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“It s almost there. Justin keeps. It alive turtles are there just a shot that that s and rocket man. So.

Close was so difficult to create speed on that i think he was coming in at final minute of game number six and devo puts it out into the middle remco is the first one there gets another great play by remco he gets the first it and it breaks until upside down to put it past patchy to be aware of that what but what about the other teams. They all particularly afraid of the teams or is it more just you know the same all the way you ve been playing really afraid of it i feel like i want to say that the defense has been just making their games. Difficult to come back into where they re there the game is over they haven t they today they ve conceded three goals they re given up on it s squishy. This is an impressive impressive display of mechanical skill you might just alou yes well everyone s just driving so slowly yeah.

This is almost doesn t look like they ve disconnected or something. But this we talked about him being the mechanical master. This honestly is him to show enough at this point look at this how many times should he go around for everyone who doesn t know squishy when he first got started with his social media. If they think what his first videos was him actually going for the world record.

We ll see if it passes amiyo doesn t play rockley. This is absurdly hard to do what they re doing right now incredible display of skill now chrome looking to transition he s gonna be one we haven t won against fire burner. But he showed his hand a little bit too early fire burner ease be able to react guerra over the top of one past two he s got just an in support change. It by himself garret guc evil genius is so worried here about the passing lanes and garrett she recognizes it he goes left first pop beats classics.

This a key to get past crook to cheap cane taps with this ball gets a big win here dribble opportunities cuz. I go for the past no he goes for the fake hands on with rizzo dumps. It in for the win. Jane apps.

An absolute monster. This first jump completely pulling squishy out thinking. He was gonna flick is squishy make for a touch and then jane apps. Lance perfectly recovered flex it over across the defender oh yeah well will end this if larkey jumping no no it s wondering if um.

If ko is gonna like just leave. And like disconnect maybe and leave kyra want me to tell you can t say that what that was actually so talk saying. What do you mean jane. I was launched is long you ll be back over the city.

But now jane apps in the rest of g2 can control some of the mid boosts make that life a little bit more difficult fanatic that could go in no shade apps. You are nuts jane apps to himself off the ceiling lands. Now okay off the ceiling that was a great play put it down into the buff right now in this game. With energy and try and extend.

It barbara wraps it around gare g..

Moves up the screenplay so face. He just stopped market crazy haitham puts the ball touch it right now touch it again push again touch. We can put together hard as you can i guess. That s gonna be after the stream.

Oh i m gonna go some ads enjoy your time with chris. But nah bedell just upset now that made the long lower bracket rod. They ve made that hard part. It s all about the timing.

Oh my word pluto going for something extremely fancy. And this should be a goal like grow bluto is not a good position. All i would want to play the timing curnow me with the spikes throw have you ever seen this before perfect timing on the release easy of demos i m gonna sue this mucket squat down to the ground of the century i m going to drop it down for a teammate. But a steady goes for the angle internet.

A lot out of his mind one way to open up the series. Something whilst. The midfield challenge is happening good so far they ve struggled to put anything dangerous tour de g. Lvez.

Never what a bum oh. My goodness you think you ve got to say i m sorry my friend you ve only got my car hitting yours perfect example of what to do not an option blue he s gonna get up in the air and pull them out of the way it still seems like i mean brought this point. I said everything i need to say about that bitch. I have nothing else to say dude.

Honestly. Though i have a set you what s that reload. You should be careful with like the shots cuz. If you get to like.

11. Ish. Like you could yeah not you could suffer from like like you re accessing. Some shit well yeah like you know what fucking your exes is dude.

Yeah. Your ex is a fucking cunt baby whoa. But i believe that dad could score a goal come on dad turn around damn your opportunity just got turn left close like nascar dead of all things we see the fist bump from two jumps on some and dan. He was able to do it great sports here all around oh.

What a game contestants amazed to anything gets the pinch in front of the goal pass..

He puts the shot. And what was this pass were very beat again turning around so fast freakin clearing it all the way they repeat getting one of them somehow. He got that second touch mocking our on fire cock. Sir looks like you wanted to defend jazzers on her as well here comes squishy off that ceiling.

Don t one touch. She s looking for a second show good look what a protection first the first jump now use just be nice to get the first touch haha you re kidding. It s got to be the calming is showing the lights on the water turning it on oh. What the hitbox is on that yes i tried to the stage.

Okay yeah. We might be here all day daddy is going into the crowd for a second they always got to find the ballet. I want to try that i think i would get cramps thank you thought i d legs. You don t ramp.

Very easily way too tall for that well who s that we want backwards wave. The kid scooby lazlo. The girl rocks out to the midfield for pepper. He wants the second touch how about three how about four nomads today that is a beautiful setup from pepper great touches from pepper.

I m not sure if he really exactly meant for this to be a pass. I think he s trying to get up and over it. But what a touch from him and nomad knew that was happening the whole time and puts that one away. That s jane ups will back off the grove.

And maybe will 1v3 this one for jane up. So now we ll be addressing on to the volcano. The whoa ho. Okay.

So i don t even know do we what this is look how beautiful this is this is such an interesting opportunity came out of this kenobi like just straight of the record. I don t believe you wouldn t say that i feel like i need to be responsible learning. 16. Oh no oh no now everyone knows my secret.

My secret of why i m not face scanning everyone knows what the fuck you okay now that you know it you know what s actually the craziest things is how fast cooks sct like hey like i i can t ever beat him on saying gg. That s actually the most triggered anything in the world holy shit. Do you see that i don t think i ve ever been cooked insane gg is actually amazing often send it away it makes the touch. Oh what no no way what are you kidding me look at this pinch from cook.


I don t believe what i m seeing right now 124 km h. Cooks. I know you re talking about how about what you like yeah go for it go for it sorry. That s all right no she was not look at this that s a recieve replay dude.

That is that is an end of montage shot. Yeah. That s not an easy position to play fire burner that s one position. Where you don t really get to build a lot of confidence in yourself.

Because you re the last man back you re watching your two teammates really just do excellent things. And you just kind of kind of sit back and wait and final moments to do it in regulation. That s nice gets a pass to it just cooks her in the back handy flick him out whoops. It ya need that sonars puts.

The team on his back and gets the win here in game three just got the last two seconds. Knowing the pressure was there that cooks here had to do something he opted to wait for kutcher did scoring get your pogchamp ready hailing all the way from oceania on the orange side. It s tainted mine. What is going on what s going on what is happening you re out of here oh we got an alligator kangaroo slowing it down it s bump my classes.

But he might fall into continue to walk alone. Fiat. Bravo three. After kitty bump in the middle.

It didn t matter chi chi s up. I haven t gotten that caught off guard in so long popping that just zapped on and then look at how well he lands all four wheels get it up for the jump stay you keep it coming out from this i by power team defense and ibuypower. Nothing s usually tied with the air time he s carrying it we go to game. 5.

Spinning of that rotation for an over zero was so well done he used the black body on his car to cut up every single angle. What a beautiful flavor. I buy power you know there were two goalies up for that they were right in front of them to like it wasn t an over commitment as what boys update. Its masters course english on you actually whoo nana.

Saw this really cool video final minute. This was the score line in game 3 wild. 9. Unable to take it the season and he pulls it up here in the most clutch moments.

The player to invent the percentages..

Oh who is the worst job percentage. Oh. It is sent away by dapper squirt. A squishy is there because of course.

He is and this is his shot. He got it over better than 140 for sure mark. That s a phenomenal touch tighter dee managed to get that so quickly. He s going for the purse.

I got all my guinness mikey to that what did we just see he could hurt us around this into the net. But no he goes round the ball pops it back across oh okay. Oh. My god it s just.

I can t faster huh. Oh. You can make it you can make it wait good easy for me not for you watch. I have it come back as we saw in the last game they only needed about 15 ere comes the pressure from then incredible look he brings more up off the sidewalk and even lands on purpose.

But reason he lands on that ceiling. I d mention it before in the last qualifier. Oh. My god forward to the new crowd in london.

It s going to be new atmosphere. A new environment and most of all they re not gonna be chanting usa. All the tone. You know i m mark you and ask you again man you know being in front of a big crowd.

I think. This is one of the biggest crowds. We ve ever been in front of any of these players happen in front of can you do tyler s machine gun sound. Please okay i ll try it s copper copper cup good enough how fast did we like him dude.

It s actually people try to work on their rocket league mechanics. I ve just worked on my menu skills watch how fast i got a free plate dude holy shit. Are you kidding me look at this man his speed his finesse ” ..


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