Mafia 3 Walkthrough – Mission #28 – Kill Tony Derazio

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“Did you manage to get to tony de rossi. Oh. I had bugs and wiretaps wiretaps all over the damn place. When that weirdo left the royal hotel to deal one of his men.

I was listening donut. I didn t know you was common i m just backing away your ladyship how long you been running this business. Joe haha. I know five six years five years three months and 18 days.

This is look i know i ve been laughing my fault. I ve always placed a premium on maintaining order. If you let the rod set in eventually it will take hold and destroy everything you ve built the only solution is to isolate eradicated. Before it takes hope understand come rust donor.

You gotta listen to me some nuts out. There shooting nail out of everything you know i mean their mom annie kill. Yes. Dominic is it you will take the armored car and personally oversee the collection of all outstanding monies owed to us and i clear on this yes.

Mr. Rossi..

Oh. Once you have collected what is due deliver. It directly to me at the hotel. The code to the elevator is zero four five one from there lincoln had a couple of options he could use the elevator code and going through the lobby.

Which meant shooting the hell out of the place or he could steal dominic s car and go in quiet through the hotel s parking garage. When you re in the hotel grab a couple of those little fancy soaps. They don t give me anymore at the motel. You what s taking so long photon of dominating.

That s fucked up man. I give him six months at least bologna and dominic park anywhere how long you ve been here a month. Mr. Drazi.

Oh wait the second chance type do your job. And you might just live to see month two it would be difficult not to i ve already taken the appropriate steps to address the situation. Believe me things are well in hand. We haven t lost anything of any significance.

Except that some men and they can be replaced in fact they re the easiest thing to replace. I understand completely and you have my word that all payments will continue as scheduled..

None of our business associates need to concern themselves with our recent difficulties. You should clear on out of here. Okay here s the thing comes when mr. Durazo made his very generous contribution to your campaign.

It was based on promises about those lots downtown time to die that slide dipshit gonna bury you asshole done made my goddamn day follow me cost you really think you know how all this is gonna play out don t you dear god kill me. I ll be replaced tomorrow. No one will even notice everyone will notice war on the streets of our fair. City is a gunman storm.

The royal hotel killing an untold number of men. There was a loud crash like a bomb going off i looked up and there was a man falling from the top of the building. And all these men showed up and every one of them had a gun they ran into the royal and that s when the shooting started. I still don t know how the hell lincoln got out of that hotel no way tonus still alive gosh.

Wherever you are you did it real good getting up here believers don t get up let s see. If he s still in there. He s gotta come about you know knows that i m pretty sure this voodoo doll is making this racket. Please mama.

There goes. Some pens and higgles lasse..

Sent tony de rossi. Oh. Just kissed the pavement outside the royal hotel downtown is ours caval construction in the sham worksites. The imperial and all the limp dick soooo.

The mob money we own it all escamilla all down his turf is clearly the first step and put me in charge and considering i only own river row. I got room to expand folks back in the holler starting to wonder what s going on it s time to show them how we become stronger when we work together. None of us here are looking to run a fucking charity. Help folks maybe well when it comes to making money and having real power in this tank.

There s no such thing as too much even if i am running most of the auction around here. Who is it gonna be lincoln you get is to me my khan is gonna shit. Himself any well. This is all said and done think about who you once donned about your bak.

Give me the keys to the kingdom partner gonna need vito to run this turf. That s what i m fucking talking about am. I missing something here this is the second time. I ve left here with nothing lincoln.

I thought we were aligned with the same calls as that s over cuz. I really need to go drop a law in the bog..

We ll talk later get on out of here to be responsible for the massacre at the royal hotel. The suspect is described as six feet three inches. They re saying you threw tony off the roof of the royal actually used to his penthouse window. You always had a flair for the dramatic tony s legend last couple pages are pretty interesting any idea what us.

5cj means wait a minute holy shit. Why is lou willing to come. Ten grand a month out of brothel and the same at a drug den based on what greco told. Me in scaletta mikanos laying out a bunch of money to get gambling legalized.

If that s what you re after who better to have in your pocket then a judge on the fifth circuit court of appeals us v. Cj. Exactly they have to be over 20 judges on that bench could be any one of them the kind of man. We re talking about isn t used to people getting into his business.

I start visiting the places listed in that ledger your panic and go to lou for help. And that s when we ll find out who he is you got wiretap running never turn it off ” ..

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