The Complete Story of Brendol Hux – The Father of General Hux

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“You ve seen. The force awakens you know all about general armitage hux of the the first order. But you might not know about his father brendol hux. Whose story been fleshed out over multiple books today we ll be talking about his complete story or at least as much of it as we know so far be warned.

There will be spoilers for the recently released book phasma brendol hux was a junior officer in the republic during the clone wars. He continued serving the empire after the defeat of the separatists and his experience working with the clone troopers led to his promotion to commandant of the imperial academy on arkanis. He felt dissatisfied with the performance of imperial stormtroopers..


Preferring the way the clone troopers were trained from youth to be warriors. However he also believed there were limitations and potential dangers of using one genetic code for an entire army about four years before the battle of yavin brendol began experimenting with his students and imperial training methods to combine the best aspects of both fighters shortly after the battle of endor and the death of the emperor fleet admiral gallius rax summoned hux to join the shadow council which led the empire in the absence of their emperor grand admiral sloane. Hired a bounty hunter to ensure that the commandant and his young son. Made the trip safely armitage was a bastard born to a kitchen woman on arkanis and not brendol s wife maratelle.

The young boy was emotionally and physically abused by his father. Rax approved of hux s his methods of training and encouraged him to continue experimenting with the children of jakku. Two dozen orphans were brainwashed and trained to become rax s personal guard..


Pleased with the results rax allowed hux and his son to survive. The purposeful destruction of the empire in the battle of jakku and they escaped into the unknown regions with grand admiral sloane as the imperial remnant transitioned into the first order they completely adopted brendol s training protocols children would be kidnapped or in some cases. They would volunteer to become brainwashed soldiers. They were trained from a young age to be intensely loyal to the first order under the tutelage of capptain cardinal.

One of hux s his first child soldiers from jakku over a decade later hux ventured to the planet parnassos on a recruitment mission. His ship was shot down. And he met phasma who helped him contact the first order for rescue..


Brendol was so impressed with her that he placed her in charge of half of the stormtrooper training shortly after armitage and phasma conspired to murder him phasma planted a beetle from her homeworld on the elder hux. Its venom caused victims to bloat until they exploded into water. He died in a bacta tank. Where he simply dissolved in the liquid first order.

Scientists were unable to determine the cause of death and armitage took his father s place. And that is the complete story of brendol hux of the republic and then the empire and finally the first order as well as somewhat of an origin story for general hux in the force awakens are there any other characters you d like to see me cover like this leave your suggestions in the comments ff you haven t already please like this video subscribe to the channel. Follow me on twitter..


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