The Impractical Jokers Most Miserable Moments

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“Guys know our next guest from their hit series impractical jokers. But now they ve ve got a brand new show. It is called the misery index. Which airs tuesday on tbs take a look check out this.

Poor outdoorsman. Who foolishly tried to reason with a bear. Oh. God quad.

Guys. Thought. The best defense. Wish to yell al pacino hooah and they say to do that now we know brian quinn in days.

We re gonna bring the bear out with us but he got shy i m just gonna hover over you guys you guys are like an addiction. Yes once you start you find yourself three days later in the same spot your words sex. Appeal you guys hung out with michael on. 100000 pier to the winner s.

Circle twice won 50000. For both. And so we won a hundred thousand. Yeah.

I you know did not i would like to make a public plea..

Right now to have another shot at that joking i sleep at night twinkie is the thing. We missed twinkie was the word yeah and i just hold twinkie first of all it s competitive. What does it kind of a lot like impractical jokers you guys competitive with each other it carried over. But you guys use such it like it like sarah said my girls may might win everything you put it on we don t turn it off.

And you guys you sold out across the pond laughter british audiences did he appreciate american you yeah. They get the humor. There are some things i get lost in translation. Look.

We didn t know that would and it translated fine. Yeah and then we just went on tour. They re doing our live show and you know we didn t check all the references before we went over there and then we found that on stage just how many of those references do not true yeah. But then you just call that out and you make a joke about that hopefully is the joke on our show in our live.

Show. Where sal talks about his obsession. With wearing fanny packs. Well.

They call it bum bags over there way better when we play radio city. But now. But now you guys you have another addiction coming up. It s called the misery index you re all shower.

When you take somebody else s somebody can make a fortune out of others misfortune..

Yeah. So tell us about the show sell dubs equally well on that as he does how did this show work. What s the show about well basically we have to we work as consigliere or two contestants. Where we laughter contestants they have to rate on an index what is worse on this index.

Which is basically worked out by psychologists to say what has what kind of trauma. These kind of experiences may have put so we have to help them that s a light day. So it s like we make. We actually just make fun.

Yeah debate we debate these things with with the contestants. And they have to try to win money they could win money as well and we re good at losing. That s something we we do this anyway. We have these types of conversations all the time they were like we can put you guys in there and just have those conversations.

But like we can do that yeah we can do that the crazy thing is to that we are emotionally invested in the show. Because there s real money at stake and we are so does it make you clearly. It s a tough issue for you. But is it because it s real people in real man is like on the coup.

You know we shoot during the commercial breaks and you ll be talking to the contestant. Just just you know wasting time talking and i ll tell you what they need the money for and it s never like i just want to shop. It s always like i need a surgery. Really can we give you guys a situation and you tell us.

Which one would be most miserable at it like for example who is the most miserable when traveling like who s the worst laughter..

Just miserable this woman s a damn okay i have that cloud going there but traveling i just don t make funny. But i always they don t have my reservation. My room key don t work when i get up there to the room. We calamity.

Jane or the room. They ll call. Mike. Where s your room.

Look like he s a nice corner suite up top. I m like he s like what yeah we went to a hotel once i walked in there was a hole in the sheet rock hotel motel holiday and i was like all right i ll look past the hole. I know what s gonna crawl out of it or whatever. But i ll look past the hole.

We got so we got that late night. I went to lay down and i heard you know when the pipe squealing and you think maybe someone taking the shower. Using this thing. So i said oh that ll go away and then there s about an hour.

It didn t so i call the for decorating. It s full out yeah. I waited now i m trying to just view. I don t wanna complain.

I m not cold on today this is going on for about now..

I m in room 312. I probably should lady goes 312 yeah. That room just does that laughter if it s always happening to you i have a feeling these three probably okay most miserable at keeping it cool. When meeting celebrity.

I just blew a big time in the uk. We re in wales. And i get into an elevator and i m talking to my shop to eat you and i m talking to my buddy pappy about cameras. And there s this guy in the elevator.

He s got a camera start talking about his camera. Hear his voice now i love that movie so long. A big star wars. Freak.

And the kid who played all didn t play the young han solo it s him and i turned into a 14 year old girl. I looked up what mascara. I m like i m like is that a cat. Oh my god laughter the worst thing possible i go i m on tv joker you re on tv mind is on tv was the most i walk down a elevator.

It s just like i just humiliate. But at the same time. I met han solo. Always fun to spend time with your rematch coming up you can ” .


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