Shroud finds Solid Snake! – PUBG FUNNY MOMENTS AND FAILS EP#1

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“Do with vehicle exports shit. Where the fuck. But your burger don t like it it cold. And we ll all survive.

If you don t kill us right. Now how do you drive in real life. This is how you drive no i don t you have a life. There is xx that we kind of won that this is where i die probably my child.

Oh okay okay sulley. I understand now it all makes it all makes sense well oh shit earthquake dudes. I will uh. I would be actually oh gosh shrek shrek judgment.

Oh god i knew i saw..

My buddy. Oh. My god all they re down. Here.

Oh. They re down below wieszczyk. In between us this building in between both of us. Okay.

Oh yeah. I see em running towards my building. There. You go or isn t that shack over there go crawl.

You say my tv does not even got all this shit..

Nice dude. Nice me too actually i don t know maybe why d he take all over red dot cuz when you look in the sky. You can see i died uh really shouldn t go through that doorway dude. He might blast you 120.

No they went they went through both the person left in the red door okay so i got shot from another angle right here on me. I did not see that guy holy shit. Just jim right and that s how we fuckin play they do your you wanna eat. The poopoo.

Oh yeah. A fire. Oh you re eating the poopoo. Yeah.

I might be a little more difficult..

I liked what you said about my friend. He is useless indeed. Oh thank you for the donation smith. What the dude.

My heart. What do you do it wait. What are you doing dude can i be a friend you re giving me a heart attack bed what i sneak frickin bae laughter jesus christ car excellents donated to know they talk they re just flapping his gums about you oh my god they re covered. You killed zulu.

I think we should get out here let s get out of here with a fuck. What the fuck just happened i m solo. I don t know i m getting out of here. Oh my god they re covered.

You killed zulu..

I think we should get out here let s get out of here. The heck. I don t know where he is oh no okay. Yeah.

What is it look. What is it the car with four people. I don t have the app overlay. ” .


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