The Viking Raiders … do Carpool Karaoke? The Raw Review (April 20, 2020)

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“And welcome to the raw review here on wrestling with regret this week s video video opens up on a bit of a sad note for the channel after talking over with her this weekend. It s been determined that alex the self proclaimed queen of the ring will no longer be hosting the smackdown review here on this channel. She told me she just didn t have it in her heart. Anymore to watch and review w.

E. Content on a regular basis. And you know considering all the the sad goings on with the releases and everything and just how you know the general state of the company right now. I don t blame her for that so i m sad to see her go.

She will be missed on this channel. I think she did a great job hosting the smackdown review every week since october when the show moved over to fox. If you do want to continue to follow her on her channel either link to that here in the description. Here.

I don t see that this being the end of her an input on this channel. Though i d love to do some more collaborative work with her in the future in fact for the first time will actually be sharing some screen time together on parts unknown for the next. Quizzle mania. Happening wednesday afternoon evening night depending on where you live in the world.

Will actually be competing against each. Other for some wrestling trivia so look forward to that happening on wednesday. But yeah sad to see alex leaving the channel and starting this week. I will be hosting the smackdown review for the foreseeable future and so we ll just see how long i can put up with that reviewing three or four shows a week.

But in the meantime. We re just gonna do the raw stuff right now. Let s get into it the show opens up with the champion drew mcintyre in the ring. He says.

He s heard it s lonely at the top. But it turns out that s a lie cuz. According to him it s very crowded at the top these days. He calls out seth rollins for what happened last week.

When he jumped him at the other end of the show. He says he needs to defend his championship against seth to prove his worth as champion. So he makes a challenge to seth for the title at money in the bank. He s interrupted by angel garza.

As lina vega and austin theory selena begins to talk some mess of drew. But it s a distraction to allow andrade to jump drew. But that backfires pretty quickly drew hits andrade with not one. But two claymores back to back and out of the first ones lina keeps telling theory and garza to run in the ring.

And they just don t want to nothing to do with him. Which is pretty funny. But yeah so drew easily dispatches of andrade as that s the opening segment. There and boy this is not going to be the end of drew just stomp on the dixon of theory and garza and ronnie on the night.

The first match of the night is a money in the bank. Qualifier as alistair black takes on austin theory. And as leena vega is doing commentary for this now. This is a bit of fun for me because if you followed the raw.

A review for annually. The time then you know that i would always point out. When there was always an alistar black segment and selena vega segment. Always kind of adjacent to each.

Other that was always a thing for a while felt like four months. They would always be one after the other in some kind of order well now for the first time. I believe you ve got the two of them actually sharing screen time together since nxt. So finally we get some overlap that being said very good match.

Very competitive and easily austin theory s best showing on ross. That s getting called up from nxt several weeks ago. The week before wrestlemania in fact ultimately. Alistar wins.


The black mass and then afterward he cuts a promo saying he s gonna turn every floor of the corporate headquarters into his opponent s personal hell. Hey. Let s talk about that for a second because they announced over the weekend that both the money of the bank matches are gonna take place at titan towers in stanford and they re gonna start wrestling on the bottom floor fight their way up to the roof of the building. Where the ladders will be there the bills will be suspended.

I will give w credit. Because visit almost every time their backs up against the wall. And they have to make some insurmountable change force due to some outside influence. They re usually able to pull through come through in the clutch and come up with something that s at least unique and makes you want to watch i want to see how a multi storey battle for the money of the bank is gonna go like we saw it tonight wrestlemania how the undue tonight wrestlemania how are they gonna do wrestlemania in an empty building with matches in the can we saw how they did that to pretty good success especially the stuff that was like out there like the boneyard match and like the fire fight fun house match so when given the opportunity to do something this unique with the constant money in the bank that elevates it in a really interesting way no pun intended.

But it makes you really want to see what its gonna look like up next chanted bay s are taking on indy hartwell from nxt and he puts up a bit of a fight. But much at the match last week. A sarah logan shanna easily destroys her opponent stops in the and allegedly breaks. It the referee throws the match and awards.

It to shana then afterwards shannon brings out a ladder and continues to destroy indy s arm with it and just more of those ineffective referees because they litter. The referee and the trainers are in the ring and waving off shana while they re on the outside of the ring like you can t just like jump in between them. Like why are there every so thick less and ineffective when they re trying to stop these horrible post match beat downs. Anyway this segment made bey s would look like a total evil monster just doing that kind of damage because she can and it s like not breaking the rules.

I feel like in a bubble where she s not like phew actively feuding with becky lynch like restless having to wrestle her at this point. I think it makes baylor look insanely good and religious dangerous. And it s more that how is becky inevitably going to ward off the attack of this much fiercer shayna baszler than before cedric alexandra and ricochet team up against brendon vinc and shane thorn. Who s looking a bit like chris candido with the bleached blond hair.

Although he shares no other physical attributes candido at all anyway. It s a blink and you miss it match. But i was really impressed throughout like how rico and cedric we re ambles gonna bust out these like double team moves or like two on one things when i was like one of them against the two of their opponents ultimately. It s a recoil into the lumbar check on thorn for cedric and ricochet to win good stuff.

I don t want to see more got more things from this tag team. The kabuki warriors cut a promo backstage. They re not at all concerned about tyrese chances with naya jackson. The rematch coming up next then we see bobby lashley in the gym of the performance center and he visibly beckons his wife lana to come into the shot.

So lashley says. He s gonna warm up and flip a tire cool. See you then we had that rematch now as naya jax takes on kyra sain nya beat kyrie in the qualifier match last week here as the match begins we see another shot of oscar yelling at the monitor cheering kyrie on i just want to ask you to do that like every match. Whether kairi s involved or not anyway.

The big thing with this match. People keep talking about is one point where kyrie goes for a sunset. Flipped takedown and i just like knows it which was pretty funny because the size difference. But then naiya picks up kyrie has her like a double chokehold and it s supposed to like dump her into the bet into the corner.

But she s shorts are like a foot or two and some kyra s like falls on her asses are really like not good fall at all whatever the opposite of good is that is what the fall academy took here was and so then i ultimately wins the match is samoan drop look every week. That nya doesn t hurt somebody or fuck. Something up is a blessing and i admit i ve been giving her the better of the doubt for probably a lot longer than i had any right to but just seeing this after all this time away and she s just back to the same old tricks. And the same things that pissed so many people off in the years leading up to this how many more chances is nya jack s gonna get before they finally pull the plug on her or they say you know you gotta like cut the sloppiness down now what partly gonna reach that i just feel.

It s like she s just back to the same thing she was like i m if not jax is like fully focused and doesn t botch and just like commits to it i m all for that i think when nya is on it s really she s really good. But when she but she s not on all the time. She s awful lot of time like this one. I don t want to see that anymore.

Seth rollins. Looks to be cutting a promo in his house with zero production value thrown in. But i thought the cherry was sitting i was interesting. Though.

Seth basically says that he and drew have all these similarities. How they ve won the championship now they both beat brock lesnar. The main event of wrestlemania. But i think.

It s funny they use footage of seth beating brock. At mania. 35. Which was in fact.


The first match of the show. Seth says that now more than ever he needs to win the championship. He doesn t want to win the championship. He needs to because double w.

E. Needs. A leader and he feels he can do that i thought. It was a solid promo that was a good stuff.

But i just give him some lights give him a mic or something and give him a better camera than what the cell phone that they shot with well the quarantine has forced a lot of people to shoot some strange content these days because up next. We see the viking raiders doing their version of carpool karaoke. They re driving around in their viking helmet gimmicks. They re doing a chant aivars eating a turkey leg and that was it great i want to buy a ticket and see these guys in action.

What the fuck was that that was just so off brand for them. And also hearing them talking to that chant makes me realize wow. They had the least intimidating voices to go along with their bodies. It s like man.

They men let those guys and lashley should form a super group of voices that don t match their physiques. Because that i think killed them. I mean i don t know i don t know what i was expecting. But that was weird that s weird stuff man.

I was not a fan another money in the bank. Qualifier as mvp takes on apollo cruz mvp on the mic before the match. Putting over apollo a lot. But that hits like some backhanded compliments near the end there as the match goes on one of my favorite parts is mvp like he s beating down cruz and whatever like swing of his fist.

He s name dropping the wrestlers. He s beaten in the years past at one point mvp even hits. The playmaker. Which by the way is one of the worst finishers of all time.

But cruz kicks out of it and makes a fiery comeback and he hits a stalling setup powerbomb to win the match and advance and they said on commentaries. The biggest win of apollo s career. And like yeah. It kind of is feels crazy that and last like four years.

We finally reached that point. I said a couple weeks ago. I will believe an apollo cruz push when i see it apollo cruz push. This is the closest thing to a push.

I have ever seen for apollo crew since he came in from nxt. So we can only see where he goes from here can only go up right backstage. Ruby riots. Being interviewed in preparation for her match.

With liv. Morgan. And ruby. Talks about the riot squad.

How i had to i double shoulder surgery because i had to carry both liv morgan and sarah logan. The entire time. And this was not the first time that they name drops. Sarah logan on this show in the match.

In at baylor. They showed the recap of her getting her arm broken by by shana then last week. And when that happened i m like okay well i ll see what the problem with that is because you know they have to bring her up practically right. I mean it just happened it d be weird to bring up that highlight and not mention the opponent by name.

But then when a rue. Because this whole promo about the riot squad and they show pictures of the squad. Together. I did think that was kind of weird and people made a bit of a rumbling about that online.


The discussion there so like does it mean sarah s coming back like who knows i thought that was interesting the first time. I thought okay that can be dismissed. But when they bring up a second time. I m an maybe she is just for a load.

And maybe she will come back at some point that really who knows. I was surprised they did that we go to that match now riot versus morgan. The story here is that ruby early on is very dominant toward live. Here.

She s trying to prove that you know live is still the baby that she s always been she s not grown up. She s not on her own yet so she s beating down live early on get overconfident. Though one point she goes tests. The ropes and lived runs right after her hits.

The flat liner from the ropes out of nowhere to win so bit of an upset. They re beating ruby and yeah. I mean i m just curious to know where live goes and for that matter where ruby goes from here in terms of the women scene. Because if this is the end of you know the riot squad as we know it and like they ve they ve done their last bit of blow off and they move on here.

See where they go we go back to lashley in the gym. He ends up flipping that one tire. But can you flip a bigger tire find out later in your last money in the bank. Qualifier murphy takes on rey mysterio.

I love the story in this match. Because early on murphy calls rey. An old man and the whole thing is great trying to prove himself and this is a great back and forth match. These guys really work all over the place in the ring out of the ring.

The big story. Here is a lot of the offenses revolving around rey s injured hands during the match up. Here ultimately. Rey.

Histy. Canadian destroyer and a 6 1. 9. To win and go on to the money in the bank match.

And yeah. I really enjoyed this one hasn t seen murphy in several weeks. So good to see him back in action. Here and i m actually with this against rey.

I think puts them it makes them both look great. Angel garza ends. Lina. Vega cut in a promo backstage.

Lina. Says. It even though andrade and austin theory got beaten up tonight so far all is going. According to plan and nothing to see here angel that hits on charley caruso on the way out lydon grover next match.

Charlotte flair and her first match back since winning the nxt women s championship wrestlemania going against kaden carter of nxt short and sweet matchup. Here charlotte stalks. Major trash kane throughout before putting her in the figure. Eight to win.

I know that people have their druthers about charlotte being the champion of nxt and everything and winning another title and whatnot. But the optimist in me believes there can be some good coming from this because the whole story here is that charlotte has this disdain and contempt for the nxt women s division. She is above them. And so the whole story is oh she s gonna swing by and eckstein just see how the kids are doing it she wants to kind of give back and everything and so there s this whole narrative there push that charlotte doesn t believe she is gg.

She s the nxt is not worthy of her it feels very reminiscent of the whole brock lesnar thing going on the head for a while and so when charlotte inevitably loses to somebody it should hopefully make a star out of that person out of the next champion will it be really will be somebody else time will tell. But hopefully hopefully they can pull it off and actually make a star out of whoever beat charlotte. We got our final segment with lashley and his friends population ty it s a 450 pound tire. He is finally able to lift it and flip it after a couple of attempts and then lana cheers aman lashley says that s the kind of strength that everyone here needs to fear.


Yes lashley. We know you re a strong boy. This was a weird very interesting way of getting lashley over and it really wanted direction. I didn t think it was gonna go i just assumed from the beginning.

Oh lana s gonna do something to distract lashley and cost it and it prevents him flipping the tire and oh. He ll be mad at her again. But it only happened like you she was just being really supportive of him and it s kind of a red herring in that respect from the beginning where she was like not going along with the plan acai like coming in late so yeah. I was it was interesting was the best way to describe it like yeah lashes strong boy.

I get it what else andrade takes on a cure to zawa and a short but fairly competitive matchup here despite taking two claymores. The top of the night andrade is able to beat a kara clean with the hammerlock ddt off the top rope and then as he ends lina vega are celebrating on the ramp. I ll come the street profits and they do their dance on the announce table and after the break. They introduce bianca bel air for her mash up with santana garrett and so that match happens.

But you really can t pay attention to what s going on the match. Because the street profits are just shouting all the time and the begin of the match. It s like all five guys. The commentary team all just talking over each other and then it s just street profits just dominate.

The whole rest of the way so i really couldn t focus the match itself bianca wins with the kod. I will say though with the street profits was yelling the whole time it was all three we were this close to feeling like man because there s actually a crowd there again in your main event. Drew mcintyre. Taking on angel garza in non title action garza is a company by the whole day and crew.

But it matters not a whit because drew single handedly destroys. The entire crew including a big old launch on the outside saying. I can do it all and he hits garza. He first gets awesome fear in the outside of the claymore then it s angel with a claim ward the ring to win the matchup.

And then afterward hits another one on garza. Another one on austin theory. And then mcintyre on the top of the ramp. He does he almost does like the shawn michaels playgirl pose with the belt and everything he s doing the tranquilo pose.

But it totals like shawn michaels playgirl pose as we cut to black so yeah for in the last two weeks. Drew mcintyre has single handedly destroyed zilina vegas crew like not even close not even for a little bit did andrade. An angel and austin theory. Get a bit of a leg up.

I m drew mcintyre. Now drew looks fucking phenomenal doing this but i feel really bad for a salinas crew because i mean you know they re gonna hopefully bounce back and like fight other like lesser people on the hierarchy and look good that way and you see them throughout the night like they ll last wee. They beat up a couple of guys they get stopped by drew this week. They lose a lot of get beat up a lot like we get one win from andrade.

But they still get beat up by drew so again like drew needs to move on don t do something else because we can t have him beaten up those guys every single week. It can t be basically a different version of you know andrade and angel and rey mysterio and a bear to create you know we can t be seeing these combinations every single week. Because it s gonna feel like reruns and right now we re like no crowds and there s kind of you spinning the wheel so money in the bank and we can t be having that my grade for this week s raw is a seed this would land it s somewhere in the middle for me. Because there were some good points at the show you know there was some couple couple good matches.

Here. And there like the money. The bank. Qualifiers were great it s good to see like a dominant like baby.

Faced champion on the show for the first time what it feels like eons. But there were some clunkers in this show as well i think that see the last year. The tire thing was weird. But not as badly weird as the viking raiders doing their chant driving a car was wearing like t shirts with their helmets on well it wasn t even the big old turkey leg at least lashing.

It just do something kind of odd brand like show his strength and flipping the tire. And again. I have to go back to the thing with you drue destroying his lina s crew looks great for drew. But how does the crew look if they can t handle their shit against one guy even for a minute.

But let me know what you thought about this week s raw in the comments section below and be sure to give it a letter grade by going to the icard in the corner of your screen. I m brian zane and i ll see you next time ” ..

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