The Angrysnowboarder Podcast Segment: 2020 Slash and Smokin Snowboards

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” s a company that i m surprised is still in business. Slash slash like i i swear to god that company can t get a fair shake. I know like wait i really do wish all the best food. He and i have like a few of their boards.

I really have liked a few their board. So just i want yet i just feel that they re all either dead or stiff or stiffened dead. I liked the straight. The straight was super good and then before and i forget what they call either call it now or called it.

But the pacsun your that it have a tiger graphic. I thought of a super good. I liked it a lot did that become a tv. No a tvs been inconsistent cuz.

That s giggy s like pro model. More or less. The paxton became so i wanted it become it was because it was their flat. And it the spectrum that s it yeah it went from being the packs into the spectrum.

I went to when it went spectrum and went fuckin stay with shit for some reason. And it was like a slightly softer than mister falling down. Yeah. It is didn t for him.

Maybe just a little bit no it was uh yeah. The catalog is actually fucking atrocious. Yeah. The catalog is it does it so hard.

It s fall oh ma. It s like they doubled every page. Yeah. Yeah.

The digital catalog did not up well upload well and then like half of them i couldn t figure out what the model name was well. I was able to figure that out so the spectrum. Yes. Page ten got totally overhauled.

And it s got camber. A new chassis and carbon underfoot on it yeah so for those of you that are following along you can always just hop over to the catalog and check that oh happy place went to a dark graphic well maybe. It s a depressed happy place maybe. Which is funny because then the first thing.

It says. It s enter euphoria with a skull graphic you know these things happen. But yeah so yeah the spectrum..


It s weird that like the beef. They beefed up the lord i was like yeah. Which that boards are stiff yeah. It s already pretty harley.

But i love that they call it a carbon bond bond lay up it s like carbon bond bond. Lay up of carbon fiber stringers on her foot like how much fucking carbon are you putting into this thing mm hmm yeah. But a bond bond carbon bonds yeah say that five times fast and it s got beach stringers in there from tip to tail to it which beaches harley. That s a aggressive would like that was when the on the yes leg when the greats slash when it was just called the acm was it stiffest was when they had beach rails.

But just behind the sidewalk. I m pretty sure yeah and it was stiff he was aggressive so like i don t understand this board here s the real question. What the fuck ever happened to johnny packs. It s a great question.

Yeah. Yes. So anyways. Then they ve got a new model called the portal.

Which is a powered twin on page 36 and 37 mm hmm. So this thing is unique in itself like you know i was i was looking at this gun just trying to wrap my head around it because it s something new like it s it s it s got that weird like pseudo blunt with the cutout. Yeah in there. And it kind of reminds me of like a smokin or something with that shape.

Which is ironic cuz. We re going to smoke and rafters and it s got back seat camber. Which is gonna be great because when you load that back seat that knows it s gonna elevator. I really want to ride it yeah.

It s two of us. But no one knows who the fuck s distributing. I mean yeah yeah. So i don t know who you didn t talk to you about.

Straight. You know you gotta love. The fact. That the deny.

Decker brothers. Were like you were done. Yeah. Goodbye.

We re gonna go buy every other brand. Where they being made you need you i heard austria. But could be wrong on that maybe they re coming out the kyle factory or something i don t know the ky did as far as my knowledge is concerned no they re not uh from what i ve been told..


Oh no see what told me maybe it was like poland should that be the noble factory. I if you know the this last person get them to contact us yes please let them because i was like to ride their stuff. I ve had some good times on their stuff in the past. I would love to see what they got going on now they aurora was one of the more interesting boards.

I ve been on in a long time because of the way that they designed that it s a cambered dominant. Rocker camber and the way they designed it was they designed it with two camber zones connected by a rocker zone. Instead of a rocker zone between the feet with camber outside the feet. So just the way.

You approach that from a design standpoint. And all the math. And everything just makes it drive totally different in a drives foot. Independent.

And then just with the way that they had it constructed before knight ecker sold them so i don t know if it s the same construction. Anymore of it i don t think that if you re sold him. I think they just said that stopped funding on there maybe. That s what it was i don t know whatever.

It was one night a group released them yeah that was one of the most interesting boards. I d ridden in a long time so i would love to get back on that see if it s still that case cuz. I didn t really get a chance to be on it for long enough to really give a full review or to get a really true idea of what was going on. But it was few laps.

I got on it it was interesting so i bloody. It s alright. There s so many boards on the market that i m like if i have a bad experience across the whole line of my fucking. Do me.

Just with all new ownership. All you everything yeah. Justin i get back on my drill. No none next up.

We have smoked it which the cool story for smoking for 2020. Is they have an officially licensed hosoi hammerhead shape. Which we ve seen other brands to crawl broke in there and christian hosoi is friends with jaso. This was a cool thing to see.

And it s basically a pillow monster. Just with the soi shape to it well. There s the two of them there s no mugen. I soy and iso monsters.

Yeah. I should say that there is two of them i forgot that so you ve got me like you jim. His soy hammer head your parking one hmm and then you ve got your powder free ride one which you know damn thing s been up like what two weeks..


And i ve already had someone be like asking me all sorts of questions. I m like dude. It s fucking literally been out for two weeks. Yeah.

His response was well i know you ride stuff early for people not that early not really but out for two fucking weeks. Yeah like calm your shit dad. I got stuff to do here. Mm hmm on page eleven.

Though the bigwig got a new directional shape to it yep. So that s pretty cool now. If the big thing to note. Was smokin is j.

Is always perfecting his processes to make a sports. Better and in the last few years in my opinion. These have been some of the best boards. He s made and the finishing quality is just skyrocketed.

Yeah and they bought all new equipment. And did all new presses and stuff this year. And was talking about the local rep. And he had worked for honda for years and he was like jay if we could pump out like 300 honda s in a day.

You should be able to pump out like these many snowbirds just fire people if they saw yeah so yeah. But it s cool they uh. They gave it a new park flex pattern and unique mellow swallowtail. So they took what was cool about which you gotta love the fact that you can t even tell.

It s a swallowtail yes. They put black and white photo with a black and white graphic. So i m like well yeah. You can t even see the tail profile literally at all i mean for all i know it could be a dick it balls going on down.

There could be yeah. The one that i found super interesting was the kt22 yeah to a it s like a twin freeride board ish now well it s it s a directional core in a twin shape. And it was more of a no actual board before i didn t it used to be know that it s actually had that shape for a little house. Oh yeah.

So i ve written that a few times. Yeah. The way i read it it made it sound like it was new yeah then you know you got your hooligan hosoi on page. 12 your hosoi pillow monster on page 17.

But regular pillow monster got an overhaul and you can see that on page. 16. Basically what they re doing is going for that unique one of a kind shape..


I m proving to be on sync well. It s got a power folder. You know they gave it directional early rise basically. It s a directional camp rocker.

So when you load the camber. The nose is going to activate and raise up a little bit. So you know it is what it is that was a new board last year. I did not get a chance to ride that and i got an email j.

And get on that i do find it funny that he uses radial side cuts. Yeah like but it doesn t surprise me too much but i really want to ride that his soy pillow monster yeah anything definitely in the regular size i don t want to wear the shorts that you ll grab what you get like it that s it but other than that the graphics look really good this year. Yeah hey dom they look way more refined for a smokin you know it s like jays finally becoming more of an adult. Realizing he s probably gonna sell a lot more boards.

If his graphics are more palatable to the general public. Yeah. I do find the funny thing. That the buck firt graphic is out of smokin on the base.

It s just super funny like i love the story of old buck and his pro model and his quad core cane and i also love that there s a typo on that page buzzing. Oh yeah. It s our coker instead of rocker camber. It s our coker.

But yeah smokin is definitely an underrated brand in my opinion like j. Makes some interesting. I ve written his boards for i like the team line. I think that s really cool how everyone s got their own they actually got their own shit so page eight.

If you go there you can you can see how everyone i m starting to see like my friend fancy has mmm as a pro model like i ve known her it s it s cool to see that he s that lane knack is still getting worn and colin langley s ping wah wah that s french i was on there i ve ridden the show mo before and that was literally one of the softest boards act. It was like it was just like such a weird flex pattern on that yeah so that s kind of hit. But yeah there s the tip shapes too that s the other thing is like his tip shapes have all changed yeah looking. I m like the bucs got like that weird nipple it like it s up to one with a nipple on it right and then the big wig you know.

It s got like more of that like it just adds. Perceived value not having basic rounded tips or basic looking tips. Like when you ve got a little bit. More complicated shapes and stuff like it just looks.

Better it looks better on the wall right so i m stoked on that like and that s just again speaks to their finished quality. They re just able to actually put out that kind of shape. Nowadays and it actually comes out and looks good so yeah all right well let s let s dive into the next one let s take a look at our favorite little ski brand rossignol. ” .


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