PC Player Tries Console Overwatch For The Very First Time!

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“Always see like people go from console to to pc right never see people go go for pc to console. All right cool story bro time to fuck fuck ups bitches in console. As well hello. I just want to take a moment to thank.

Today s sponsor raid shadow legends without them there would be no way i ll be able to go and you spy a piece for for this video. Thank you raid. Very cool. If you haven t heard about raid.

Yet you must be living under a rock this blockbuster of a game miraculously got over 10 million players to enjoy the game in less than six months. I mean. It s literally a mega hit you might ask yourself if it s such a mega hit. What does it have to offer well good question let me tell you you can collect over 400 champions assemble a team from 16 hero factions explore over 1 million different champion builds discover 13 spectacular locations.

Enjoy a fully voiced story campaign. I personally loved the fully voiced story campaign by the way. This is very cool and well made my favorite champion is elaine. She s been my go to champion from the start.

And she absolutely cleans house with her a aoe abilities. The game is totally free and personally. I think the game is absolutely. Stunning don t you take my word for.

It. Though with over 300000. Reviews rate is almost a perfect score in the play store..


The game is growing super fast and check out this cool road map that they have published they actually have huge plans for updates in the game for over six months. So there s infinite content for you to enjoy no time to get bored. You can find me in the game under the name snippy ctv and if you re quick enough you can join my clan. It s called snip see so what are you waiting for go to the.

Video description click on the special links and you ll. Get. 50000. Silver.

And a free epic champion. As part of the new player program to start your journey. I ll see you gamers in my clan back to the video hey soldier boy look at its aim assist i m not even moving my oh. My god i m not even moving my aiming bottom is just another sun tracking boy let s go my first skill stash on console.

Very nice voice alright well. I guess i ll start trying the quick blenheim. Hello is there in a gamer sir and they a new epic gamers here yeah no no i learned it yesterday. Yo.

Hey. Yo wassup yo this feels so fucking awkward. Why bigges level 2. You know they azkaban from my main account.

I heard it was too toxic. I don t know what the fuck hey yo watch is very funny. But it s a lot of toxic layers..


So you have to be talk to you as well and now you get bad you know i m gonna give you one tip okay. What s the tip stay in bronze as long as you can why do you have the name i know youtubers name see if there s anything to be sniped that s worth low life or it could be a really good video. No hey snips you do you know because you should you know adaptors for indians for multi board itself in control because you need place yeah. I think it is actually i really think it is no snips you have twitter.

I ve only seen let s see if he is both oh. My this is this is noyoke anymore yes i ll shake this funky twitter ii recently bought the fucking ps4 what the fuck is this shit hey what well is this what you get for trying to smurf in the shittiest game remains the fucking here off him. I really thought. It was well you know it s not that often you meet people actually talk english in teams.

As they have to be some famous guy and let let them take it i want to play with ships. You know same everyone just stay away from the payload. Just think this i don t want to know hello. Did.

I can hear you have a mic open talk to me man your dad ll espen. He will talk to me. Yes. Me.

No i just got a piece worded are you smurfing. How do you pronounce your name. Did can i say people on pierce force. They re not then i m here.

Get a communicating. Oh. I hit the deflect..


The easy clappers voice. Too fast must speed appears for high speed. The controller boy speedy console boy come a console avoid let s try to do some mystery. Hurts i want to see how we ll do you under here.

Oh shit don t even or wrong bottom. I i meant to maybe. But you know how hot works out too fast. They don t even know us hidden my straight up.

I say i guess. That s karma. Oh please. Go sir.

Way. It s just a default crossover. Oh. No holy shit.

I look at a circus. My visa. It s okay. I wish i had all right we re gonna to department look at this ooh.

I m gonna hit it amos is work works like a charm. How does he do it it s almost like i m swimming. Oh..


This here i ll take it vacuum cleaner that s what i call why are you thanking why are you like this oh god thank. You mercy oh i got it with the teeth uh everything s fine. Just didn t find him mercy. Oh.

What that s the price. What come on come on come on yes. I wanted to give the sorry. Sir supercharged.

Oh. My god oh my god oh this cody. What is happening. Aim assist the snows happening well console action makes me feel like i m good at the game.

How am. I thought okay. What the heck my brother released on kara snips eroding main content ottoman. But it s over by thomas it all right i got it i think okay hey i m gonna hide here and then they re gonna come they won t expect it alright okay so the rest of these crypts are basically me leveling up to level 25 on the console.

And i gotta warn you i m really bad like really really bad also sorry for the poor video quality. I recorded it with the ps4 thingy ling and i think it s only 720p. But i enjoy anyways. Oh no katakana car near the nickelodeon.

It s cosmetic renault car scuzz konoka ml butch enormous. ” ..

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