[Solved Chrome Keeps Freezing – 3 New Fixes

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“And welcome back guys to another video brought to you by my productions. I m m mohammed and today. I ll be talking about a little issue that i ve going across in google chrome. Which is as every time i open up a new tab or if i m opening a new window or an uber loading a new page.

It always freezes and it lags while i m scrolling down on facebook for example and you know all this lagging issues really started to annoy me so what i m gonna show you is a few methods of solving this problem first of all the first method is to go into your settings click on show advanced settings scroll. All the way down and under system you ll see use hardware acceleration. Now what we can do is we can go ahead and unselect this and restart our browser and this will now not be relied on you know reliant on hardware acceleration. Which should improve your you know loading speed up new pages and stuff like that now this didn t do it for me.

When i tried it and you know it really annoyed me because this is actually the most popular solution on the internet. So what i had to do was to try and find a different solution..

I tried you know changing the video codec that chrome was using to load videos. But i still didn t do it so this is the solution that i found which is if you go on google and download chrome beta and when you go ahead and install this it actually fixes your problem you know. Which is really really weird because you know you don t really expect beta to fix the problem. But this is actually what did it for me so when i installed the chrome beta.

It fixed any lagging issues and the funny thing was after uninstalling chrome and reinstalling the normal version. It just got rid of the problem. So you know even though i went back to the normal version from beta. I still didn t have the problem so if you can see if you can see now that i m actually running the normal version.

And you know we ll go ahead and check once this installation is complete there we go now if we go ahead and close chrome and we reopen. It now this is the beta version and what we re going to do is we re just going to go into help about and now this is the beta..

So you can see the only problem with bata usually is you know it does have issues every now and then because it s still in testing. But it s one way of getting around it now the other solution if for any reason bata doesn t work for you try the google canary. I think it s called the app. Google canary and this is also another one this is mainly for developers.

But i have a feeling that if it beta. Doesn t work for you canary might be the second option. So try beta first a beta doesn t work then try canary. Now.

What you can do is you know. After you install canary or beta..

And you can maybe try and go on youtube. And if the page is loading perfectly for you that means that you re good to go so. What you can try and do next is to go into your control panel and uninstall chrome. Let s go ahead and close it uninstall chrome and by doing that what we ll be able to do is reinstall.

The normal version and then check if the problem still persists you know because you might just be able to get around the issue by doing that because i did manage to so you should be able to do as well now. I do agree. This is more of a temporary solution so it might not work in the future. But disabling or unchecking your hardware acceleration is one of the other ways to get around it so let s go ahead download the normal version again download.

So that s going to go ahead and redownload the normal version. I m just gonna wait for this to install there we go so now that this is done..

I should be able to just go in youtube again. I m running the normal version the normal 48 version 48. And you know i still have no lag. When i m not scrolling down on pages or you know if i go onto facebook which potion alright guys don t go to subscribe and like and i ll see you guys.

” ..

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