Microsoft refurbished Xbox One S Unboxing

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“Guys how s it going jeff. So one right here and today. I m gonna gonna be doing another unboxing of a system that i ve done quite a bit the past. But today.

It s something different. I ve been doing used unboxings of it refurbished unboxings of it facebook marketplace unboxings. I think i even done or did a craigslist unboxing of it boy i have not done this kind of refurbished unboxing with this product simply for the fact that i could never find one of this caliber magnitude whatever you want to call it. But what it is today is it s a it s another xbox one.

I know i ve read some of the comments saying do you have a lot of these systems you keep doing these systems. Yeah. My bad. I just i ve done a lot of them simply for the fact that i want to show you guys what you can kind of expect if you get it you know to gamestop you used game stop refurbished facebook marketplace used you know craigslist you know like i saw are so this time i ended up getting the xbox one like i said plate right here.

It s steve microsoft microsoft refurbished this themselves. I ve never done a microsoft refurbishment refurbished system before you know on the original xbox. 360. Or the xbox one.

So. This is my first refer microsoft refurbished product from them yes about of the game stop play. It s not refurbished by them. It s refurbished by microsoft so without any further ado let me get this on box for you guys they kind of let you know you know you get this is the two terabyte system.


Not the 500 gig or the one gig or the one terabyte. I mean i m sorry so two terabytes at least that s what it says right. There a with this one being the fact that it s from microsoft. I was kind of hoping that it would have you know the stains or at least a headset.

Even if it is one of those mono headsets moe. Know i don t know or the stand. You know there s disdain that lets you you know set it up right. But no it s it s just diab.

It s the system. The controller. The internet and the hdmi cable. The back of it it says refurbished and you can see you ve got laura croft master chief marcus fenix.

And you know the one of the fours of cars and like i said. I ve never done in the unboxing of a microsoft refurbished product. So this is my first one of these. But yet.

The first thing you get is that there which you know you get that whenever you buy a new one so that s kind of cool you get this here. Which is basically just you know your your instruction manual. And this thing. Here with that has a 14 day xbox live trial.


Which is cool my xbox live. Actually i think it it s due to expire. Here you know pretty quick. So we got the we got d.

We got the system right here which like i said. It s packed just like a new brand new system. Which is cool and then you get this thing here. Which like i said is uh.

You guys know me i like to smell things it smells just like a brand new thing like a brand new system. The hdmi cable. I don t know if these are i don t know if this thing s brand new. I mean i don t know it s the high speed one which of course.

I mean it would be high speed because of the 4k stuff. The controller which all and back over here you got the power cord. All this smells new. I mean okay this one this is not new here.

I mean you can see unless. My camera picked that up. But yeah that looks back there it looks like it s don t think it was picking it up. But that looks like it s been plugged in i mean i could be wrong.


But yeah smoke this for you those of you who had unboxed a gaming system like this before i don t know if you guys like to knit. The new smell. What i do weird the controller. The controller looks and smells pretty new.

I mean it doesn t have any scuff marks or anything. I mean. It s the the crips. The things right here the joysticks are pretty tight.

I mean it feels like a brand new controller pretty much and you get batteries what it looks like they re duracell yeah. But yeah they re door so if you could see that but the copper top usually means personal so like i said the controller you get batteries the hdmi and the power cord and then what i like what i like about their box is that it says that it may there may be this product. Has been refurbished to its original specifications for electrical performance unit may contain cosmetic imperfections. Which so far at least on the power cord aged in my cable and the controller.

I have not seen anything got that in here is a system which like i said. I ve never i mean. I ve bought microsoft refurbished systems through game stop before like when somebody else purchases them purchase purchases then play i myself have never gotten one straight from and these are actually 319 or basically 320 at gamestop right now this thing that looks pretty new. I mean it doesn t smell new.

But and it has been opened you can see they put another warranty sticker on there. But yeah. I mean there s no smudges on the back. And it says refurbished on it so that s kind of cool.


But yeah all right guys. That s it it s in great shape. She even got the sticker on it you know like the new ones have but yeah that s my first you know unboxing of a microsoft refurbished xbox my opinions on it are that it s looks like it s worth it the difference to me between gamestop and microsoft you know refurbishing things so far as microsoft tends to clean their thing. There s stuff wave more than gamestop.

But i think with microsoft you know i think they put you know new casings on their systems. Ie saying. You know that they ll bring it in broken. You know somebody will send us home with something wrong with it or whatever they ll fix it and then they ll put a new outer shell on it and it makes it look a whole lot better gamestop says that they clean and test it well i don t think they clean these systems to be honest with you i ve gotten some really dirty ass systems from gamestop.

You know that dave yeah man we clean them we clean them we test them i don t think they do any of that i mean i m sure they test them so that they you know they at work. But i don t think they clean them or anything like that i ve gotten dirtier systems from their warehouse. Then i have you know used from you know people trading it in barn guys. This video has you know ran over more than i wanted it to but thank you for watching i m sorry about doing all these unboxing of the same system.

But like i said i just want to do it you know from different standpoints like game stop microsoft facebook craigslist. You know things like that let it go or let go you know stuff like that but thank you for watching thank you for all the great comments you guys are leaving in in the comment section and like i said i ll continue to make more awesome. ” ..


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