My Video Settings on the Canon Rebel T5i / 700D

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“Guys what s going on so it s lee and the next video. I m m going to be showing you guys. This is some of the stuff i use my canon 7d the settings and some of the stuff like that so it s just to me a quick video. I m not very tactical with lot of stuff.

I just know what kind of works best for me so i m going to be sharing that with you guys in this video. So guys as i mentioned i do use the canon 700d this comes with the 18 to 55 ml lambs. This is pretty much the keplam comic con s work that i do have a 55 or 50 to 135 lands. But i don t really is everybody what s more for photography as a lot higher zoom and it s not really suitable for indoors.

But i would use it outdoors more than indoors definitely. But i ll go over a few of the settings on the actual camera itself that i typically use so we have autofocus and manual focus here on the lens. So i ll usually what i tend to do unless i m doing like a pious talking head video. I will usually leave it on all the focus just because it s not that bad it usually tracks faces pretty well if i m doing b.

Roll. Or something like something like that where i need to focus on a specific item on the table or a product. I will use the auto focus it and then switch it to my own focus and then double jacket by zooming n i mean stimulus stabilization. I usually vaughn just already seen what s different than what i leave it on just in case.


And then if people to the settings. I do use most things in manual so to switch to manual you just use the vidal to z set to auto. Just you can use auto. If you want but i find you do get a lot of a better quality if you switch to manual.

I m just can fine tune things so we ll switch that to manual make sure we re in video mode and then on the camera. We can see all of our settings. So these are my settings on the very bottom of skeptism freedom. So these are my settings here that i use the use for video god serve will auto focus on so that s just basically quiet autofocus.

The 60 is the shutter speed so sex. They usually want to film in double the shutter speed that you are in your frames per second. So i m shooting in 30fps. So i ll usually use a shutter speed of 60 the f stop.

Then is using the. Lowest i can get lowest in this particular lens is 35. But if you see if i actually zoom in quick camera. It actually increases itself because the f stop will change depending on your zoom.


So if i ve got it set to fifty muslim ban it goes the lowest which is three point five and i can adjust at here by sliding this on the touchscreen can also do it with a little slider on top here this little thing here you can adjust it with this. But the touchscreen is usually just the touchscreen usually does as good a job really other things i ll use you do then is all set the white bounce. So i actually have a gray card and i ll show you got no so guys. This is a great card to pick these up on amazon for like 10 quid or you can get like summer.

Things or you can just use a white paper religious to set the white balance basically all you do is you ll set this in front of your camera. And you ll take a picture of it and then all you need to do is you go into the settings on your camera. So you would have menu on this particular camera go over to the second little tab. Here.

We don t custom white bounce. You go into that and then the text you take and will show up here and you just click set. And that s your custom white balance for your camera set so here s all this does it gives your skin tones. A more natural color and then to actually set custom white balance will go into the awv tab and then we ll select custom white bones.

They re not that dumb so that s really all i used to do when i am shooting. My videos. So i usually just keep it simple i will adjust anything else i really need to and while i m shooting obviously good lighting is the number one thing you can have when shooting a video that s pretty good value like using my samsung galaxy s6 i m shooting in 4k so this is going to be a task and adjust to forecast the first thing i really worked with 4k as the 700d is 1080p still i m looking to upgrade the camera. But 4k cameras are pretty damn expensive so i m thinking about upgrading to something like maybe the 800 d.


Which is just rip was released there or the canon. A dd which both suits shoot 1080p 60fps that ll be a nice oh priya to give me my video a little smoother motion. But that s really that guy that s really all i do in my videos and the other thing i will the external microphone. I m maybe an extra light on top of the camera.

So i will quickly show you guys path no as well and as well guys. I forgot to mention i so i usually just leave i so want auto elapsed. I m doing something right with suffolk. I ll just leave it in auto and then i will use the exposure meter here try and get as close to zero.

As i can that s really all i do for that as well so guys. I mentioned i do use an external microphone. So i want to quickly pop out on the camera right now. So this is what i use they run with i ll just adjust the camera in a second i ll start off while i m doing this.

But this is what i usually use so this is a takstar sgc 598. I think it is i did you review this you can check it out and it s on this i think i m cameron bure. The exact mega offer. But i ll put a link in the description for this there s just a jewel parts you might stand.


And i ve got a light which have also reviewed on there as well. But this is the way i usually rocket the microphone on one side and the light miller. I could get away of just using the mic which i have done in previous videos. But i like this jewel setup.

It gives me an extra the light source. So i can make my videos a little bit brighter and sharper. When filming. But that is really it guy so if you enjoy the video leave a like any comments or questions you want leave a comment in the youtube video below and i ll try to answer as best.

I can i know i m not for a tank got a lot of stuff. I m learning a lot of it myself as i go along because i ve never really used cameras in the past. I did have an old youtube channel that was all gaming focus stuff so it was all like screen capture software game cap and capture cards all that stuff that i used to work with so cameras are still pretty new to me. So i m still learning this so.

If you ve any tips as well or anything a god i committed you definitely maybe if you saw something i don t do particularly right leave. A comment on that as well and i will any criticism or comments. Or feedback is greatly appreciated so guys hope you enjoyed the video leave a like if you did hit the subscribe button to see more and i ll ” ..


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