Surface Pro 4 Core m3 Review: Buy or Don t Buy?

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“Youtube. It s andrew back again with another video and today. We have the review review of the surface pro 4 core em edition. It has no fan.

It has kickstand and it has the pen let s find out if it s a buy or a don t buy so as you know i ve been testing. A numerous two in one devices and always comparing them in either. Passing reference or indirect reference to the surface pro line and specifically the surface pro. 4.

Now i ve used the surface pro 4 core i5 and core i7 in the past. I own the core i5 and it had 8 gigabytes of ram 256. Gigabytes of ssd storage. One of the things they didn t like about the surface pro 4 core i5 or the core i7 or the surface pro 3 for that matter is it s noisy fan that it has to cool it down.

Now. I ve always been a big fan of the core m. Because of its fanless design. As well as the step down version obviously of the atom x5 or cherry trail.

Processors. So here we have the surface pro 4 core m. And i ve been trying to compare this to different devices. But i thought now that i have it in in the studio.

Let s give it a whirl. Let s see what s going on rather than doing a traditional unboxing where we go to see what you get in the box. Basically what you get in the box on the surface pro 4 core m. Is the tablet itself the surface pan.

We ll get to that in a moment here is the charger and it has the flip out prongs just like that the output is 15. Volts 16. Amps. So i don t think it needs as powerful a charger.

As the core i5 or the core i7 or even the surface book. So that s one thing. That is a little bit different. This also doesn t have a usb port that the other chargers have i believe the surface book has that and i believe the surface pro 3.

Has that as well having said that the surface pro 4 core. M. Is pretty much exactly the same as the other devices. Fully laminated display beautiful display and you also get the surface pen just like you do on the core i5 and core i7 version and the surface book.

It s the same body. It s that beautiful magnesium alloy that surface line uses including the surface 3. And you get of course. The kickstand that iconic kickstand that goes down as far as that so you get multiple viewing angles.

With it you really are able to do a lot with this device. Now one thing. It doesn t come within the box is this the surface pro 4 type cover..


And this is an improvement over the surface pro 3 types cover in a numerous ways. It has a all glass trackpad. It has better spaced out keys just better overall more sturdiness and when you re viewing it on the typing angle. Which i ll show you in a little bit you get much better less flex as you say then you do on the surface pro 3 keyboard.

Now this keyboard is not included in the package. It s a hundred and twenty nine dollar accessory for the surface pro. 4. Is starts at 899 for this core m.

Version. You get the m3 skylake processor. You get 128 gigabytes ssd. 4.

Gigabytes of ram. This is the entry level surface pro 4. Let s take a look at some of the ports before we get to the keyboard. What you get in this is you have your charging port right over here you have your usb 30.

And we ll get into that a little bit why they tied it to forego a usb type. C to future proof it and rather went with the usb 30. Will we ll take a look at that you ve got your thunderbolt port out you have your on the top of the device your power button your volume rocker up and down. You have a vent all along the top here.

Let me put the pen to the side on the other side you get nothing except your microphone headphone jack and another vent if you lift up the kickstand which we ll talk about in a minute. You also have a micro sd card slot. I have a 128 gigabyte sd card slot. It works.

Very well it s got a camera here windows. Hello camera. And it has a rear facing camera as well this has 128 gigabyte ssd or gigabytes of ram. As we discussed let s see how it looks with the keyboard attached it connects with the magnets.

It s a very strong magnet. The keyboard as we discussed earlier is backlit. It s much improved over the surface pro 3 type cover. It has excellent spaced out keys has good decent key travel.

It s a quieter keyboard. They ve done. Some technology. Where the keyboard is not as loud as a surface pro 3 keyboard.

So if you re in a meeting that is something you might want to keep in mind as far as the trackpad is concerned. It s actually larger than the surface pro 3 trackpad. It s an all glass trackpad and it feels great we re looking at the keyboard here. It has this magnetic bar right over here.

Which allows for a elevated typing angle. You can see it from the side here. And it really does feel more sturdy..


When you re typing over the surface pro 3 keyboard. So that s a big improvement. I think from the generation to generation in terms of the type keyboard. Now recently microsoft just announced a special edition.

Alcantara keyboard. Where it has a matching grey alcantara fabric that they re using for more high end more premium keyboard feel and look and i did not pick one up it s a hundred and fifty nine dollars. So it s a 30 premium over say the black or any of the other colors. Didn t think it was worth it.

But just something i want to point out for aesthetic reasons. People might want it so it might be something to consider another thing. I wanted to point out regarding. The keyboard is inclusion of the volume up down and mute buttons.

They just had the mute button. I believe on the surface pro free keyboard. They brought it back on the surface pro for keyboard. Which is a good touch.

And if you want to do volume brightness up and down you can while hitting the function button you hit the backspace or the delete button now as far as the display is concerned it went from a 12 inch display to a 12 point three inch display. Although they re using the same chassis as the surface pro 3. It does have more screen real estate. It s still the same 3 by 2 aspect ratio so it s like a piece of paper in terms of dimensions in the surface pro 3 had a 2160 by 1440 resolution.

They ve bumped that up to 27 36. By 1824. It went from 216 pixels per inch to ooh 267. Pixels per inch.

So there is an improvement right there they ve reduced the bezels around the screen to accommodate the larger panel. It gets very bright. It s very responsive in terms of touchscreen. Now as far as this hand is concerned the improved pen also has some additional functionality.

Pressing once activates. One note holding it down activates cortana. What s the weather like in new york. I know it s 48 and lightly raining in new york.

So as you can see cortana is working well with the pen and onenote activation works flawlessly good job microsoft on the surface pro for pen. Now another thing they did with the pen is they flattened it on this side again making it easy to put as a magnet stick it to the side of the unit. They made it feel more like a number two pencil and it does have more of a pen to paper feel than its predecessor. So again good job microsoft on this path.

Now. The pen uses is the updated version of the surface pro 3 pen. It uses this obviously the surface pro. 4 pen.

It has a lot of very good pressure sensitivity very improved feel as terms of pen to paper feel. Which is what the pen is really striving for let s take a look with onenote and see how it performs far as drawing a diagonal line across the screen. That s a usually good telltale sign of the responsiveness of the pen so here we go i m going to try to do this my left hand here and there you go pretty smooth..


I can tell you the pen feels very very responsive. It almost has that pen to paper feel. This is not quite as good. But this is about as good as you re going to get other than the apple pencil in my opinion.

One interesting feature that the surface team put into this device is they put a very strong magnet on the side instead of giving us. A loophole that we would stick on and lose. And so forth like they did in the surface pro 3. And you would stick it onto the surface pro 3 type.

Cover this has a very strong magnet. And when i tell you it s strong its strong now would i keep it on there all the time. No i would actually take it off in my bag and put it in some other compartments other pocket. Because i think you probably knock it off when you put it into your bag so i put this separately.

But when it s on his desk. When you re carrying it around within the office within your house. This is really a very handy magnet to stick it to and i tell you it s very sturdy. I think that s a good job microsoft on the inclusion of a very strong magnet on the side.

There. As you can see from the crystal disk mark test. It did a seven sixty nine point three on the read one fifty seven point six on the right on the geek bench test. It did a 2187 on the single core score.

And a forty five seventy seven on the multi core score. As far as sound is concerned take a look and a listen at our latest video. The chew eh i twelve stylist dual boot version and keyboard dock unboxing you hey everybody its andrew back again with another video and as you know i unboxed and review the chewie h. I.

12 a 12 inch tablet with a retina screen tonight. We have its dual boot version it s the chewy. H. I 12.

Stylus it has both windows 10 and android 51. In addition. It also has stylus support. Let s find out what s inside this box.

As you can hear the sound on the surface pro for quorum is excellent. One thing that microsoft did was improved the windows hello from its initial release and they did it some firmware software updates and since then and it s worked much better i used to have a lot of problems when i had my surface book and windows hello was a real problematic. I think it had a lot to do with the software with skylake with the fact that it s windows 10 and the new technology and the camera and so forth so they ve ironed out a lot of the bugs especially with windows hello let me demonstrate windows hello it uses face recognition to log you in rather than using a password or pin. So let s take a look at windows hello in action.

So as you can see here turning on the camera and just like that i m logged in matter of seconds so much improved windows hello wanted to point that out good job microsoft so overall is a surface pro. 4 with the core. Ma by or don t by i m gonna have to say it s a by however there are some caveats first let s talk about what i don t like about the device battery life. I don t like the fact that it only gets 5 to 6 hours at most this thing should get 8 to 10 hours.

We re in 2016. And any device that microsoft releases with a core m processor should get 8 to 10 hours. I don t care what anybody says i understand it as a high resolution display..


I understand size is going to be a limit in terms of how much battery you can put in but 2016. You have to have eight to ten hours all day battery life especially with a mobile device like this so microsoft try to improve the battery life on the next iteration right this thing. Costs. 899.

This is the entry level device. It has four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabyte ssd. Now that doesn t include the 129 dollar. Type cover that you have to buy separately pushing the price to over 1000.

Now when you compare it to something like the chewy h. I. 12. Which i recently unboxed and reviewed that thing comes in under 300 with the keyboard dock and the dual boot version.

As well. So. If you re looking to price to value ratio this surface pro 4 has room to improve. But putting those negatives aside here s what i do like about this device.

I love it s gorgeous. Twelve point three inch display. It has a higher resolution display slightly higher resolution display than the surface pro 3. Its predecessor.

I also like the fact that the core m 3. Did pretty well on the geek bench tests. And the ssd did pretty well on the crystal disk mark test. I like the fact that this is very portable.

Very light and excellent premium build quality. I love the magnesium alloy that they use in terms of construction. Is really solid and very premium feeling good news is the pen is included and the pen works. Very well as far as improved technology pen to paper like feel it did its job.

It s more like a number two pencil with its squared off edge. And i love the fact that you can stick it on the side of the device and store. It there when you re not using it. Although.

I would take it off and put it in a separate pocket in your bag. So it doesn t get knocked off during travel. What do i think of this device. I m going to have to say a definite bye ladies and gentlemen with the caveat that it is about two hundred dollars overpriced in my.

Opinion this should have come in at 699. And should have included the keyboard there s a lot of competition out there nowadays between the samsung galaxy tabpro s the lenovo mix 700 the hp spectre x2 list goes on and on but i do love the screen. And i do like the performance and i love the fact that it doesn t have a fan with its core m design so there are a lot of positives that certainly outweigh the negative so take that for what you will please hit the like button please subscribe please share this video and please let me know of any other device you would like me to compare this to while i still have it but until next time this is andrew from amd tech. See you ” .


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