Tablet PriceBuster!? The Onn 8″ Android Tablet from Walmart Unboxing & Setup. Is it worth $65?

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“Is the on 8 inch tablet brought to you by walmart. They re not a a sponsor. They re not paying me any money. This is actually a birthday present i want to check this thing out so we re gonna unbox it load up some apps on it see how it does coming up on thrifty av alright.

Let s get into this thing. I ll look at this in more detail in a minute. We got the literature model number 16 gigabytes internal storage bluetooth microsd up to 128 gigabytes more charge battery completely before first use so we ll have to do that here in a minute okay we got the 8 inch tablet microusb cable user manual and charger rear camera front camera card slot earphones volume power on off reset speaker microusb present hold the power button for three to four seconds. How to use it then figure that out updates warranty.

That s always looking for one year warranty. We got some plastic to peel woohoo look at that let s plug it in and charge. It up full charging logo shows 80. So it wasn t completely discharged when i got it.

But i ll let it sit here and charge for a little bit till it gets to a hundred percent okay. It s fully charged so let s power it up it s on ok english united states that s good. 5 gigahertz is an option so i m gonna use that it s connecting to the 5 gigahertz checking for update. This may take a few minutes.

I m gonna set this down. Okay..

Now i have a decision to make it says copy apps and data transfer your apps. Photos contacts google account and more and you can choose what content to copy i do have some android apps in my phone so i think i ll go ahead and go through this process and i ve entered my email and now it says enter my password so i m gonna do that it recognized me now there s terms and services. I m going to agree my phone. Just told me that there s been a login on another device.

Oh well at least. They re letting me know now it says choose a backup to restore. I m gonna pick my phone and i can do apps contacts call history device settings. I wanna pick which apps alright you have some pretty typical android stuff calculator calendar camera chrome clock contacts drive duo.

I don t know what that is file fm radio gmail google grocery keep notes. Maps. Photos movies music play store sam s club settings. Sound recorder.

Or vudu hey look. I didn t ask for this one walmart has a walmart app. Well. I guess.

A walmart device should have a walmart app. And they want me to buy a watch alright..

I m getting out of the walmart app preloaded apps. Include walmart walmart grocery sam s club vudu and walmart ebooks bonus 20 included from walmart ebooks. So i might take a look. And see.

If there s 20 worth of e. Books that i want oh and here s the battery. Life 55. Hours of course.

That s an average battery life it depends on how heavily you re using the thing. I want to talk about the screen for a minute. This is not gorilla glass. It comes with a protective coating on the screen.

And you want to leave that protective coating on the screen. So don t peel this off. Now. There s a there s a layer that i peeled off earlier that s fine.

But do not peel this layer off the screen. The next thing..

I want to check is bluetooth. And i want to pair this with a device and turning on this anchor bluetooth speaker alright. The bluetooth speakers worked in just fine with this video that i m playing on the tablet. So it checks out while we re at it i want to go ahead and test.

The headphone jack and see if that works i want to go ahead and turn bluetooth off. I m gonna try a different cord and see if i still get that awful noise. Okay here s a different cord. I m gonna go and plug it in okay.

Now the speaker s working fine with this cord. So it s not the tablet. But i have better cord. So i m gonna just use my better cords.

There s a micro sd card slot that can handle up to 128 gigabyte cards. I don t have a 128 gigabyte micro sd card. So i m gonna plug this 8. Gigabyte microsd card in and see if it works now i m getting a menu item that says sd card tap to set up and it says how will i use this card and i m gonna use it for portable storage.

And it says my sd card is ready to use all right to move files to the sd card you hit settings then you hit storage then you pick what you want to move i m gonna pick photos and videos and hit images that s the local one so i m gonna hit camera highlight this one and this one and when you hit the menu copy to folder and i m gonna hit sd card folder and i m gonna name it vids create grant photo access allow and then it says two items copied so let s look at these videos to see what the video quality of this tablet. Is the camera on this phone is pretty weak both for video and stills let s see what it s like on the other side..

And here s the camera on the screen side also really weak with both photos and video. The screen on this thing. He s going off really quickly and that s the sleep mode so instead of after one minute of activity. I m gonna change it to ten minutes of inactivity so now sleep mode after ten minutes of inactivity.

So that ll be better for me. I don t like it going dead every minute all right the brightness is set to 35 let s see how bright this thing i ll get well that s pretty bright. I like it font size so i m gonna increase the font size a little bit all right so i like my display settings now i feel like i barely scratched the surface on what this on tablet is capable of the screen is bright and clear enough for me the battery life is sufficient. If i run out of internal storage.

I can always add a micro sd card to it so this is going to suit. My needs pretty well not only is a remote for my camera. But also is a device for fun. So if you enjoyed this video or any other in the thrifty av series please like and subscribe thank you to my patrons for supporting this channel and remember stay thrifty everyone.

” ..

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