Top 5 HD Antennas (indoor) ClearStream, Vansky, Mohu, & More.

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“We re talking about hd. Tv antennas. This is something that we ve talked about about nbefore on our channel. We ve brought them up.

But people seem a little confused about what they are and how they work and so that s what we re going to dive nin. Today. Let s get started first up on our top five hd. Antennas is nthe clearstream eclipse.

This one that i m holding in my hand right nnow the clearstream eclipse is the most different naesthetically of all of the top five that we re going to be reviewing the other four are all rectangular things nthat you put up in your window. This one also goes up in your window. But nyou can see the shape is a little bit different. It is a circle with a hole cut out of it is it a big difference.

No it s not however when you re putting nsomething up in your living room window. It s nice to know this is going to let in just na little bit more light be a little bit less disruptive in your living room. So it s the little things that count. But as for the big things when it came to nperformance the eclipse outperformed all the others that we tested when we set this thing up we were able to nget a whopping 74 channels.

Not all of those are maybe ones that you re going to want to nwatch. But 74 channels. Is nevertheless a great count for something that you picked nup for 40 bucks on amazon or best buy or wherever you bought it the other thing that we love about the eclipse nis. The detachable cable when it comes to all of these systems they nattach via coax cable.

So this one being detachable is a big plus nbecause your living room configuration may be a little bit different having. The detachable cable. Means that you ncan swap it out for a shorter one or longer one depending on your needs now this one comes with a detachable cable. So does the mohu leaf which we ll get to nin just a moment the other ones that we ll talk about all have nattached cables.

Number two is vansky vansky is sort of the budget option on our nlist. Here. It performed almost as well as the eclipse actually where the eclipse got 74 channels nthe vansky got 73. Not bad at all the vansky it does not have a detachable ncable.


However it does include an amplifier and we ll get to amplifiers in just a moment. But i called a budget option. Because it s nliterally half the price of the eclipse half the price. The performance is for all nintensive purposes.

Just as good and you get an amplifier included as well the mohu leaf is probably the most recognizable nname on our list. It s the one that kind of set the standard nfor. What an indoor hd. Antenna looks like feels like smells like acts like the mohu leaf is the standard.

So if you re looking for something that s na really proven name. And you know is going to look good in your living room. The mohu nleaf is a great option much like the eclipse that i was holding up nearlier. It has a reversible black and white so depending on your d cor.

Whichever. One nyou think would go better in your living room you can put that up in your window again not a big deal maybe. But it s those nlittle things that count as far as the performance on the mohu leaf nit ended up getting 66 channels. A little bit down from the 74 that we got from the neclipse.

But still a great channel count rounding out the top five number four is nthe besthing hd. Antenna number five is the 1byone now there s not a huge difference between nthese two honestly. There s not a huge difference between nall of them like i mentioned up top. But i will mention that the number four the nbesthing does have one thing going for it.

And that s that in the packaging. You have na stand for that device now all of these are meant to be stuck up nin your window. But the besthing comes with a stand you can get a stand for the others. But you re ngoing to pay a little bit extra five bucks.

Ten bucks for a stand that will nfit those the besthing comes standard with a stand nso if for some reason you don t want to put this up in your window. That may be one that nyou want to look at now when it comes to performance number four nthe besthing came out with 61 channels and the 1byone our number five option came to n58 channels. Now it is less than what we were getting with nthe eclipse and the vansky and the mohu leaf. But all five of these really performed pretty nwell if you re missing out on channels.


There a ngood chance that what you re missing out on is a lot of infomercials and that sort of nthing. But if you are looking for that then you ndefinitely want that higher channel count now i promised i would say a word about amplifiers nand. I will mention that here when it comes to amplifiers the vansky the nbesthing and the 1byone all include amplifiers in the packaging. It comes with it now that s nice.

But i will say if you do nnot need an amplifier for your system. Don t use it you would only use an amplifier if you need nto boost the ability of your antenna to receive a signal. So if you re living far away or if there are nsome obstructions. If you live behind a mountain and the tower nis on the other side.

But you may need an amplifier to pick up that signal better. But if you don t need it and you plug in that namplifier and turn that on it s going to put a lot of signal noise in your system. And nso your picture will come through a little bit fuzzier. You don t want that so if you don t need it don t use it.

But be aware that a few of those systems do ncome with it all right guys thanks for watching. I will also just mention that this is all nbased on our tests. And we re broadcasting from salt lake city and so based on whatever nmarket your in and based on the geography of your location. You may get different results.

So. What i suggest is whatever you decide nto buy keep your receipt. Give it a test run for a day or two. See what sort of signal you re getting and nif for some reason.

You re not quite satisfied with it go ahead and swap it out for one nof. The other ones see if you get better performance. Anyway. If you have any questions or comments ngo hit up the comments below and like and subscribe and thanks for watching everybody.

sh video colon slash dev slash video. And that s to enable our second video device and then we re gonna click save and then we re gonna give it a few minutes to spool up and then we re gonna go check out zone minder. So next we re going to copy our ip address open a new window paste that there and then we re gonna go colon 8080 whoops 8080 and so the first thing that you come to is a privacy agreement. So next you need to scroll down to the bottom.


And basically you have to do two things. One is leave it on accept and then go down to the other corner bottom right corner. And then click apply once you ve clicked apply then you re in the zone. Minder ui and so there s a couple of different things that you want to do here so first is we re gonna actually change how it looks so it actually is easier on the eyes click on options then display and it already changed once here for me.

But basically we re going to go to css and you have your options of base classic or dark. And we ll just show you those each one at a time so. The first time you change. It it will change it to the modern theme like you say you see here if you click on dark becomes.

A dark theme classic is slightly bigger and then base is what i like and then you can click on that and that seems to be the neatest one i m going to make this a little bigger. So we can see it next we re going back to council we re gonna click add okay so the first thing we re gonna do is look through this a little bit. So basically we have a couple of different things up here. So.

If you have a open protocol camera. This owen vif will detect that for you and there are some preset cameras also available. We don t have any of those the probe. I did not find worked well for me next if we look down here.

We re going to leave these mostly at defaults and we re going to change. Source type to local and function. These are the different ways the camera came at cameras will work so monitor emotion detect record motion record and no detects we re going to put it on monitor right now for this tutorial and we re gonna leave all these alone and then we re gonna go to source and so after we ve changed it to monitor we need to if it doesn t populate automatically put slash dev slash video zero for our first camera next. We re going to put capture method if it s not already there video for lennox version 2.

We re going to leave the device channel to zero for me my device format is ntsc. If you re in europe. It will be pal target color space will be 32 bit. And i found four to make the cameras work and this you should you should change this to color width to 320 and 240.

Even. Though your camera may be able to capture larger than that i suggest doing this first and then gradually increasing the values to see what works with zone binder and once you ve done that click save. And so there it says the monitor. We have the monitor function.


There s a source that says not running and it will just take a few minutes to actually come up what you can actually do is click on monitor and you can see there it s working i ll wave my hand and so that monitor is working. So let s go back and add a second one so this one. We re going to add monitor to and so here it already repopulated with monitor 2. Because we already have monitor 1 their source type will be local again.

If you have some other thing you would actually put in those here then we leave all these the same we re going to go to source and so for us. It s video 2. So i ll change that to dev slash video 2. Again we have to change the device format to ntsc for me.

And again. We want to change the pixels to 320 width and 240 height and then we click save and now you can see actually the first monitor is now officially capturing at 10 frames per second. But let s go look at that second monitor and here i ll move and there i just waved at the camera and here. I will see it you can see me working.

And so this is what it looks like i m actually looking at the window. And then we can look at the other things here. So again you can change the options set up groups of cameras filter things. And you can see it s purge.

When full or update. Disk space cycles will again show. The different things. There.

Montage will show our different cameras. And you can change the layouts. Here and if you want to review those in the past you re there and then it will show you a events to check when you re doing that and so basically that s how you install zone binder. You found this video helpful make sure you like and if you re new to this channel make sure you subscribe to be notified of new videos coming up have a nice day bye bye.

” ..

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