Metro Exodus First Workbench Location in the Volga + Crafting & Backpack Tips Guide

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“Everyone ash here for the triple s league with a quick guide to work benches benches in metro exodus. I m gonna show you where to find them and give a few additional tips about using work benches work benches become available when you get to the volga. Which is the first sort of open outside area that you re able to explore in the game. Your train gets shut down for repairs.

And so you re stuck in this area. And there s lots of places you can head out and explore you re given some missions to accomplish. Etc. You re also given a backpack your backpack has some crafting options.

But they are limited you can craft certain things on the go like filters and med kits..

Some types of ammo. Some other types of throwable items and you can also swap out attachments on your guns. But that s the limits of what your backpack can do if you want to craft grenades molotov cocktails or if you actually want to clean your weapons which you need to do to maintain the functionality you have to do that at an actual workbench now. There is a workbench that comes available in the aurora.

Which is your train. And this workbench actually has the additional option of allowing you to swap between all of the different kinds of weapons that you ve discovered in various categories. So any weapon you found out in the world and picked up you will actually be able to swap it out here. If you want that option is only available at the workbench in the aurora.

But the workbench in the aurora doesn t become available until you ve rescued the engineer named crest that s a mission that you get sent on so when you first get here that workbench is not going to be available..

So i m going to show you where the next closest. One is that you can find and you can actually use these before you rescue crest places with work benches are indicated by a little house icon on your map and the easiest one to get to right off the bat is right over this way so. If you head to the front of the train have passed your buddies here and out into the wilderness look for this row of wrecked train cars on the right side of the tracks here now there are some enemies in this area. So you re gonna want to be careful.

There is a small pack of watchmen that likes to prowl around here. You can see one sitting on top of this car over here. So you might have a few of these guys coming at you so you can fight them or sneak past them whatever you prefer carry along this way until you find this train car. With this sort of wooden pallet leading up to it like a ramp and then you can squeeze through this opening.

Here and then there s a workbench that you can use in here..

So. This is an easy one to get to from the train right away like i said you can use this before you rescue crest. If you do some more exploring you might find some other work benches scattered around as well so that s how you can find a workbench early on in the game. Now don t forget that you do need to collect some crafting materials in order to be able to do anything on the workbench.

Even cleaning your weapons requires. Some chemical materials. So you ll want to scout around find some of those there are some in the building. Here.

Where i showed you this workbench is..

But if you just explore the world you can find quite a few crafting materials scattered around in various locations. Thanks so much for watching hope you found this helpful. If you have any other questions about metro exodus. Let me know in the comments below or join our discord server.

And i will talk to you later thanks so much for watching don t forget to like sub and hit that notification. Bell. And then check out some of these other videos find the link to our discord server and other important stuff in the description below. ” .


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