Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order DARTH VADER Entrance Scene Final Boss Ending

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“Got this btw thanks bud get back here as i have i saw what you you ve been through you ve experienced great suffering. It s not too late to it go let go i m stronger now because of the pain. I know you d come back for this no. Thank you you ll never make it out of this place alive cow.

I have the whole crime. I need to do this it s over trilla nothing is ever truly of us fight is over i know the darkness that is eating you up inside me every day. We choose to either feed it or fight. It it s too late sad no it s not i know the choices that i made took all your choices away and i have failed utrila.


I failed you i am so very sorry i ve carried so much hate for you that doesn t look good you have failed me inquisitor. You would be wise to surrender probably submit we gotta run look out let s go i need backup. The kids. Let s get out of here please stay back.

I think we lost him i ll make it seer won t fail you okay do you read me they re not responding. They will reason. I m here heading towards the surface be ready. I have the holocron surrender the holocron.


I ll never give it to you he so soon i bet you take this such hatred. You would have made an excellent inquisitor. She s stronger than that with the dark side. Yeah.

I can feel it inside of her. Yeah seer hey listen to me still have a choice hey hey hey kid. Yeah. Yeah see yeah she s alright she s alright you two you did it oh.


Where are they well they re out there whoa hold on wait a minute sorry. That was you and the water wasn t it i m glad you re okay. This one wouldn t leave your side. Thank.

You hey hey so now what well captain this is the end of my charter your contract has been fulfilled. Thank you greece well if it s all the same to you i was thinking that maybe i would stick around here and take you wherever you gotta go beside. Says kid kinda looks up to me what about that we use it to rebuild the jedi order. The next generation of jedi.


The empire. We after him just right there after us the lines that every child on that list will be forever changed. Not by us their destiny should be trusted to the force. ” .


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