Juicer: Top 5 Best Juicer (Buying Guide)

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“Is largely considered to be a great habit to start if you want to improve improve your health and form better. Eating and drinking habits. A fresh juice with a combination of fruits and vegetables can be a great way to get more vitamins antioxidants enzymes and minerals. Many of which don t come through when fruits and vegetables are processed in other cooking methods.

However searching for a new juicer can be quite a challenge so in this video will present you the top five juicers on the market today. Regardless of whether you are looking for the budget option or for the best of the best. We have chosen one for each category. And we have one for you we made this list in no particular order.

So if you re interested in what juicer will work best for you stay tuned as always all the links about the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below so if you want to find the best prices and more information that we might not get a chance to mention in the video be sure to check them out. Now let s get to the video first on our list is best overall. We chose the breville je98xl juice fountain. Plus.

The breville je98xl juice fountain plus offers the most value for your money. Not only is it of excellent quality. But it s also relatively inexpensive at least compared to some of the other juicers you can buy the breville juice fountain plus is a centrifugal juicer with a number of great features it s easy to assemble and disassemble which makes cleanup a breeze. Most of the parts are even dishwasher safe so you won t need to worry about washing.

The components by hand. The juicer also has a big enough mouth for larger pieces of fruit and in many cases. You ll be able to fit an entire fruit or vegetable in there without having to cut it up at all that cuts down on prep time and ensures you won t have to dirty up knives and cutting boards to make some juice. The motor inside the juicer is an 850 watt and the device comes with a leader jug.

A froth separator and a cleaning brush to ensure that it squeezes. All the juice out of your fruits and vegetables. The reveal juice fountain plus has low and high speeds. You can kick.


It up a notch up the juicers. Having a particularly hard time getting through some of the fruits and vegetables. You re throwing at it of course. The juicer isn t perfect.

It s not the best of juicing. Greens like kale and while cheaper than some others. 150 is still a good chunk of change. The juicer has a one year warranty regardless.

We think it s the best juicer for the most people because it s adapted at squeezing juice out of most fruits and vegetables. Without any problems. And it s relatively affordable for juicers of this caliber. If you need leafy greens like kale and your juices check out our next pick next as best versatile juicer.

We chose the omega nc800 hdr nutrition system. If you re the kind of person who wants to get a lot out of one appliance look no further than the omega nc800 hdr nutrition system juicer it may be pricier than the reveal juicer. But the trade off is that it s much more powerful and versatile. It goes far beyond juicing with the help of many different attachments the omega juicer can even extrude vegetables noodles and homemade pasta grind nuts chop things up or make frozen desserts and baby food.

The motor produces the equivalent of 2 horsepower. And runs at low speeds of 800 rpm to get the most juice out of your produce. We tested the omega juicer in our kitchen to see how it fared against all sorts of vegetables and fruits including everything from carrots and beets to apples and pineapple. No matter.

What we fed into the juicer. It produced a ton of juice with very little effort. The pulp collected quickly in one bin while juice mounted up in the other the juicer is very easy to use even for a novice. We got a lot of carrot juice out of a standard bag of carrots and a good amount of apple juice out of a half dozen apples.


It s a masticating juicer. So it s much more adaptive than centrifugal juicers in getting the most juice out of your produce. We also tried out the other functions and attachments to make veggie noodles. And grind some carrots best of all the omega nc800 is well built and easy to use when it comes time to clean.

It the juicer comes apart very easily in the parts are dishwasher safe. The only downside here is the 300 plus dollar price tag and the amount of space it takes up on your counter. However if you want a versatile high powered juicer that can do more than produce juice. This is the one we d recommend next is best juicer for the whole.

Fruits and vegetables. Hamilton beach. 6760. 50.

A looking for a juicer that doesn t require you to cut up your fruits into bits. And pieces. First. The hamilton beach.

67. 650. A bigmouth pro might be just the right juicer for you this juicer. As the name implies has a mouth that measures an extra wide 3.

Which should be enough for many fruits and vegetables to go in whole the advantages to this juicer don t stop at the big mouth. It also offers a stainless steel cutter and a strainer that are dishwasher safe and according to hamilton beach. It s able to make up to 24 more juice than competitors. The juicer is also pretty powerful boasting a hefty 800 watt motor and has a large pulp catcher so you can juice a lot of fruit before having to replace the catcher there are some disadvantages to consider for example.


The big mouth pro is relatively noisy and the juice jug is relatively small coming in at 20 ounces. The juice also oxidizes relatively fast because of the fact that the motor sucks in a lot of air. However most reviewers agree that for a juicer that costs. Quite a bit less than 100.

The hamilton beach. 6. 7. 650.

A big mouth pro is a great deal next as best budget option. We chose the black decker je 2200 b. If you re looking to get into juicing. But don t necessarily have a big budget you may want to consider the black and decker je 2200 b.

Which costs less than 36. It s not bad at all especially considering the fact that this juicer is pretty effective the juicer offers stainless steel cutters and strainers which are durable so the juicer should last a good amount of time without breaking on top of that it has a 400 watt motor and a relatively large integrated pulp container of course. It s important to notice that this entry level model is lacking in some features for example it only has two settings on and off so it ll either juice. What you put in there or it won t it s also a little loud and according to some reviews can get messy in general.

This is best for those just getting into juicing and who don t necessarily know if they ll be a long term investment for them its parts are easily removable and top rack dishwasher safe. Which means cleanup is simply the layout of the machine includes very little space between the chute and the cutting blade. Which means less produce waste. Very few juicers are built this way even though they should be as it maximizes.

The produce being used it s relatively well loved for such an inexpensive item with almost a four star average on amazon. Which isn t bad at to finish our list is best juicer for citrus. We have reveal 800 cp xl citrus press. Looking for a juicer specifically for orange and lemon juice.


You may not need to get a full juicer instead a citrus press. Might work perfectly well dub reveal 800. Cp xl is one of the best looking and most effective ones you can buy the entire device is made from professional grade stainless steel and has a quiet motor. So you ll be able to get as much juice as possible out of your fruit.

The device also offers what reveal is touting. A revolutionary arm system. So it should be pretty easy to use too. It s also easy to clean because the press boasts dishwasher safe parts so you won t need to worry about hand washing.

All the components. If one of the components breaks you ll also be covered by the one year warranty. There are some downsides to consider for example. The reveal 800 cp xl has around 200 price tag.

Which isn t cheap for a device. Like this you ll also need to do some work to get the fruit juiced. So that s another thing to keep in mind before you buy. However it from any a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice is a true delight.

Whether you re looking for the best way to squeeze oranges grapefruits lemons or limes the breville 800 cp xl stainless steel citrus press is a simple and convenient way to maximize the juice from your favorite fruits. That would be all for this video thanks for watching and hope you liked it and if you did please go ahead and give us a like if you re new to the channel and you d like it please consider to subscribe. We also do all kinds of videos like this for all kinds of different products all aimed at providing you the selection of the best products making your decision easier please let us know. Which of the products from this selection.

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