Top 10 Fire Emblem Characters

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We we ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 characters from the fire game series for this list. We ll be focusing on a character s usefulness and personality as well as their importance to the game and series at large with literally hundreds of choices. This is no easy. Task also we will not be including characters partially designed by the player such as robin.

The avatar from fire emblem awakening. But enough preparations let s start the battle. No more games to the death number 10. Anna.

The fire emblem series hmm hmm. Even if others might get more attention. There s one character that has appeared in more fire emblem games than any other anna usually acting as the face of tutorial levels or as a shopkeeper anna and her many identical twin sisters with the same name are a staple in any fire. Emblem installment playable for the first time in the 2013.

Release fire emblem awakening. The cheeky redhead appropriately starts off as a trickster a speedy utility class that will get you into any treasure..

Chests. You come across thanks number. 9. Sauron fire emblem path of radiance and radiant dawn.

Arguably the best magic user in both games. He appears in sauron is the taciturn and blunt strategist for the griot mercenaries heavily jaded by the harsh treatment. He received as a boy sauron is fiercely loyal to the mercenaries leader. Ike who saved him from starvation and will follow him anywhere no matter.

His own objections. If certain conditions are met in radiant dawn its reveal bat unbeknownst to himself or the world at large sauron is the son of the mad king ashin art. The villain a path of radiance and this makes him the rightful heir to the throne number eight ephraim fire emblem the sacred stones the protagonist of the sacred stones a title he shares with his twin sister. Erica ephraim is the first to fire emblems lord archetypes on our list which usually refers to the royal blooded main character of the game and ephraim is one of the only ones to start off wielding a lance true to form.

He s the prince of the kingdom. Ren e. s which is unexpectedly invaded by its neighbor grado ephraim takes a proactive approach waging guerrilla warfare in grado territory winning enemy generals to his side and even capturing a castle with a mere four men number seven kromm fire emblem awakening. Listen you better stand back prince of elese and leader of the militia group called the shepherds kromm is one of the central heroes of fire emblem awakening.

I see you re awake now following the loss of his elder sister spoiler alert crom finds himself leading his country as well as its military when forces conspired to resurrect the fell dragon grima. As the head of an army players are forced to use krump and it s just as well since he s a decent powerhouse unit with his central role in the game story trusting personality and usability in battle..

Prom is a solid all round character right number six joshua fire emblem the sacred stones. A womanizing gambling addict on paper doesn t sound like the best person. But this rakish swordsmen and runaway prince has his redeeming features joshua left his privileged life to better connect with the people. He was supposed to rule and subsequently became involved in a mercenary group curiously.

Though his gambling habit leads him to cheat others out of their money. He s surprisingly honest about it the road prince isn t without his serious moments. However during the events of the sacred stones. Joshua must.

Confront kyle locke. A former mercenary comrade. Who depending on the path. Taken.

Killed. Joshua s mother number five hector fire emblem blazing sword aka fire emblem. Although a minor character in binding blade hector takes center stage in its prequel blazing sword better known in the americas as simply fire emblem though unusually blunt for nobility actor is staunchly loyal to his longtime friend and fellow lord elwood. Joining him in his quest and getting caught up in the games events.

One of blazing swords trio of protagonists along with ella witt hector may be the most basely of the lot as well as one of the more dominant lords in the series in general largely due to being built like a tank and using axis. Which are powerful..

If less accurate number four lucina fire emblem awakening. What is this power kromm s daughter from the future who cena traveled back in time to avert the end of the world and challenge fate. Though she s about as strong on the battlefield as her father lucina outstrips him slightly in terms of characterization with request to save the world providing much of the impetus for the story of awakening plus. Her drive and interactions with her parents make her very sympathetic.

We can t let these things. Win. Now grab a sword fight her support conversations all cemented. Some rather amusing ideas about fashion with all this going for her in addition to being one of the more prominent female leads.

It s no wonder. She s become a standout of the franchise come number three linda s aka lin fire emblem blazing sword aka fire emblem as one of the protagonists of the first fire emblem game marketed in the west linn holds a farm place in the hearts of the series fans. But there s more to her than simple nostalgia. Statistically built like a speedy swordsman flynn is essential in blazing sword.

As she s the first lord available to players. Giving her plenty of time to level up also despite her royal lineage. She was raised among nomads famed for their honesty. And it is lin s forthright nature and passion for justice that wins her allies in the game and fans in real life number two marthe fire emblem shadow dragon in the blade of light and mystery of the emblem the lead of the first fire emblem game marthe remains iconic to the franchise as his influence is felt both in the game storyline as he is the ancestor to chrome and lucena and outside of the storyline due to his appearance in the smash brothers fighting series.

Which served as many people outside of japan s introduction to fire emblem everything about mark from his status as a young noble up to save the world to his use of swords has had an impact on later protagonists before we get to our top pick here are a few honorable mentions maker. My lady norian law is blunt on the subject of traders..

There is only one punishment number one hike fire emblem path radiance and radiant dawn. We are all family. We will try to understand one another even we disagree unlike the majority of emblem lords ike was not born and noble. But it ain t that rank through his deeds thrust into a leadership role after the death of his father.

Ike leads. A mercenary band through trials ranging from restoring a princess to her throne to eventually. Confronting a literal goddess. Ike s road journey may be the best written in the series since his relatively sheltered upbringing.

Means that the player gets to experience everything through his eyes. His well written character arc combined with his strong stats and appearance in this match for other titles have ensured ike status as a hero among heroes in the fire emblem series well you show us what we should aspire to do you agree with our list. What s your favorite character in fire. Emblem.

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