Sony Ericsson W300i Unlocked GSM Phone

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“Is the new sony ericsson w. 300. I and this is your stereo your music music player your photo gallery and your video gallery not to mention. It s a sleek and sexy phone.

This is the new unlocked gsm quad band photo walkman phone from sony ericsson and it s called the ee 300. I okay so the w 300. I from sony ericsson is a quad band unlocked gsm phone. So what does that mean in english that means you can use this baby anywhere in the world staple for playing in africa.

Southeast asia. South america. Does not matter you can use the phone. There all you need is a sim card so if you re mighty into your singer customer or t mobile customer you can pull that sim card out of your own phone stick it into the w 300.

I from sony ericsson and you re good to go now remember even if you re with sprint. If you with nextel or if you were to rison you can just go to a t mobile at t or singular you have to break your contract just pick up a pay as you go prepaid sim card for 10 bucks and you re on your way to using the w. 300..


I know it is a great great little fun over here. Obviously the big thing is about music. It s the walkman brand. We all know sony is a huge name and obviously back in the day.

They had the walkman bread and they sold billions of these and now they re bringing it back so. There you have the walkman bread. This is all about music let me show you how easy it is i m gonna play some tunes for you let me just go ahead and hit that button right over there brings up the little interface over there and whatever music uploaded onto here and again remember they use the sony memory stick micro. Which gives you up to one gigabytes of music.

You can load onto this phone over here or this walkman phone rather and if want to play some music. I m gonna go ahead and hit that button right there. And it brings up your song right away. So don t judge.

The audio quality of this. Obviously have your headsets going on there. Which gives you great audio quality..


I m gonna go ahead and stop that that s the devil s music. Which is why i played it so here s how simple it is to get your music onto your w 300. I first of all get yourself a usb cable. Which by the way comes in the box okay pop that into your pc.

It comes with great very easy to use software. And you literally just drag and drop the music you want it s that simple so you build your own playlist that could various play modes you can put it on shuffle. You can put it on random and just forget about and have it playing there okay now last. But not least.

It also has a stereo fm radio so you get to listen to all your favorite fm radio stations. On this baby and it also has what is called rds which is radio data support. Which means not only do you get your favorite radio stations. You go ahead and get very important information like traffic updates as well okay.

Obviously you have a photo camera. Hence. The name photo walkman phone..


Very cool. It actually has a four times digital zooms. If you want to get closer you have the ability to zoom in but let me show you what you can do with this baby. I m gonna go ahead and take a photograph and it s very simple i just hit that button right over there brings up the camera.

I m gonna do a little very artistic self portrait. Right now there we go hopefully. There wasn t too much camera shake on that and now you have various options that you can actually do with the spotter you can don t just have it stuck on your actual phone you can send it by email because you have web access on here. You can go ahead and send it by bluetooth.

Which is what i m gonna do right now. So here s what i m gonna do now i ve open up my main menu. I go ahead and scroll down to my files get into my file manager. There s my pictures.

I select that opens up my pictures opens up another folder with all my pictures. Inside here s some very experimental photography that i did a few moments ago. I m gonna go ahead and select the one i just took for you and i m gonna say i want to send that to somebody and you have various options either by email by a bluetooth by infrared as picture message..


I m gonna go ahead and select it via bluetooth okay. So there it is now it says to me what bluetooth devices are available in the area. I m going to select the appropriate. One which is that maybe right over there okay now i ve sent the photograph via bluetooth to my good.

Friend lonnie s phone over here. I m gonna go ahead and open the file the downloaded images. And there it is right over there it really is that simple that s quite a good picture. I might keep that there we go so from this phone to this phone in seconds.

Via bluetooth welcome to it via email of course it s the sony w 300. I didn t give you all your media files in one place you never let have to leave home without it so. If you have any questions go ahead and email me arno at tiger dot tv. That s ar and o at tiger tv.

We ll see you next time ” ..

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