Rocky Fielding vs Canelo Alvarez Full Fight HD

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“Time against the hero and sensation from mexico and south canelo alvarez victories over mosley mosley trout laura kaat oak on chavez jr even triple g. He s a huge to add another world title and another weight to his name the big height advantage for fielding will it be 1 or 1. Alvarez. His speed and class just make him an easier target.

There s the body shop and again from alvarez early on and a left hook to the body no feeling out process from the mexican. No hockey field in fairness who come out took the set of the ring tried to get he s jab going toward the fat. I ll raise up i don t know he s back him up or just alvarez s elect me to back off. And have a look already ridden around the ribs.

Rocky fielding does come back with a combination good defense from alvarez or the wabash up. Lovely body shot whipping these in early yep that was a great body shop from canelo cup behind the elbow backing fielding up on the ropes and prepared to take the fight right to the brit not in any way daunted by the size or the weight its alvarez and back comes fielding yeah. This is good but rocky. Though answering him back any you know canelo s landing.

Some big shots there but rocky field in fairness to him comes pouring back. And just about gets to his feet. A mini left in the round. Adam.

He was blown away by callen smith in a round in liverpool could it all happen again. He s going to bite down on that gum shield and try and survive. But alvarez the predatory finishes another body shot the tactics or the herb is wide adam from alvarez. He needs to get close here insoluble left hand as well to the head this time at the moment.

It s all far too much for poor rocky building. Yeah. I think he needs to close the distance try and hold him survive the moment get through these last 30 seconds. Get batch to the corner at the head clear choice.


The uppercut he s getting those clubs in sight fielding can he make it back to the corner and back to the safety of jamie moore. Yeah. I think he s going to make it through the round 10 8. Round to canelo.

But fielding survives. Just you re holding. Eat. Lobster chango s for me out.

Yeah. Canelo just lifted him up with the right uppercut. They ve got banned that gap behind the owlman sunken in absolute sickening wearing that flow in aberrant rib area to top the wind out of rocky s mouth. And he did probably did the right thing by taking the knee trying to get his breath back just see me.

And he lifts him off gets ran the hour again it took that well without hurt him. But he sucked it up but in spain. The gap already during the first round. He found that gap around the back of the elbow.

My best are some were saying. There s weight divisions for a reason. But there s also levels in this game. Absolutely out of and canelo alvarez.

There aren t too many that around that level is in the very elite of elite fighters in the world today gotta be in everyone s top five pound for pound and he s the number one superstar in boxing. The white trunks of rocky fielding with his children s names on the front and back and they already mexico. Sal canelo alvarez. Still just twenty eighty seems like he s been around for years thumping in the body shop building trying to come back with uppercuts of his own.


He can bang. But can he do anything and with someone like canelo right hand to the body. He s gay. He s a good shot from lucky there throw the rocks a little bit.

I was gonna say he s finding a little too easy to get close to rocky. He s just walking forward and getting close to him iraqis not faint anything that hit him as he comes well it s not funny shut its the long body isn t it that he s flaming fielding digging in trying to get his own uppercuts back. There s another left hook to the body just has to backtrack fielding towards his home corner. Then this is brave.

He s throwing the leather back at alvarez yeah. Open it up with quick flurries get through with some upper cuts from alvarez back comes fielding. It s exciting isn t it yeah. Very excited field and answering back with quick flurries during for uppercuts.

They re finishing on the hook upstairs. Oh fuck up from alvarez back comes fielding and they really are throwing hard punches in there early. But the iraqis realized there s no point trying to move around a ring here in our box. And he probably feels more comfortable standing toe to toe even though he s coming off second best.

He s landing his own trucks as well. He is having success this is could work with rocky. He s done much better. But there s the uppercut that almost lifts him rocky fielding.

What a journeys had fielding the prizefighter winner and how he s come back from that callen smith defeat and rebuilt his career is over buddy shallow body shot and down he goes 20 seconds left in the second now the body shook son during filming. He s just about alright. He says he s okay. But he knows he s in a whirlwind of trouble here he knows the difference.


He knows he s never fit in with anyone at this level or anywhere near it before. But he s he s doing okay apart company s losing tonight. I wanna say he s doing okay. He s being competitive he s coming back he s landing shari.

But then you know canelo just pause the slide shout out the language from jamie trying to give him encouragement says he s blowing. But you know he s brave. Very brave fielding and he s giving it a go back. And he s having some success out of when he s throwing those double or triple uppercuts at the middle he s landing.

He s scoring punches. But it s just the quality that s the difference you know we can hello lance you can see the effect. He s a craftsman. You know he s shared a ring.

But gennady golovkin twice. He s absolutely who is poor absolutely everyone are we 0. Only floyd mayweather to beat him at stunning win over james kirkland in 3. As well this is the third here wb8 regular super middleweight title.

Don t ask us to explain all the the different massification to the wba mccallum smith holds the belt the super champion rocky fielding still in this but down twice with body shots and alvarez looking for another can he survive fielding. I mean this batoon that downs. But he was okay he went banning was what momentarily winded that he took it needs. These body should days of good shots beginning to really leave his fight back that s a quattro hook for canelo tremendously exciting and he s going if he goes down.

He s going in a place of glory rocky building. He s trying ever so hard. But alvarez will be out in quality and these body shots are just coming in time and again. It s just our lincoln states than this adam that s the thing huge credit to jamie moore and rocky feelings team to get him in this condition over the last 12 weeks because nothing if he wasn t he d be out of there by now without a doubt and i m not just a physical condition he s fitness.


But his mental preparation they ve instilled an inner belief in him you know cuz. He s still firing back. He s coming off second best the quality works all coming from canal with a great spirited effort from fielding. It s really spirited blood from the nose as well.

But still he chuck s a right hand back at alvarez. This is his only opportunity at madison square garden. He had a photo outside here after the callum smith defeat and now he s living this dream. And whatever happens.

Now he will go back with his head held high well. He s come. And he s had a real go here we go to dover massive shot this time to the head building. Looks at jamie.

More is he going to be able to make it brave again. But down in every round and how much is that i don t think he s going to survive long. I think another nut that know what the rep. The refs gonna wait this fight over body shot he almost goes down and felt a stunning devastating victory to add to the pile as he becomes the wba regular super middleweight champion at free weights.

Now panty arrives in a new division with new challenges and although rocky for huge asks for fielding even to compete. And i think people look at it and say he s been blown away knock down several times in three rounds. But he tried his best and he showed so much heart and guts to do what he could in there. And i think for that we can take our hat off to rocky absolutely take your hat off to me went in there and gave his absolute best what ” .


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