Pet Tech, Reviewed by a Dog

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“Probably seem like a pretty simple guy ooh. I left over saltines he s covered covered in dirt. But see i m much more than meets the eye. I have thoughts especially about technology and bacon.

I m browser that s my mom johanna stern. She s a tech columnist at the wall street journal and this week. She gave me her job because humans have completely lost. It making smartphone connected gadgets for friends like me i mean check out my house.

I m living in a freakin orwellian nightmare..

With four wi fi cameras watching me this crazy trashcan top thing is a dog gaming console. Whatever that means i m wearing to activity trackers right now i can t even eat in peace at first. I was going to treat them like a fire hydrant and pee all over them. But it turns out some are actually pretty cool i especially love the wi fi enabled treat dispensing pet cams.

One tap on her smartphone and there were my favorite cookies of course i like the pricey 380 dollar pet chats even though it seems to bother mom at times app looks like dog poop. But she likes it because i like it plus. I can see you around the built in screen mom. The treats and i can call her if i press this button.

But to be honest..

I prefer texting and it doesn t always work. The 170 petsy is a good alternative. It s easier to set up it dispenses more treats and mom likes the app. I was pretty upset when these activity trackers were put on my collar like i m on parole or something.

The wonder wolf and whistle. Both monitor my levels of activity then send the info to moms rectangle thing. But then something weird happened i started going on longer walks and playing out back more you might have something to do with the white coat lady telling them whatever i look good if i played with one of these high tech games all day i d probably shed a few pounds to the 300 clever pet is like an xbox for dogs. I think i m supposed to tap on the three pads for food ya.


But my but archie figured it out in ten minutes dude. It s like the next steve jobs then there s the smart bolt. Which throws balls. When my mom is really busy and of course dispenses treats.

My friends were really obsessed with getting the streets. Especially wrigley. Give it up man also you gotta watch out for the balls. Just one of the reasons.

We prefer a human throw technology s great nom..

But it s all about playing together. I guess at the end of the day. I m a pretty simple guy man. I ll have toilet paper wonder if ” .


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