Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 “Convertible” Overview

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“You have these batteries which are panasonic cells of course. Why else or why anybody anybody else i can t do this here let me see if i can do one hand is very hard to do this with one hand. I don t give up on making this video. If i keep having to listen to all these trucks huh.

It s already pushing out hot air. So holy can i just not catch a break today g day folks jordan here today with a pretty cool little laptop convertible hybrid device thingymajig that i found on ebay this is a panasonic toughbook cf c1 probably from 2011 or 2012. It is based on a sandy bridge intel core i5 cpu with the hd 3000 graphics and this machine is just really neat to look at so let s dive in so before we take a look at the inside of this machine. I figured i d show off the ports.

And what makes this machine really interesting first off is this rubber handle or carry strap. Thing that is actually held in with screws. Yeah. That s really interesting and also i m not sure what this is for except for the only thing.

I think of is well it s held in with one screw one thing. But i was almost wondering if the body just was some kind of placeholder thing for your hand. So that way when you re actually holding the laptop with this strap. It ll actually conform your hand a little better.

And doesn t give you a cramp like a flat laptop bottom would at least. I think that s what that s supposed to be for and yes. There is a silo for the stylus mine does not have it but most of these that you see on ebay. Do not which is fine by me because the touchscreen on this yes.

It does have a touch screen is capacitive touch and you can use it with your finger. Which is really nice so we have our power input there with center positive. Which is really nice that they point that out however. It s an odd 16 volt.

With a high current output. So if you re ever looking for the power supplies for these make sure. It s a 16 volt. That s a four and a half amp otherwise you will have the wrong power supply.

Most panasonic toughbook sin cluding the big military grade ones not like this one will have that very same power supply or something similar to it. And they usually have an oversized jack on the end so pay attention. When you re looking these things up to see if it has the right charger. This has a dial up modem possibly one of the last newer machines to have a modem and yes.

This is a real 56k v92 standard modem. It does have gigabit lan. There is the puny little vent. There s my for scale and this thing has quite the heat up.

But it s got quite the little fan it gets up to speed very quickly not gonna lie. It gets pretty toasty. Too then against sandy. Bridge does not run cool at all there s two usb 20.

Ports and as far as i know on this machine in general there is no usb. 3 hardware. Which is it s fine. It s what you would expect for a machine at this time doesn t try to branch out or do anything special on the front is the power switch.

There s the wireless switch. Now this controls leave wireless and the cellular modem. Which yes. This does have a cellular modem.


It does have a sim card slot right there which you can move and yes. This does have a sim card in it which is pretty funny. I don t know why the ebay seller left the sim card in it because it makes absolutely no sense but there you can see the deactivated verizon 4g lte sim that this computer has i do not have the drivers for the cellular modem installed and i don t think i ever will because i don t see a point for it. But you know it s still there nonetheless to the headphone.

Jack a microphone jack a little cutout to open the screen has an sdxc card reader. And there s a bunch of indicator leds for mainly the two battery charged statuses eco mode. Which i think is a special software utility not sure the i think that s like power light status. I think that s the power light num lock caps.

Lock and scroll lock lights are there sd card slot. Reading and a hard drive light which they re all very useful. This is why i don t record. When it s in between 11.

O clock. Because that s when school has lunch. And all the students drive. These ridiculously.

Noisy cars and trucks and it just takes everybody off including myself. If you haven t noticed now if this machine was equipped with a smart card slot. This would have it right up above. But this does not so the only thing that you can see is this express card slot.

There there s the silo for the stylus if this were a habit. Another usb port and vga and the single lonely speaker on this computer for the sound. What a wimpy little thing and yes. This is pathetic it really sounds horrible.

But most of the time you wouldn t have the audio on these things turned on so that s probably why it s just there for just saying you have a speaker. So forgive me. If i don t do this right. The first time.

I m not great with this with one hand. But i can try to make it work this machine has two batteries. Which is pretty neat and this one for some reason. When you slide it start blinking this orange led xu.

I m not sure why but either way. I guess. That s just some kind of feature or whatever i don t know yes. This does have two batteries in it so as you can see this is a panasonic lithium ion of course who else would make batteries for panasonic toughbook scyther than panasonic themselves so this is a six thousand milliamp hour typical capacity battery some kind of sortie lithium ion output something or another and yes this does i believe need both batteries in order to.

Function because they are such low. Voltage so 74. Times. Two would give you i believe fourteen point.

Eight volts or something like that so that s why you need both these batteries in tandem in order to function. So yeah. I m not sure they could very well just run on one battery. I haven t tried it i don t dare to try it because i don t know what the results are gonna be and apparently battery number two does not want to go in there being difficult of course all right.

I ll be right back one second laptop interestingly. The hard drive slot on this machine is on the back. So. It is held in with a screw of course.


There is the little release lever for that i am inserted a solid state drive in this computer. I figured that s just the most appropriate for a tablet. I could have put in a mechanical hard drive like most of these would have shipped with when they were new. But i figured a solid state drive was the best bet.

So let s see if i get this open with one hand. It s kind of hard to do it. Because the hinges are kind of stiff. But i think i should be able to do it yeah kind of there we go so as you can see it has an unusual circular touchpad.

Which is still functional as a touchpad and it s got these really soft touch buttons on it of course. This is all painted silver. But what s neat about this touchpad and under windows. 7.

It would normally work i have windows 10 on this at the moment. Which doesn t really make this work any better. But the touchpad would scroll in a circular motion. It s really cool.

I thought that that was pretty clever on top of panasonic 2 cannot record today anyway aside from all the vehicle bloopers. The keyboard on this is pretty tiny. I suppose for most people. But it s actually not that bad to type on the keys themselves are surprisingly tactile.

There s not a lot of key travel. And there s really not that solid of a backplate says. This machine is mostly comprised of plastic. This is not the military grade style tough books after all of course.

But it still is a pretty nice keyboard to type on i m not sure if this has any kind of spill proof features like the lenovo thinkpad of its day. I do see there s a hole there. But i don t think that s for the spill proof thing. I think that s just for keeping it stable inside of a docking connector or something i think that s what that hole is there for.

But i don t know i could be wrong of course so excuse my horrible sitting position here while i film this. Video but this is the display it is a 121 inch 1280 by 800 capacitive touchscreen and i believe there s a special digitizer sensor in there display yay. It is not an ips lcd. This is just a really cheap and really low quality touchscreen from the looks of it.

But it has touchscreen capability. It also has a set of buttons on the front for display brightness and on screen keyboard rotation of the display some kind of button for passwords. I guess i m not sure and then a user programmable button. And if this machine would be good.

And at this machine were to be equipped with one the fingerprint scanner would go right there. But this does not have the fingerprint scanner. It also has one of the tiniest webcams. I ve ever seen in fact.

It s so small that the fricking phone will even focus into it. But yes. That is a webcam probably one of the worst webcams you ll ever see in your lifetime. But it does exist.

And this is the lock for the special tablet hinge so what you do is you unlock. It here and i m gonna get auto focus back on my phone to let me do this maybe okay so for some reason. The zoomin zoom out trick wasn t working to renew able to auto focus. I don t know why anyway so the way this works is you start by unlocking the screen from the two little holders.


Which are extremely stiff spring loaded little i guess balls inside of the hinge. Which is this long stiff piece and then you can rotate this around clip. It back in and then you can slow it down and relock. It and now as you can see you pretty much have a rough estimation of a tablet.

It s not like the more modern windows 2 and 1 convertibles in how it works. But obviously. This is a very early concept for the two in one computer as they called it or microsoft branded. It as so it is functional in nature.

But obviously the x360 hinges or whatever other types of brand names they put to the astray 960 rotational degree hinges touch screen laptops well yeah. This is definitely not one of those but it does work and i m gonna go ahead and unlock it here let me see if i can do this one hand is very hard to do this with one hand. I don t give up on making this video. If i keep having to listen all these trucks huh okay.

So assuming i m not an idiot. And i did not forget to charge the batteries let s turn this on aha it does come on so yeah. The display is definitely not great. But i didn t expect it to be for an early touchscreen laptop like this is and as you can see it starts up very quickly very quickly.

I mean. This is a solid state drive after all on a sata. 3 bus for one thing. But it just starts up very fast and you know given windows 10.

And it s optimization and for some reason i have to swipe up i hate windows 10 making me do this it s really annoying and it has some bizarre lag spots like that i m not sure why. And the cooling fan is already hot. It s already pushing out hot air. So holy can i just not catch a break today so yet here we are in windows 10.

And this obviously works as a touch screen. So i can touch down here on the start button. Which i didn t really do that well you have to use your finger in order to touch the screen. You cannot prod.

It with your fingernail or something like the more modern touch screens will let you do you actually have to press. Using your finger. So it s not quite a full true capacitive touchscreen display since again this was more or less designed to use a stylus with a special layer on the display. Hence.

Why it probably doesn t have as good of contrast. As it could have had or the even back laying it could have had but yeah yeah. This is saying a seriously pushing out some hot air and i believe this is properly functional. This is not overheating.

It s meant to do this and i think it s just windows 10 causing this because i think i left it in some kind of high performance mode like an idiot. So yeah. I think see it s running off one battery right now. And i believe the other one kicks in either when the machine is under full load or when that one decides it wants to drain in capacity not entirely sure which way this works.

But it is what it is it does tend to get pretty decent battery life. I d say for what this thing is and probably how old the batteries are this probably has its original batteries in it and it still gets some pretty decent battery life even despite all this things quirks and the really loud fan it s quite loud but otherwise this is intel hd 3000 graphics it s by no means any kind of a fancy machine it s just meant to be functional. One unfortunate thing about windows 10 is that these buttons except for the brightness ones don t work this does not bring up the keyboard. This doesn t rotate.

The display. And i have installed all the panasonic utilities on this machine including the display rotation tool. Which is supposed to rotate the display and in fact i have it set somehow to do that. But even when i have it configured properly and through the hot key buttons.


I ve set this to rotate the display and obviously it just doesn t do anything. And if you re thinking. This has an accelerometer well that should answer your question. No it does not automatically rotate the screen.

And you might think what does it rotate the screen automatically when you put it into tablet mode. And the answer to that is an absolute. No it still does not rotate the screen. So even if i were to do this and rotate the laptop to here as you can see it s still facing the same way as it did when it was in laptop orientation.

And again the button still does not rotate the screen. Doesn t bring up the software keyboard and even in windows 10 zone tablet mode it still doesn t rotate the screen or do anything the user button doesn t work the only thing that works is the brightness buttons to no surprise by anybody because of course windows recognizes that so that s unfortunate so i think this is windows 10 not working properly these buttons. This was designed for windows 7 after all i m not going to try to blame it on the fact that panasonic s drivers are crap because panasonic does actually make some properly functional drivers for their hardware of course they have to these are industrial laptops after all but it s just windows 10 doesn t play ball with this machine. Which is again to no surprise anybody.

But otherwise i mean this runs. Really well windows. 10 is pretty decently optimized for a tablet. And this laptop shines in the performance department for that it definitely runs quickly now this touchscreen is by no means meant for any kind of serious productivity and i don t know why windows 10 tablet decides it likes to do that that s really annoying.

But yes you can t use this as a rudimentary drawing tablet. If you just want to use your finger and dink around with that i mean it does kind of sort of work for that it s not really designed for it and this program time really designed for either. But i mean yeah you can certainly do some kind of fun things with this and you can also probably sign pdfs. If you had the stylus and had adobe acrobat on this thing you could probably sign pdfs and do all sorts of cool things with this machine.

It is definitely functional for its purpose. So i m not saying. It s useless in any way and one thing. That s really interesting is just how fast this thing opens certain applications like for example messenger.

It launches really quickly for a windows computer. Which is almost comically quick compared to most pcs. That actually run windows 10. It takes like a good 45 seconds to launch messenger for no reason whatsoever because messenger on windows.

10 is just oddly slow. I don t know why god damn it they might be able to hear this how noisy the little cooling fan is on this thing. This thing is never overheated and really i don t expect it to oh yeah also this keyboard is still active in the tablet mode. That s really crappy design panasonic.

So yeah you can sit here and press buttons on the keyboard and what the hell. So you re not exempt from having the really crappy design and you can really dig your nail into that bezel before it ll actually work for you so yeah. You have to really be conservative with the with the keyboard on the back before it ll actually like work properly for you and watch out on that but i m pretty sure that doesn t really matter too much so that s about all i have to say in regards to the panasonic toughbook cf c1 little laptop tablet hybrid convertible computer thing that i have i really like this machine i think it s really unique and it is sort of a processor to the modern day windows tune. One that you see everywhere on the market or at least.

What used to be on the market back in the days of windows 8. Well this thing certainly had its day and i still think it looks really neat today. Even though. It is really dated in terms of its display quality and features and the fact that you can still use the freaking keyboard to start typing even though the tablet is in use i don t know why panasonic designed it that way but they did i figured that they probably didn t intend for the users to use it in this sort of orientation.

But there it is but either way that s probably about it for this video. I don t have much else to demonstrate or to show on this computer. Since i don t have a stylus so for now. I m going to go ahead and wrap up this video.

So thank you all for watching i ll see you all later ” ..

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