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” s up guys so i m currently in the parking lot of target and i i am gonna try on some clothes. Now i have to go into target to other things that i kind of need but i think i m gonna stop in target and i m going to try on some of the outfits that they ve got some new things and you guys can be the judge of what you think that i should go back and get or whatever so i m gonna try some stuff on see how it looks and then okay so despite me having a bunch of denim scouts already i decided to pick out a denim skirt because it was only ten dollars on sale. But i thought oh my gosh yes. I need this in my life.

So i tried it on and honestly i was not that impressed i think it s because i m sure like i think that it s meant to just come up to you like right above your knee. But because i m so small it goes below my knee and i just feel super weird and awkward. I don t know it just did not suit me. And i felt like i couldn t tell if it was like it meant to be high waisted.

It was meant to sit on my hips or what i don t know but i tried it on i thought it was cute on the hanger. But it was not cute on my body next so these trousers. I thought was super cute when i saw them on the hangar as well and when i put them on they were really really comfortable like i can t even lie that was so comfortable. But it did stick to my lower belly anna.

I just thought that that was not appealing and that just looked really weird and really awkward. And yeah. It s just not cute so we moved on to the next outfit okay so these pants..


I absolutely loved in fact i love them so much i was so tempted to get them in every color. I tried them on in green and although i loved them i thought to myself okay. I m on a weight loss journey. Should i buy these that are kind of big right now why invest and to get the small one or shall i buy the big one and then it just ends up being way too big.

So that was my dilemma. I m not sure if i i didn t end up buying them. But if you guys think that i should go back and get them then comment down below and i will definitely go back and get them because i had them in this color and they also had them in black. Which is what i m wearing in the next one it was just the black version of it with this really really cute guiness crops t shirt and i thought this t shirt was kind of cute but i didn t love it enough to buy it like when i tried it on it didn t look as cute as i thought it was gonna look so i don t know i picked out all these things that i thought were really nice and then i just tried them on and that doesn t hop so and then the last one was a romper that i was just like what the hell.

I obviously didn t buy this. And it s extremely unflattering as you can see so yeah okay so out of everything that i tried on literally. Nothing. Oh okay so out of everything that i tried on there was nothing that i thought was really cute or cute enough for me to actually want to buy so i didn t end up getting any of the stuff well which kind of sucks because i was hoping to find a new outfit this week.

But you went some you lose some get some you don t true to myself to the pink drink. I mean. It s okay to have cheat days here..


And there so kay to eat things that you re not supposed to eat now and then. But i don t know i very rarely get starbucks and i thought that it was fitting for me to get some starbucks. Oh. Now i m gonna go home okay.

So there is a show on netflix and i literally just started watching and i m on episode two i think and it s called the protector now when i read the info about it i was like all this sounds like a really cool show then i turn it on and it s english dubbed god netflix has like the worst reputation when it comes to picking actors and actresses to voice over like foreign shows like they re literally the worst. So when it came on none of the voices matched the people like the least they could do is find voices that look like it might fit the actor. Whether the guy is a good actor or not like at least make it so that the voice looks like it matches with the person. So the show is kind of like supernatural based.

I guess so anyway. The show was dubbed and the guy who is the main character does not match like his voice doesn t seem deep enough to match the body. But i don t know that s just me like the last one i watched was always a witch that was really really good and that was depth. But the i would say only like two people s voices actually matched their bodies.

But whatever okay so i am back home now and i wanted to show you guys. Some new stuff that i picked up some tech accessories. So i currently have a macbook ah..


It s already chipped. I ve had it for like a month and just putting it in and out of my bag like constantly. It s just been breaking chipping. Luckily the macbook is still in perfect condition.

But the case not so much now the case was about 20 off amazon. And yeah. It s just not a very good quality case. So i decided to order a new one and i also ordered some a new case for my phone as well so let s open the amazon package up and see what it looks like on the macbook.

So first. I ordered a new case for my phone. Oh my gosh. This is really good quality.

This is like apple quality. Oh. My goodness oh my god i cannot open this i don t have a shot pot in my nail to open this this actually looks pretty dope..


I m not gonna lie oh. There you go guys now you can see it s so pretty it s so pretty okay so that is all for today guys. I was gonna do i was gonna show you guys all the stuff they re got from forever 21 last week. But i m actually not gonna show it so you guys i ll do that on tuesday because i didn t post on tuesday well last week tuesday.

But i didn t post because i just needed like a day break. I had a lot going on that day like with work and stuff and i just was so exhausted. I was like i m shouldn t give myself a break because i ve been posting consistently every saturday every tuesday since january and i just needed one day to kind of like refresh myself so i had it and then we re gonna post this weekend. We re gonna post on tuesday back in the swing of things my face is so oily it s so hot in here right now.

It s ridiculous. If you guys like this video. Please go ahead and give it a big thumbs up subscribe. If you ve just found a fine mess.

And i ll see you guys in the next video coming up real soon thanks for watching. ” ..

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