The Struggle To Find A Decent Anime MMORPG In Today s Market..

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“Is up guys my name is sticks and if you don t already follow me me over on twitter at bite sticks to stay updated with the latest mmo related. So. I m a huge fan of anime mmos. I mean watching anime and playing enemy inspired games for years.

My first mmorpg was an anime inspired mmo and that may have ultimately sent me on the path to loving that little niche of the mmo genre back in the early 2000s. The genre was not only peaking in terms of interest. But anime mmo s were in their prime. I played games like fiesta online.

Maplestory pirate king online flyff elsword mabinogi uh holy shit that was were some of the best times. I had ever had in my online gaming experience well other than all the cute girls you meet in those mmo s that just throw themselves at you for a little in game sugar daddy huh. My god girls sure did love me in game. They never had working webcams or microphones.

But they sure knew how i loved my ego stroked thanks hey. I was talking about my horse. My horse way often referred to as the stallion loved being stroked alright. Don t get all weird looking back at them without the nostalgia goggles.

I can definitely see that by today s standards or at least by today s gamer standards. They re nothing great especially in comparison to this generations games. But nevertheless. I enjoyed every single one of them i enjoyed the little chippie graphical style.


They always had i enjoy the large animated worlds that they were always filled with i enjoyed having to spend countless hours grinding. Because they were after all asian mmorpgs and for some insane reason that completely escapes. My ability to comprehend asians have a weird obsession with prioritizing grinding over any other form of substance in their games. Causing players to grind and grind and grind and grind and grind and grind and grind and grind without and until they ultimately die either physically or a boredom.

Let s see the likelihood is probably 50 50. Really at this point um. So lately. I have emo keno once again satiate that need to be worship.

I mean filled with awe and wonder i wanna be shown a world you know shining shimmering splendid when was the last time. I really just let my heart decide what anime mmorpg to play well that is the struggle. Most of the anime mmorpgs of yesteryear are either shut down dried up in terms of content and active players or well. That s it three they re dead or dead in some form of fashion.

Then you know games like closers and so worker came out ultimately. I was disappointed by both of those games. Because frankly. The official releases of them were just less than stellar brannad and mass entertainment.

Does a pretty good job operating closer s. But it s just so far behind and game fords man. Don t even get me started on game. Forge they just they came out and single handedly ruined any chances of so worker being a game worthy of devoting time and effort to this coming from a fan off so worker online.


Although admittedly. There are private server alternatives are quite a step forwards in terms of content and maintenance. But even seeing that nothing has really managed to capture that feeling i had as a kid playing through an anime mmo. I mean there are games like pure chronicles and curt spell on the horizon.

And while they both look good kirt spell is definitely not something i m going to be able to run around in and explore and find people to play with and period chronicles well if it ever comes out then maybe we ll actually be able to find out so in an attempt to find an anime mmorpg. I did what everyone does these days and i took to twitter to complain then i went ahead and googled anime mmorpg and like i am not one to gloat here. But that s just beautiful. Although not helpful at all damn it but still beautiful anyway that didn t help me much at all so i opted to that instead head on over to google images with the hopes that i might find something that catches.

My eye you know and then i realized that that is ours and that is ours and that is ours and that and that that and that and that yeah not helpful the struggle to find an anime mmorpg is just it is it is too real for me. It is just overwhelming for me maybe one day until then guess who got into the beta for battle for as a rock this guy. This guy right here. Yeah.

He did so you could expect to see gameplay for battle for azeroth soon and our elsword lifestream tomorrow s june 27th 50m eastern standard time make sure you re there wiki. My wife avery and i will all be a part of it s gonna be like a tri stream. A threesome if you would know that just came out wrong that sounds weird nope. Oh.

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