Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 – USB Real Use Support

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“Linux fans rob here and hope everybody s week is kicking off great so in in a previous video i mentioned my upgrade to the samsung galaxy s 9 plus the phone and you know but in that video i mentioned i m not going to do a full on review of the phone and the reason is because there are so many excellent reviews on the phone already that do it justice needless to say i m loving the phone. But i did say in that video. If i discovered something that i thought was really cool you know in the each side of things geek at heart here. And i know many of you are that i wanted to share that with you some anything that i found interesting and that not everyone s talking about and almost overlooked it so i was going back through the box.

And i found this usb see two full size usb adapter or dongle and so i m like ok. What am. I supposed to use this for and and so did a little research. And there s a couple of use case scenarios found a couple of youtubers.

Who are using this accessory this comes with the s8 as well as the s9 and the plus variants as well of course. So i want to talk about two real world for me anyway real world use case scenarios. I m kind of a road warrior in what i do for work i visit with various customers. I m traveling from business to business and so the first use case scenario that i think many of you could use this for is this will interact with a full size usb flash drive.

So imagine you re meeting with a client or something. Like that and they re like hey. I ve got this info for you you know and you can copy that right over to your phones. So we re going to go through that process and i ll get into some of the details about you know kind of what you have to have set up a specific way to make that work.

But it works and it works great the other thing. Which is probably not going to be for everybody..

But this will work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. So i want to talk about that. And we re going to take a look at what that looks like within the email app. All right so stay tuned.

So first thing we re going to illustrate here is using the phone as a usb receiver. So i m going to go ahead and plug in the usb. Flash drive here now. I ve only tried this using the fat32 format.

It may work with ntfs or you know fat16 or ext4. I just don t know yet. I did watch a video where someone mentioned that it needed to be fat32. So i just went ahead and formatted.

A drive for that let me flip this okay. I ve got the cover over here. This has got the cover on it so we re going to go ahead. And just plug this in and we re going to get a pop up take long and this pop up here shows that it s kingston usb drive.

And we ll go ahead and just open that up and there you see it as usb storage. One and from there we can copy and paste..

Let s go ahead and zoom in a little bit. So that you can see that and from usb. One. We couldn t copy and paste from internal storage or the sd card.

So again. I think. This is a very good real world use case scenario you know in a flash pun intended. But in a flash you could copy files from someone s flash drive right over to your phone not have to mess around with you know syncing up in the cloud and syncing back down or maybe you ve got to run back out to the car.

And get your laptop and turn it on specifically to copy over some files just treat your galaxy series phone. S8 or s9 as a computer. It s a small computer ok next up. We re going to take a look at the wireless mouse and keyboard support with the samsung galaxy.

So you re simply going to take your logitech receiver and i know many of you out there have had at some point. A cheap logitech mouse and keyboard you know you watch these things on sale. And you can probably get get them for around 20 bucks. These days so you re simply going to plug that into your usb adapter and then plug that into the phone and then within just a second you re gonna have mouth support.

As well as keyboard support. Now..

I know what many of you are thinking you re never gonna do this why would you use this if you ve got you know full on mouse and keyboard at your office. Obviously let me go ahead. And see. If i can get that into focus some there obviously wouldn t you wouldn t do all your email this way.

But what i see this being a real world scenario is if you re on the road. So maybe you travel you ve got a route maybe you travel from customer to customer you know you re a road warrior. And you get emails coming in all day. Long well.

Maybe you ll want to take the time to break out your laptop. And you know tether to your laptop to type out this lengthy email. If you ve got this keyboard thrown in your car. And you ve got your adapter bam within a matter of seconds.

You could plug this thing in and you could type out a link the email so i m just gonna i m not a fast typer. But i m just gonna this is fast and fluid. And it is i ve typed out just random sentences messed up there with the capital h. But that s okay you get the point typed out multiple sentences.

It s i mean it keeps up with me and again i m not fast. But if you are i don t think you re gonna have any problems now you can also do this with a bluetooth keyboard you know that could be hit or miss i ve got a bluetooth keyboard sometimes the thing lags so sometimes it ll move along fine and then all of a sudden you ll get a stutter with this it s just fast fluid like it was kind of designed to work with it so and again you know this is not for everyone..

This is for someone who s on the road. You travel a lot whatever maybe you re in your car all day long or you re your delivery vehicle all day long i love it so what i do now you know if i get an email that requires a lengthy reply. I don t want to type it out you know on this software keyboard. That s absolutely painful so what i do is i set a reminder and then i find myself you know.

Six seven o clock in the evening. Replying to these lengthy related emails. You know in the afternoon. Well.

Now i could at lunch or you know if i need to just pull over and quickly type this thing out without fumbling around on the software keyboard. We re golden. So okay not everyone again not everyone s gonna use it but if you re the one person who sees this and says. That s what i need to help me get through my day.

Better than awesome then this video is for you so i think it s super cool yes. It s geeky. But it s super cool so thanks for watching and we will ” ..


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