NEW Dell Inspiron 3000 Desktop PC Review Hands On

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” s up guys room here from my box official and here. I m going to to do a quick review of the dell inspiron 3000 s top pc. I d the unboxing of dpc itself and monitor. So i m just going to show you quickly how it looks like put together.

So let s get into it so here is the actual setup. So the desktops right here monitor. These are the things that came with this is just extra stuff as you can see the actual case is like a matte black on the side and then this is like a nice matte black in front of some nice shiny you can see yourself through it two usb ports in the front microphone a headphone jack and a sd card slot. And i only got one cd drive.

This one s empty as you can see only the top one has it it s a cd dvd drive and burner looks pretty cool this little button lights up white. When you turn it on and it turns like dark. When you turn it off oh..


So this battle right there core at five windows 7 at the back of the pc. We quickly. I don t know if you guys can see that. But there is a ethernet slot power right there ethernet right there and then there s more usb ports right there along with hdmi input.

I didn t have an x ray hdmi cable. So i m just using the standard av cables fan right there. And yeah here s monitor itself that came with a combo and it was the 23 inch 1080p monitor widescreen monitor. It looks really really nice.

This one is a twenty one so that s how it looks like in comparison slightly bigger. It s definitely a lot lot thinner. Though as you can see on the side that s up them this thing is and then watch this one so the huge difference doesn t have webcam on it so you got gotta get your own that s webcam..


Right. There speakers doesn t come with speaker s. Either. So you have to buy your own speakers.

Let me just quick you quickly show you the specs. Okay so this what it is i found it online. It s dell inspiron is approximately this much on sale without the actual monitor itself so let me just display. And that s actual display as you can see 23 inch.

But focus no yeah that s one of this i m gonna quiz will show you the actual specialist properties so i ve said before it s a core i5. Right. There score of 5 64..


Bit core. 5. At waka through growing gigahertz on the gigs of ram 64. Bit operating system and the graphics card is pretty bad it s an intubation graphics.

It s not the greatest but i mean if you want to quick comparison. It runs minecraft on full hd. So nothing so it runs my crap in full hd. Which is pretty good um.

That s pretty much it i mean using this computer for like 2 weeks. Weaker weak little bit over a week and it s pretty cool you know it s really really fast. I did install ubuntu linux on it so i don t really like it..


But my dad uses it um. So i mean i d recommend it if you re looking for a pretty good deal on a desktop and a pc. It s really fast comes with microsoft word windows 7 pre installed you can pick with windows 8 or 7. But windows sound i personally like it more um.

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