KONA Walkthrough #1 – Canadian Winter Survival Mystery Game

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“And welcome today. We re taking a look at board battlefield. This is a very very simple tactical strategy games available on steam for 2 bucks. It also available on for free.

I do believe it s this. I think of it as a very very simple version of chess chess with dice. I suppose we got three different units. We have a bishop of rook and a pawn essentially and we re using dice and moving around the board and trying to kill our opponent as time goes on you start unlocking things.

Which which adds a little more variety to the game as room for right now very early on it s pretty simple. It s simple either way just to roll the dice and attack. Things kind of a game boats go ahead and check it out i couldn t resist two bucks well actually i didn t spend to book the dev sent it to me so free and i thought we d check it out see. What s all about there is multiplayer and of course.

There s also phone play. But let s see what we can do here. So we re gonna have the ai on balance top. Which is fine.

We have a turn timer if we wish dice luck is an interesting option. I haven t ever seen it i think in a game where it just it just sways. The luck in favor of whoever. Which is a way of setting the difficulty.

So yeah so if we start getting to where we start getting more experience. We can start unlocking things like air drops and air strikes and things like that enables strikes. Which seems like a pretty cool. Idea sadly.

I i m not played enough to unlock anything like through two games. So far alright. So let s see if we can do here so i am the blue guys. The red guys are the enemy and we re going to destroy them so the whole point of the game throw a dice tap the unit you want to move yet certainly.

A mobile port and tap the square you want to go to and blow things up our goal is take that flag we have to get a guy into that square and we win so we re going to throw the dice and we move some money so this guy will do that so our our pawns are the infantry. They go forward. We have the the tanks will go forward or side side and the artillery go only diagonal and we ll see once we get to where we can attack something we ll see how it works pawns. The infantry infantry.

Do not attack to diagonally they only attack in front of them so that s a bit of a difference they can only go forwards. So if we re gonna go to like we re going to the flag here the only way of taking that is gonna be with either this guy right here or a tank. The artillery are off the wrong are on the wrong diagonal so they can t actually take the flag so something to consider once. I was looking some of those screenshots and you canyou once you get like naval bombardment out.

Here. They can fire in on the on the map to destroy folks. So it gets a little more involved as time goes on right now. It s super simple our tanks can go around the infantry.

If we wish like that and tanks are very valuable. Thanks are certainly mostly most valuable thing. We have around here now they go in diagonal that way and so let s get go. I m gonna go ahead and move this guy just in front just to just to be an annoyance.

So he stays in the way just in case. He gets a lucky shot and can walk him through here so keep our flag. Nice and blocked off. Now if we get a three we may see some action here.

We do not see some action. So so much for that i would like you to step on up here. Because let s destroy that thing come cruising around this way alright come on give me a three give me a three yeah. There we go all right tank.

There we go okay. If you re the one we re in trouble here. But so or if he rolls a three we re in trouble so maybe that was another greatest move. But it was satisfying to watch alright keep all on this thing going alright.

So let s let s move. This guy can maybe inch up and shoot him. I don t like it so did you meet well yeah. Cuz.

He can t shoot me back..

Oh three will get them also so we ll just keep on will scoot our tanks out maybe. We should let the tanks leave the tanks in the back let the pawns and the and artillery do their damage and then the tanks gonna run in and grab that flag maybe maybe that s an idea. I m not much of a chess player. I think those of you have watched my channel.

You know about why i m not much of a chess player ya impulsiveness and lack of thought doesn t work very well with chess. So we ll see how we can do here hopefully. We don t lose embarassingly alright. So tank you i roll one what s gonna one do you know what let s scoot you over us meeting.

We re gonna we re gonna bomb the middle of the place that s we re gonna get you get to the middle. Yeah. What you didn t even roll that you just put it down. There it s cheer cuz.

I m a cheater yeah. Yeah. I m ready to go good that way no what s wrong with dice you gonna spin it this time there we go okay a three we we used to once yeah. We do one don t we because we can take that thing out.

I m okay with that there we go now. If the pawns get to the end. They don t actually get anything out of it so there you can t king them and start moving them side to side anything so. But kind of a waste once they get to the end so they re trash troops don t tell him i said that so i want you to go ahead and keep on suiting up.

I don t know why where you going you re gonna go over there. Okay. I need it to to take out that thing keep them out of the range. So they can t destroy me.

Let s get this guy up a little bit. We ll see if we get him and take that thing out maybe remove all these pawns they have back here okay so we get a 1. We can take him out if he gets a 1 he can go either way. That s not what we want and he s off my let s go here.

He s gonna be a problem isn t he we could go there well two would take me out i seems dangerous let s go there so if if he gets a one or two we ve got one of us. But if we get a three yeah. He s gonna go over there okay so come on one that s not that one well we can do that cuz. You know we re really dealing with this guy.

I m thinking maybe well that gives me a one so let s let s i want to destroy this guy. We go here in your roles at one well we ll be in better position. Either way. So if he rolls a wong ward dead.

Either way. But this way there we go if we roll a one we re in very good shape. That s not a one though how does it do. But what they do what can we do who destroy that okay if if we get oh.

I say if we get it we got this. But no we do not um let s go we need to remove that guy. I don t want to risk. A tank for that though i want to risk.

A tank for that yeah well if he gets down here. Then we re in trouble big trouble. So let s move matha to ill will take me out from that just worry about cleaning those cleaning things up over here. Okay good hey.

There we go. That s right the old ville. Don t spin. The dice trick.

Yeah. We re good at that are you going. There. Buddy.

Oh. Yes. There we go there. We go meaning.

We could remove no we can t let s go here okay..

We re good if we go here we can get shot. But other than that we re safe that wasn t very nice that was my tank okay so we can go here safely um. He s no concern of us of ours we could kill him. But there s no point.

He s like he can t get the flag there so don t think really concerning is this thing. Which we can t do think about right now. Which we won t be able to do anything about for a while ever until he moves so let s just get him moving see if we can capture this flight. We get a we got the same one oh that s not very nice.

That s not very nice at all why are you sitting in my way. Uh huh. That s right buddy. That s right buddy yeah.

The way excellent okay. He s gonna move on up together. I gotta go for it now we get a 1. We ve got the game 1.

Yeah. We re all we re all in the clear right if he goes over here. We ll keep watching two things. But let s see if we can figure out a way of dealing with this remove him and then go yeah just it s just everything on the wrong hex.

So let s put yeah. That s just gonna be in a problem. I thought the point of that would be mmm. You know what just go here and be in the populated for millennia by creepy and ever since the industrial era by the metal mining industry.

There were an autopilot here at the general store the pumps wouldn t surrender their divine nectar so easily in all likelihood they had to be switched on from inside the store. Okay fresh milk. Oh. A milkman had to drive by every week to fill the bottles.

The fresh milk indicated a recent visit. I wanna steal it i m thirsty okay instead we go something fell to the bottom of the box. Okay let s get inside. Oh crap carl had no trouble recognizing his employer.

He had been killed there was no need to be a detective to figure that out. But only a detective could have noticed that the killer had to have been very close. But the fatal blow had been given before the victim. Even realized that because of his face take a camera okay smile.

I don t know how to details a photo. We need if we re going to be a csi. We re gonna not walk in the crime scene. We re going to get 17 million pictures from all angles.

But this is no csi. I think i just missed his head in that photo well that music is going to drive. Me nuts. Let s turn that off.

Oh. My gosh. An explosion son real career doubt cease take the generator failed are we gonna get knocked on the head by someone from behind okay flashlight time who wants a cold. One it s a ton of food in here.

This would be if this is the long dark another game. My play this would be like the mother lode not in the mood to drink maple syrup okay want some pancakes are we walking so slowly pairs of your what is it filled with looks like quark dust sawdust duct tape. Now we can do anything we got duct tape customer credit. According to that log it seemed like the whole village owed some money to the general store carll was far more interested in the bunch of nearby addresses.

He had just gotten his hands on those are some french names a key garage key okay in cigarettes. Maybe validate select. The heck well that s some old canadian money holy crap post key. What else we got in here.

Pump. One. Oh. Yeah.

Let s turn this on pump..

Okay. Karl knew. That jillian s was in charge of the general store that made him one of hamilton s employees. A very angry employee as karl could plainly.

See okay sky uh something he s sick doesn t work. He s telling. His boss to come work instead the snow storm pummeled everything in its path. Carl was not surprised.

When he heard no tone. Okay does carl have a gun. He s a pi. You should have a gun can move the letter okay meds.

We like meds oh surgical tools go up this ladder. We re wingo of it uh. Huh sherry wine. I would have preferred vodka or something.

But sherry wine that ll keep a squirm broken glass. What do we got here the envelope. Please what could be inside that envelope carl was taken aback. He knew this address.

It was said to be the address of the pio box for the canadian secret service. Wonder. What s up these these blankets on the ground. Expect carl felt a chill down his spine and had a terrifying realization.

If hamilton was dead then who was going to pay him can we cover him up i guess. That s what the blanket was for race crunchies apple is shucks well it looks like someone likes run into all the pio boxes. It opened all these up jumping from that height was a kint attempting death perhaps that man on the snowmobile had seen enough of this world. Already.

Maybe. We can reset the power here turn off on no electricity from generator. I mean i think the main powers out let s turn on to the generator let s checkout pack. Boss crap.

Maintaining his composure carl recalled. Something from his military training wolves. Always stay away from populated areas wait was it about bears let s fire up this generator. We can oh pull the pull the thing maybe oh fix generator carl was no electrician.

But he could identify a wiring problem when he saw one okay we re missing. Some tools. We got the tape carl was no electrician. But he could identify a wiring problem and we need some kind of pliers probably in the shed that s my guess.

What is that draft winner eight was in the air seems like some villagers barely tolerated each other okay so i m gonna hit mill propane and propane accessories okay let s check this shed thing well we could warm up house there to condition seems okay. Now that s a nice car it s better than the piece of crap. We have cleanest spot in their area. Okay hardware.

There we go pliers you think that s the ticket. Yeah i guess that s battery powered the crowbar was stuck under the lift notwithstanding. Carl s imposing stature car. Lifting wasn t part of his skill set yet groaning music.

Okay. I think we got everything we need here looks like the shelf fell over how s our temperature fine. I guess. It s so bright when we go okay let s go.

But it s just crystal looking stuff just know oh carl was used to strange phenomena. But a chunk of ice like this as if an iceberg came out of the ground that was a first yeah. This looks bizarre. Prince carl found a surprise at every turn was the camera faulty or was it a possible lead.

Looks fine. Don t print oh look at that look at that my prince hmm. She follow them i think we should just keep going. I guess.

It was so cold already..

Carl did not feel his toes anymore. Oh yeah. We re freezing let s see what s in here. Oh.

It s a hole in the ground might be some evidence in the bottom of that outhouse. Oh. What s up there kind of freeze. But got more crystal are all felt at the store and its surroundings still held their secrets and he didn t like to miss out okay.

They re telling us to go back. We got footprints. We re freezing our asses off in fact we go fix fix. It it.

ll duct tape mccants fire. This up here. We go let s follow that path a little bit see if we can find anything whoa. It s not a frozen guy.

We don t need to keep taking pictures of this. What is this guy boys. Karl wondered what the hell could that thing be it looked like a man fossilized a nice feel like we re tripping over here someone bent his rifle whoa. We re having a seizure.

What the heck s going on we save the game owner i want to see what happens we go really close all of a sudden karl felt that he was pulled inside a world of dreams. Hold. Unknown to baja somehow self control was slipping from his garage. Okay for having a hallucination whoa look at that moly.

We re on a vision quest. We drank too much maple syrup caught red handed. I got here to all appearances. This was a hunting law better yet a war diary.

It s ghost hunting the beast. We re gonna keep following these footsteps whoa dark tags what good z s had great numbers mean a fresh path suddenly appeared before karl trippy stuff. Very freaky. Oh carl had that feeling you get when you immerse your frozen hands in hot water.

What happened now at least. He knew who the unfortunate man. Petrified. Anais.

Was jill lush house. The general store s manager himself. Jill de xiang s 511 155. Okay search for clues that had to be the worst parking job ever who was karl to judge.

Though it may be customary to park like that around these parts or not oh. That was some freaky stuff. How s our temperature. Should we go back the way.

We came or just go back this way. I didn t see this truck on the way in did you guys okay. I think i m gonna end this episode here. We ll fill up the truck next episode and see what s up the road.

What do we have we got got some houses. We can explore in doctors house. We got hamilton s house. We can check out and it s various other places.

I m sure the story will unfold as we go so i hope you enjoyed this i i m really enjoying this is like a murder mystery. Whodunit kind of kind of story with some weird shiny ice supernatural stuff going on so hit that subscribe button. If you enjoy these kind of videos love to hear your comments and what you think of this game. And if you play it or have interest in playing it and as always thanks for ” .


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