Lenovo G770 Laptop Review (HD)

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“I m jeff haines editor at tech bargains and today we re bringing you a a video review of the lenovo g. 770 laptop have you been interested in getting new laptop. But you re just not sure if it has enough power or features that you want then you should actually consider getting the g 770. Because it packs enough bells and whistles please just about any computer user the g 770 was powered by an intel core i5 24 10 m processor running at.

23. Gigahertz although that could be boosted up to 29. In gigahertz via turbo and eight gigabytes of ddr3 ram. The system was also equipped with an ati mobility radeon hd 66 50 m graphics card with 1 gigabyte of video ram which took advantage of the laptops 173.

Inch. Screen. That had made a resolution of 1600 by 900 rounding out some of the specs of a laptop was a 750 gigabyte hard drive spinning at 5400. Rpm a dvd burner bluetooth 21.

Support hdmi output and a 5 and 1 card reader. Now one of the things. That immediately stood out to us was just how slick the laptop was the sleek metal design for the outer shell and palm rest looks black until you hold it under a light which is when you can actually tell it s a rich dark brown color. It s a visually striking system and while we found the shell to be a fingerprint.

Magnet we were definitely impressed by the 173 inch screen. Which produced the brilliant and sharp image during our movie..

Watching gaming and browsing tests apart from the visual look of the g7 70. The system definitely showed its versatility through the tests. We conducted thanks to the graphics switching technology. Within the g7 70.

It s easy to swap back and forth between both graphics processors to prolong the battery life of the system. Lenovo claimed that the laptop will get around 3 hours on a single charge and we found that it frequently. Lasted between 2 and a half or 3 depending upon what you are doing if you re surfing the web. It was no problem.

But if you were gaming or watching movies. It will be a bit shorter. However given that this is virtually a desktop replacement system. It s not much of a shock.

Another side benefit of the g 770 was just how cool the system was unlike other laptops that frequently become incredibly hot. When used the g7 70 remained very cool even after prolonged use along with the lack of heat from the system. It starts up incredibly fast thanks to lenovo s rapid boot technology. Which was awesome it shut down in sleep.

Functionality was also quite fast. So we were very happy with its efficiency..

We loved the full size alphanumeric island salle keyboard. Which we thought was functional and easy to use and we liked that it came with a numeric keypad. As well the system was stocked with lots of usb ports aligned on both sides of the system. It was great to know that you could plug in a mouse and keyboard on either side.

And it was especially nice to see that one of the ports was a usb 30. Port for superspeed peripherals. We were also stunned to find that the system speakers. Which were placed on the bottom of the laptop.

Actually produced sound that was much better than other systems with their speakers on the sides or tops of the machine in fact these speakers actually had solid bass and low tones. That were excellent for music or movie. Watching rounding out our praise were elements like the one key rescue. Feature.

That allowed us to quickly restore the system and data on the hard drive from corruption or large system failures. Which is an excellent feature to have on any computer laptop or desktop. A couple with the good quality that we found from the webcam and its implementation of the ver face facial recognition software. We had a fully secure laptop experience simply put to find all of the features we just mentioned in a laptop is incredible and they easily rival any system in its class.

When you consider that the laptop starts at 999 dollars. The value speaks for itself..

So if all of these raise for the system could there be any issues we found with it actually yes. Although some of them were minor and already expected as we mentioned while the laptop is great to look at it s also an incredible fingerprint magnet. One that wasn t easy to clean or wipe down thanks to the shell construction similarly the g 770 is a surprisingly bulky system carrying it around in a backpack was a little tricky due to the significant weight and thickness of the laptop. But then again it is designed to be your desktop replacement.

So there are no surprises. There we also found that while the keyboard was solid. It can feel a little cramped during use particularly with the inclusion of the number pad. Which we found ourselves accidentally running into at times.

And when we reach for a key on the right hand side of the keyboard like the backspace or inner key. We also found that as much as we like the picture quality. It wasn t so great if we weren t staring straight at the screen image quality seriously degraded from the sides. So don t plan on gathering people around to watch movies or game.

Play. Another physical feature of the laptop that we weren t thrilled about was the touchpad every now and then it required multiple presses to get it to recognize our commands or get a response finally. We weren t very thrilled with the amount of bloatware. We found on the system of course.

No one really likes a lot of the extraneous items found on purchased computers. But this laptop had a ton that took a long time to uninstall even worse..

The mcafee antivirus software was just horrendous constantly popping up to try to force us to register acknowledge or interact with it it s unforgivable to be subjected to this continually especially considering how quick and strong the system performs who may have found some problems with the g77 t like its screen interface of bloatware issues. But the pros certainly outweigh the cons lenovo put together a system that can multitask entertain. And perform extremely well especially as a desktop replacement system. This is a great system for the price and any consumers interested in buying a new laptop should definitely check out this system for these reasons.

We decided to give the lenovo g. 770. A. 4 out of 5 for more reviews on the newest products as well as coupons and deals on systems.

Like the lenovo g. 770. Be sure to check out tech bargains. Calm.

” ..

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