LG Q8 (aka V20 Pro) – waterproof, camera/audio heavy smartphone hands on at CES 2017

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“I m rolling here at ces. 2017 and we re. Taking a look at two two devices from lg. Actually we re taking a look at one device because we know the lgb 20.

Which is a seven point five point seven inch black shape device for the second half of last year. But it has a smaller brother that hasn t really got my attention outside of japan. Because it s only released over there. This is the lg.

V. 20. Pro so that s a buy point two variant 52. Inch variant of levy 20.

And it has all the good features plus a bit more from the v 20. Because this device is not only carrying the superior audio technology. That you know from the v. 20.

And it also has the camera set up from the width 20 with its multiple cameras on the back right here for wide angle. And normal use or zoom. Use actually. But it also has a waterproof casing.

So you won t be able to actually yeah kill this device by dropping it into water. But let s just quickly get started on the front here so you get the second the second screen from the lgb. 20. Then it has its 1040 by 160 resolution.


That you can use to control a bunch of quick settings for example have quick access to a bunch of apps. You can customize this you can also put a personal message up there then you have your front facing five megapixel camera that is capable of switching between wide angle. And irregular use. So you can use this for group selfies.

Basically. Plus. You have the typical sensor array right there there s your if he s earpiece up there that doesn t serve as a second. Speaker plus you get a 52.

Inch quad hd. Ips panel on the front. That s running at 2560 by 1440. Pixels it has the snapdragon 820 under.

Hood so that s the 21. 5. Gigahertz what4s oc from welcome. It s not the 821 or the 835 even.

But it s still a very powerful slc that is in here at the bottom. There is pretty much nothing on here might be to place some operator logos. There s not even an lg. They ll go down here.

But you get the capacitive touch buttons on the screen. So there s a touch bar down. There. Let s move over to the side.


You have the volume rockers. Right. There those are very very sturdy. There s there s no wobble in them they re super well built actually and going over to the back you ll end up with that dual cone set up from the b20.

Which is 116 megapixel. Sensor and an 8 megapixel sensor. Plus. The duals dual led flash plus laser autofocus plus face detection autofocus and there s all kinds of awesome functions that the camera has plus get the fingerprint reader that also doubles as your power.

But because it s actually clickable there s nfc up here in this case. It s the payment solution from ntt. Which is the exclusive operator for japan. Besides a you kddi who offered the same device as the eastside beat over there and the down here you can see the b o logo.

Because this device has speaker as a speaker tuned by bang olufsen on the side here you ll end up with this big tray. Which houses the sim part and probably also your sd card slot and as you can see from the design here that is placed in that position. It has a rubber in there that covers the slot right there. So there s no water coming in because this is actually ip67 35.

So you can stay underwater for 30 minutes. I believe and not get any damage that ip67 certification is also what makes this device have a non removable back whereas maybe. 20. Has a back that can be taken off to access the innards in this case.

It is a unibody design. You anybody is a relative term in this case. Because they re using this metal cover on the back over here. But this is actually plastic and the same goes for the bottom because this is where all the antennas are placed for wi fi and lte going on down to the bottom.


You will have your single speaker. Again this is piano tuned. There should be two amplifiers in here. I can t really remember if that was the case on to be xx.

There s a usb type. C port back here that quick charges with qualcomm quick charge 30. I think there s a 3000 milliamp hour battery in this b20 pro and you get one of the overall. I think.

Four mics that this device has plus two three and a half millimeter. Headset. Jack and the special features of this device are again like w20 in the audio and video department. So if we go over here for to into the camera app.

You ll see that you have this pretty master massively. Tunable experience back here. So you can set white felons. You can sit set isil and every pretty much everything can be customized you have a histogram down here.

Plus. You have the ability to switch between the two lenses. So this is the 8 megapixel lens. That has a zoom on it so you re getting closer to the subject that you want to take a picture of and the other one is the wide angle.

16. Megapixel camera. That also does a very good job at delivering quality pictures. You don t have to use this pro mode.


Because there s also just the regular auto mode. But the special thing about the v20 is also that it has this manual video mode so you get all the settings that you have in the camera mode or in the regular photo mode also on the video recording so you can change the audio levels down. Here you can set up white balance. Play with the iso and everything else.

And there s pretty much not any phone out there that that s the same stuff. It it s capable of 4k. It has optical image stabilization and all that awesome stuff. Plus.

You can actually use this to do kind of professional videos. So. This is the lg v. 20.

Pro. Here at ces 2017. But before i forget i just want to quickly show. You that this is running lg s custom ui as usual.

Which has gotten lighter so it should be pretty snappy overall. Down here we have evidence for android. 70 so this is also running android 70. Just like the b20.

Which was the first device session on the market with the new android new game. ” ..

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