SHADOW OF WAR: Desolation of Mordor Walkthrough PART 1 (PS4 Pro) No Commentary Gameplay @ 1080p HD

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“Doesn t seem like a place you find good men. We re not looking for for good men. We re looking for mercenaries. We have no hope of taking the without them if we make it far enough to harlem with those things out there this keep calm anywhere that isn t said that i was hoping.

It wasn t a corpse. I was dragging home baby will die my man. What happened. I m sorry they once as lucky as you thank you for saving me.

Oh don t thank me like this and that little darwin s a bit twitchy. But she should get you up to my camp. No trouble. I ve got a new one for myself worked out all the hitches bitches whatever vice met me claim if you don t like ice don t look down and if you don t like dwarf asses.

Don t look up this device you built it you don t need to flatter me lad. I already snatched you from the nasties. Know what you got there s n men rean. Most of their contrivance is scattered around from way back.


Very useful trick is grabbing it without the world s grabbing. You i found a few promising sights got a my sketch days you bring one give a back to me. I ll take you until it does what it used to or does something anyway. There youtube.

Feel casteth big shirin see center more than fair not the most convenient spot. You re moving in furniture on the plus side worms don t like heights. So what are you doing so far from gondor looking for the vanishing sons. They re a mercenary company yes.

I hired a few of them to look for n men rean beds now i owe their leader a few mercies. I ve got just the thing to get you to where they are just don t tell them what i am. What do i do just run off the edge of the cliff run off the edge of the cliff. And here these are the places to poke around for more n men.

Rean goodies go on then i use this thing myself not a bump or a scratch c. Money. Nothing challenge. No whatever you do do it now you make it and we get word out you re certain not think about it is all alright this this is right getting the hang of it i thought it was hard to get blood out of leather.


But orc blood. Oh. It s even worse might as well just dip. The entire thing in the rook blood.

So that it s all one color actually that s not a bad idea my name is baron or i am second captain. The gan durian guarded me recife mena. See if they lets fallen some time ago. I remain i am seeking soldiers.

Most difficult to be a captain without them lucky for you i ve got the finest warriors in all of middle of do you carry coin of any kind. Some some you re going to need a lot more than some what are your plans for the rate. I ll submit our plan is weary take me in as ethan. I m planning to take syndrome.

The fortress no no no that sounds like the work for heroes well. I can offer you a mercenaries look. Why don t you come back. When you have some more money or sense.


What art. How do you know that name you haven t changed. I remember a boy of seven small place ai. N t so you had a lot to prove one day he decided that he was going to explore the caves of one bar.

But he got himself into a little trouble lucky for him. He had a brother beautiful courageous. Older brother who was sent to look for him and by the time that children reached him. He was moments away from being devoured by kara gore s karag z.

July. No no no little brother. I i am so gonna circle the unkillable circle. The insufferable circle a survivor.

But i stood there some scars from my former life. How did you come to be here. Among these easterling s same ol story. A village is raided homes eluted mothers and fathers are slaughtered screaming tears orcs mercenaries.


How is it i should be thankful. Though of course a not every boy gets the chance to be raised among such a very band of killers and fees. But you lead them the only until i got a knife in my back. And believe me that is how all leaders end up.

But enough history blood only goes so far you and i if we have business to transact if i m going to take that fortress. I d better start with something smaller let s see about those outposts. But getting it from him would be a hassle next or thigh meat is going to regret with those fantasies. Someone s children.

I ll soon. See how these outpost captain s stack up against the bbc phipps go next one of you that touches my drug he s gonna be fed to the worms fate fast. We shall post if you take it and that s a big if we just gotta take it back educate out thank you well vanessa put me down touch and go for a bit there to win is a ” ..


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