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s up guys jackson back with loudmouth today not a whole lot going on we we got one car being buffed and prep today weve got two projects. We working on and of course. Weve got this guy.
But we kind of just to step back one and get organized. Weve got a couple of new tools in so i wanted to show you all what were working with really i kind of like take pride in the toolbox and it being clean and organized and everything so we got one more set of sockets on order. But we got all our extensions.
These are pretty much like german bits for german cars. The triples. Theyre called triple squares.
Some wobbles u. Joints. Deep well shallow.
You know. This is actually awesome autism sells this i know im.

most expensive snap on tool box-0
most expensive snap on tool box-0

Its all snap on and then i go get their last parts. But these are actually all ten millimeters and theyre all in different types. So you got 10 swivel.
You know. 10 3a. Its a 10 d magnetized.
Impact ones swivel. Another swivel all kind of different stuff. So.
That we got this bad boy. Today. We got 1 2.
Inch torque wrench thats electric. So i wanted a 3 8.

most expensive snap on tool box-1
most expensive snap on tool box-1

As well so we got 3 8. Electric. One that guys bad in the zone.
Thats kind of my socket drawer got new set of wrenches today. Metric standard need a couple more standards and we need to get these guys down a little bit lower size. But i do have a 8 right here who need it but we got those guys do these are so awesome you get so much leverage because theyre so long obviously flex heads to all ratchets right.
Here. This is kind of like the hand tools you know pry bar screwdrivers pliers snap ring pliers wire cutters. We got some pics today love these little guys good for gaskets and stuff.
Oh yeah. What else all our t handles. We got standard allens metric.
Allens and forks thats always good to have you get like yellow. Something right here power draw a power tool box.

most expensive snap on tool box-2
most expensive snap on tool box-2

We got a couple more tools or any other out in the shop right now. This is really random box this is a lockout kids so in case you lock your doors. You can get in there behind the glass and stuff like that and i just put some love your glasses in this fly out figure out what i want to do it.
And then this is all the polish and stuff for the buffing guys that thank craig. The guys and really what i want to do is give them this whole cabinet. So this could be all their sprays this could be all your coding stuff and kind of thats what i want to do i want to give them this whole locker.
They can just open this door. They can see all of their make see all their supplies. You know pin the stuff you know all these all the stuffs removable.
So you can snap on its really awesome move these shelves around move the drawers around you know all that good stuff so its really fun i dont know if youre like i wouldnt call myself a cd i kind of like an organized and keep stuff clean and neat and i like to know where everything is so like lets see lets say i need a pair of gloves boom. Bottoms or whoa look at all those gloves. Yeah.
Man organized. Lets say.

most expensive snap on tool box-3
most expensive snap on tool box-3

Which is sadi a little tiny fly over here. So this is all different taps and dies. Its just all attack and dies.
Entire stuff we got this today so now we can inflate tires. Obvious thing we need one of those and this is the tpms kisses colic tire stuff and then with some engine readers and this guy. This is so maybe not know what this is but this is the camera and camera on a stick probe cam.
You can turn this guy on and then whatever its pointing that you see me always good to have one of these. Well yeah then up here we got battery charger set up a couple speakers gonna have some tunes we got a lock box over there keep keys in key customers key lock that going up obviously got a computer look at stuff phone chargers and headlamp charger. A little light you are here i got my magnet stuff set up.
And you can just there you go. Thanks to lavin motorsports for literally buying whatever. I say and we are decked out in the evening.
There will be more to come. But its a great starting point .

most expensive snap on tool box-4
most expensive snap on tool box-4

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