Sims 4: How To Download Skin CC Tutorial

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“Guys. It is a hobson s and today. I m going to be showing you you how to download simple custom content skin for your game. And how to use and where to find it in game.

So you can just find a website. Where you can get skin for the sims. 4. I ve pretty much downloaded all the skin that is that exists.

But i m sure you can still find some so you can look all just that sensible skin on tumblr for example..

They ve got a lot of good scales. And it so then you scroll down feel skinny like ass you think that s really cool gonna see that bellator. I like that tragedy. Though okay.

So you ve got some skins walk sample like this one which has a makeup on it already so um you have skins like that and you will also find skins like this which is also a beautiful skin. You can get a skin like this what you really like so just down load. It as usual in retail. So i can go back to the skin of the pages.

Okay and then you download it so no matter where you download it from it will always be a mod file because that s currently what that is so you go to documents electronic arts and then go to sims 4..

And it mods and then you can just save it in there because it s wedding package. I have adblock so you may have as popping up in here so yeah so once you ve downloaded all the skins that you want i so once you ve done load this skin. Just go to your game. Ok.

Here. You can find all of your custom content mark. So. If you just check.

The box..

Here that says. Shallot startup. And then um go to you create a new household and create some so if we use all those one of my basin. So if you go and click on their face and you click on face you click skin details and you can choose from different skin.

So this is a skin that i ve what i ve used so when you take it off you can see that her skin changes slightly. So you have all of these cool skin details. I ll put some i do a video on my custom content findings. If you d like so you have all sorts of different skins pretty cool and in skin details you can also find little modifications kind of like this ones for the buddha.

So you can change that and yes you have all sorts of cool skin like things you can find here..

And it s really fun to play around with you can add a bit more detail that is like acne. He s got like dimples yeah. So basically that s where you can find skin. So hopefully.

This tutorial was a bit useful so thank you guys for watching. And i ll see you guys later right. ” ..


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