PSP Mano County 1969 dodge charger

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“We go all right my audios in my head sips creek rd um. Okay all all the city boys um. I ma head to bank. If you want a head.

I don t know where you going hello oh. All right all right i m sorry. I m heading to make oh. I just hear something yeah.

Yeah gg i i m a slow roll by banked yeah. It looks clear. Oh. There s our three people in it oh imma fuck around i m just gonna go in the could one see it is following my orders for now we i m gonna make something for that soon i m gonna name myself i d amy hide they go uh.

He isn t i hate when people ask me. Oh is it yeah. Because the people up here. Yes thing.

It s either they can clone themselves or they get it through the development. There s a nine game game. Let s see let s find out clear oh no go away you stupid monk go away there you go listen to that siri jesus sure i do that there s like a thing back there. It s like a red dot let s not press that yeah i pressed it.

But nothing happy i don t want to do a on duty crime at all not you actually someone s targeting. Me and psb. I am free now for a work i gonna have to do that uh it view me if you want i don t want to be you you stop here me a trooper. I love your car um i mean missy the white tourists what off team what s what i mean horses for corporal plus y.

Is what on teen. I don t know don t ask me. That s what yeah sure he doesn t means what i don t i don t shoot see less sheriff all right i m tonight. I mean caught in them 10600 code six with those individual i m gonna filter around right here and sit and watch trying to get know what sure things you can just run up on the official.

One what oh yeah right so my ignition off hmm big dumb. I want to get in the habit of that he s missing. Rory was i don t care. If your admin.

What s going on swat off a team that s what you need to do all right. There s no oh it s because can it is because the candidates on oh. That s right okay..


So um nova. Said that swat is free to deploy while candidates are on team which i m a candidate northerns. A candidate and jim s a candidate so the older point yeah i m saying psp psp is the best department yeah i m gonna honor insert all of these certs urgent so just be cool because the zingbot of your search surgeon think witter you have certain divisions like now after lugs. Antenna affairs and uh that s an okay shot spied by this green for this expedition that just passed have been pony.

See if i can get light up in here okay. He stopped if you want to call it in as i cook five i m right here all 101 hrs hes running going 20s 20s. I m going gift five say ellie go ellie later you just try to cut me off and he just did wow. He s going about 51 south heading towards mcso mcu.

So wrong way hmm yes you to be 2v2 type area yeah mcso bank robbery can t really attend to that you can if you want to you re right. There. I have eyes right now he s swinging around heading towards bank. Yes.

What we re heading back towards you he thinks he can lag. It s funny that s the scene pd kelly. I think i wouldn t see you so watch out passing fd. Right.

Now you are an expert. Northern is yeah as in support like is asu like a secondary division. Or something yeah. It is where m.

Cf b. Om csrs. Without houses there you go pasty. Turn around.

Oh here s a gun get him. But box box get out that s been done yeah. He s all righty. I m gonna give you like 5 or 10 more minutes and then you did i m a downgrade till.

4. And then took my legs off it s a bit opaque raj. Still going on i m google. There good to see what s up yeah.

I m 10 23. Oh. My god yeah..


I definitely think is a swat training. I shouldn t be doing a bank robber just foreigner the full coverage that they can do up because i really can t you can take action on that by the way did i explaining what s going on so uh. I m just gonna go in and see what s up officer down. I got a hit ceo.

I know what car can drive. I m gonna drive that 1969. I not yeah a 1969 dodge challenger. I m lost how are you lost yeah well that s not too much that s gonna win it yeah.

I m looking i m looking it slowly. But surely. Though yeah i know the easy. He s ready to get through the bank.

Oh okay. I ma drive this car. I ns this call is actually the sexiest car. I ve ever seen on my head over there code three.

I like the well on this thing. It s awesome well i m always there keep feeding me doesn t buffy huh. She can just tp to me why no reason that s a burpee wait what happened that s a burpee. What happened gtp to me mentor recession who chicken.

The head developer oh. No he killed you know what s it for you he keeps seeping or you know rochas adam. What s funny. I mean developers hits developers should just stop getting freaky happen you know what i mean.

But you want to know my smarts like the climbing experience. Oh. Where s your. Seven deployed least 50.

Times. Oh. Baby likey. Maya and we win.

It. And i won every single time. I didn t know manno was here oh shots wait wait yourself of course..


I don t have an mp5 because i didn t tell guys on my inventory. Mp5 give me give me give me give me that works that was northern your official rifle huh you re sure northern key you keeping me inside. I don t hurt no probably not he is he s doing this for certainty move out the way dunno. But wait you know i got mariners.

Now right psp. You they actually look pretty seeing almost what s going on here psp training. I mean i was watching i m just gonna they get placed father then you want to by the way they get face like fall off all shots. Oh behind you behind you it s gonna be a light blue it s a light blue dodge charger.

I saw in the corner he was heading towards paint. I saw in a corner of my eye yeah i am deployed crt. I m not using the vehicle that i m using a dodge challenger a psp barrier removal. It s a it s a white crap it s a white dodge charger white male do you what oh ask somebody there somebody there history no at least not walk and wrestle ah b1.

He s down he s done the challenger hard to start up after you uh. Oh ceo team oh my i m gonna 22 that i m turning around or not i m gonna spawn in the vehicle actually this one has ram and all but not cool oh is oh actually i m gonna spawn in the slit talk. He is pee outside crispy outside what you want this outside whoo swat whoa. Where are you searching over them actually yeah are you i m coming.

It s enforced laws. I hear shots. What the oh that s it. What the supress.

Yeah. Oh. Thank. You is that this one no that s uh.

This is a captain plus car. I ve no eyes if you re looking huh fujin on the bus you get mod. If you department head plus you ll see you get mod only through kernel plus rate department head puss yep he s down suck it no only department heads get mod you me the leader of mc. Everybody who leads a department gets one.

I m not getting the e assumable division in order to never question can you blow. My favor. What s up and they re doing nothing about it all right i see russell she s getting arrested. Yeah.

I would say they re not resting her. You or us. With she told..


Everybody be you jim. I just got killed for trying to arrest someone alright alright. I m. Jason killed.

Me oh it was uh thin yeah swat just killed me for trying to breast jim about that burpee the one with the serious. I ll rest. If i ask them yeah. And thank you it s using fi h.

One of them. If i have to yeah. You shouldn t actually you should wait that s jim doing off you d crime rate. I don t know who it is no gemma killed.

You who gemma killed even right yeah. Did i told you there or that you have the right key you have the right shape or the other right said time when you re here you know that right why can you spot a compass. One of us officer. What snowed.

Yeah. That s rogue activity great that s going rogue. It s one operating ass. One operating isn t allowed to fucking kill someone for that you just killed a trooper by the way.

I can t know these people right here that told. Me shit. Unless you know right here isn t want to tell me. But your he was on the street.

You know how to do wrote that stupid of people think that just because they re swat they can do whatever how they want it s like in my defense. What doesn t have any jurisdiction over psp. Even though they down. Yeah.

I ve no right to show make it they have no right to make any officer onerous them and only only a supervisor can do that don t correct literate. What only a supervisor can make a trooper really someone ah if somebody committed a crime. Nobody can t tell you ” ..


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