TOP 5: Best Monitors of 2015! Gaming in 1080p 1440p \u0026 4k!

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s up youtube. Its tamanna and john whatever. Most requested videos have been to to give you our top five monitors for gaming.
We took into consideration both price quality. Bringing you our favorite 1080p 1440p porque and 144 of our monitors. All right now trying to do here they are to kick this list off we have acer s220 hq el abd 215 inch widescreen lcd monitor for just ninety nine dollars on amazon right.
Now. This is a 21 and a half inch led backlit display its at that 1080p resolution that seems to be the resolution of choice for the round a third of gamers on steam playing in this resolution as a 5 millisecond greater grey response time which is definitely adequate for gaming. It has 1d support and a dvi port.
But it lacks an hdmi port so if youre using this monitor to connect a console to it that lack of connectivity could be an issue. Its a 60 hertz monitor. Many you can show up as 60 frames per second.
It.s also pretty stylish being really thin. All this at only ninety nine dollars.
You cant really go wrong with this one at this price for number four. Now we are a bit partial towards this one given jon and i both have one of. These the asus.
Vx220. 88. 215.

best monitors for gaming 2015-0
best monitors for gaming 2015-0

Inch. Led hd. Monitor this one is 130 999 at best buy.
Although it goes on sale occasionally for 119 and 129 dollars. So john actually went back to bestbuy to use a price match guarantee to save that extra twenty dollars one of the key driving factors for this monitor is the ultra fast. 1.
Millisecond. Response time with asus trace free technology that allows for ultra smooth motion playback. Theres a 24 inch version that comes in both black and white that we see occasionally go on sale at newegg for 130 999.
If you wanted a little more screen real estate. Its also a 60 hertz. Monitor meaning.
You will see up to 60 frames per second and 60fps seems to be that magic number everyone aims for in gaming. It also has a lot of connectivity options. It has a d sub and two hdmi ports.
Which is great if you plan to use this to displayed multiple devices such as to gaming consoles or a console and a pc. It also has built in speakers. That probably arent loud enough for most of you its comparable to the speakers on my iphone.
But still its a nice perk to an already great monitor. Please compare this side by side to a lenovo monitor. Here and have it off the cup bach.

best monitors for gaming 2015-1
best monitors for gaming 2015-1

Seen of it. Here. This is a 1080p monitor you wont regret buying between 119 and 139 dollars for number three.
I have another asus monitor that we are big fans of the asus vg 24. 7. For or whatever your first person shooter game of choice is also if youre highly competitive in games like league of legends and starcraft.
2. It could make the difference and not to mention if youve already invested a lot into a beastly gpu setup. Why not take advantage of experiencing games at over 60 frames per second.
When you want it. It has an ergonomic design with tilt swivel pivot and height adjustment. Which is another nice perk to this monitor.
And we didnt mention that this monitor supports gaming in 3d. This monitor is also just the perfect size for 1080p gaming at 24 inches. So you get a lot of screen real estate.
But its not at that point where the pixels begin to look bloated by the other asus monitor. It comes with some built in speakers. Which arent the greatest.
But having speakers is just another great selling point to this exceptional monitor for number two we have a 1440p monitor. Which is seemingly becoming a more popular resolution for gaming. Every day.

best monitors for gaming 2015-2
best monitors for gaming 2015-2

The benq gw 2765 ht 60. Hertz 27 inch monitor. Its 375 dollars.
So this is a bit of a jump in price. When compared to the 1080p monitors. Weve covered and getting a 4k monitor would not be that much more.
It is a 27 inch ips technology panel. So its a perfect size for 1440p and lets just say getting 60 frames per second and 4k requires a pretty epic gaming rig. While getting 60 frames per second in 1440p does require a six set up.
Its a popular resolution choice given decent rigs really shine in this resolution. And you might feel you arent reaching your graphic cards full potential and 1080p. It has one d sub.
Dvi. Hdmi and displayport. It has an ergonomic stand allowing for height tilt pivot and swivel adjustments.
So just an all around beautiful monitor for gaming in 1440p. For number one. We went with a 4k monitor.
The asus p. B. 28.

best monitors for gaming 2015-3
best monitors for gaming 2015-3

7. Q. 28.
Inch. Screen. Led lit 4k.
Monitor for five hundred forty dollars game 4k is a gorgeous experience. We really liked this monitor has the ergonomic stand with tilt swivel pivot and height adjustment function. Which is something you will probably really appreciate if youre spending over five hundred dollars on a monitor.
So you can adjust it to perfection gaming in 4k is definitely becoming more affordable. Oh still a bit far off from becoming the mainstream choice. But if you are in the market for a fork and monitor the asus is a great choice.
Its 60 hertz with a one millisecond grade to grade. Response. Time and has a displayport 12.
Hdmi and a second hdmi port that supports mhl thanks everyone for watching this edition of savannah and johns top 5. If you have another request for our next video. Please leave a comment and as always dont forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for pc.
Builds. Unboxing and some fun playthrough and gameplay videos. Happy gaming.
Until next time. .

best monitors for gaming 2015-4
best monitors for gaming 2015-4

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