Scosche Magic Mount Pro Review

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“Everyone welcome to general check today. We re gonna talk about scorchy magic mount process process term with the qi. Wireless. Charger.

5999 list price sounds too expensive 4995 at is. Okay but 3999. At costco sounds like a good deal package includes a car charger magic mountain s pro itself windshield mount and three different metal plates first one is when you use your phone itself. Second one is for iphones and other phones.

That would fit and case..

Friendly. So you can put case on top of it third. One is for galaxy. Where they have camera in the center.

So this is how it looks inside of my car installed as a comparison. Let me show you the scotia magnetic mount without the charger. That i used to have so it s bigger because of the qi charger. So i cannot see the clock on my car.

But my phone will still tell me what time it is as you can see i am using cd rom mount which does not come with this charger..

It came with this old school mount that i m holding in my hand. That has no charger functionality also this plastic nut that i m unscrewing right. Now ii. It s the one that i originally have with old magic mount.

But the magic mountain pro comes with bigger not but bigger is not necessarily better in this particular case. Because i m using the cd mount from old charger. Therefore it fits better with the old nut before buying this i was getting other wireless chargers that does not have magnetic functionality but just have wireless charging capability. But why did i decide to return all those and went back to school qi magic mountain series.

Even though it s more expensive..

I got three words for you one handed operation. It s really convenient. Where you don t have to press any button to release and some of those have motorized arm that opens it wide when you put your hands closer and closes. It when you put your phone down.

They look cool. But they re still a little a half second or one second or even a little bit more than one second but with the magnet. It s instant you don t have to wait for anything so i think if you go with the quality magnet. Mount once you can never go back to anything else.

It s worthwhile to mention that it comes with cable holder..

Two of them one on the top. I put one on the bottom and the magic mountain s pro comes with the car charger that has only one usb port i am using my anchor 48. What four usb ports charger. That works perfectly fine that s it for today if you have any question.

Please leave it down below and i ll talk ” ..

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