spirit box session. I ll film the bottom the stairs up back here can start playing again. What or that you walk in that room. And he d be cold and that was pain stop there s any spirits in here with me can you come in here right now did you used to live here in this house.

Where you at right now which right are you in the room. And this room with me why are you bothering those family. If you die in this plane. You don t like song leave.

Pulsing sound testing. Do you remember what you died from i ve got a device here if you come close it ll light up can you walk in here with me can you come close to me please and like these lights up. I m going to do a sweep just finish one half. I just want to see if there s one room it s the bedroom.

But one here if we move to the creepy room hell loud knock cameras dad that s in this room there s away from the room. Way back towards the room. And here there was no readings. I m even staying like 1 1.

A half what s the bedroom one wanted to have see when i woke i see over here i feel like i m very small when you come in this room. I sit right here he goes off the charts. You know closer to the attic. You re definitely getting high readings in this room.

” ..

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