Top Ten Horror Games for the Wii by Second Opinion Games

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“Games are often fan favorites and the wii was a system that no one seemed seemed to like after a few years of its life. So a lot of people missed out on some good games. So i am the game collector and this is second opinion games and today. I count down the top 10 horror games for the nintendo wii also in this lineup.

I m taking resident evil. 4. Completely off the table because everyone knows how would win and what s the point of this video. Then you would already know the answer.

So let s start it now second opinion games. Number. 10 obscura aftermath. Oh.

The good old college days. Where you could take a lot of drugs and drink. Energy. Drinks and drink all night long and hopefully your friends don t get bludgeoned and murdered you could play as many many stupid stupid college kids each of them with their own very unique traits because hey if you re a stupid college kid you could only do one thing right.

But this game is really really creepy even if sometimes. It is a little hard to figure out. And the jokes are crude with the subtlety of taking a brick smashing it through the window with some type of stupid sexual innuendos and other completely garbage full stuff the game itself is actually kind of fun. But don t let that for you it s really dumb fun.

Number nine house of the dead overkill. A gritty grind house style game with samuel jackson spouting out swear words left and right okay. It s probably not actually him. But you know what this is one of the best light gun experiences on the weak.

A game console. That is known for having good light gun games. And this one is just creepy and oozes with ridiculousness as all the swear words start flying out left and right over sexualized women and shooting up every single thing in sight..


The game itself plays really fun. There s also minigames one to two player and the graphics are actually really good for what the we was doing this one will have you keep playing just to hear the horrible horrible storyline and you know what i can t think of a better reason to keep playing number eight. Cursed s. mountain you play as an explorer just trying to get your brother back.

This is more of a mystery game with a couple of very spooky haunting elements. Sometimes you re gonna have to use your mystifying powers to open up different doors and other times. You ll just have to use a pickaxe to smash everything in sight especially vases. I really hate vases and i just love to smash them in bits.

Because people hide keys and other cryptic crap enough. And there s also ghosts freaking flying around everywhere. This one will have you scooped. Large open worlds and the graphics look well like they re on the weak.

And what else would you really expect number seven dead space extraction before part three came out and completely ruined. The franchise well they decide to bring it over to the wii and they couldn t really leave it in its current form because of the under horse power of the week. So that made it a light gun game where then they could focus in on the storyline elements to really make it engaging. Now you could turn your remote sideways.

And still do some construction worker style. Things. And you re gonna have to do quite. A bit of cutting through the horrible enemies to dismember them as well as put them in their final resting place you can start the game as just a construction worker.

But then he quickly dies and you have to take over as a police officer trying to get off this horrible horrible hellscape land and make it the safety will you won t you well i m pretty sure a lot of people are gonna die right in front of you and this one will actually be one of the most terrifying like on games. You will ever play in your life. Thank god they focused on that storyline. Oh no look at them all those people dead.

Every shuttle in the bay destroyed. Number six jew on grudge haunted. House simulator..


Now. It s time to move. Slow. Because this one is a crawl.

It s not exactly a sprint to the finish you basically go in to a building whether it be a haunted hospital carnival or even an abandoned warehouse you shine your flashlight. Very very slowly around looking for batteries or something just to keep the lights on because if it goes out so will you eventually you ll find some keys open up some doors and hear spooky noises all around you. But don t let that deter you just keep pushing forward. This.

One is a game for the patient and to be played right around midnight on the spookiest day of the entire year you ll start to think things are going on all around you maybe you ll hear a creak in the door that you just didn t hear. Before your eyes and ears will play tricks on you and then out of nowhere. Something will happen eventually number five dead rising chopped to you drop. The first dead rising game was a smashing success so they brought it over to the weed.

Only they had to make a few little changes like how they switched it up to control a lot like resin evil for dead for the week. Which means. It controls so much better they also had to knock down how many zombies on screen. So they made every area a little more cramped with artifacts to weave in and out of now.

This doesn t really take away from the gameplay. It just makes it a heck of a lot better and now i don t forget to save like i did on the xbox 360 version making it to point. Where i can never actually finish the game and give up on it now there s some very linear missions that you could choose to go on as you want to go on and he could still kill zombies as much as you possibly want who woulda thought a shopping cart would be your ultimate zombie killing weapon. I sure as heck didn t and finally they fixed the controls with the guns making them actually usable and still really fun the story line is still completely intact.

Which means the game is exactly how it was only with a lot less zombies and now log number four resident evil darkside chronicles if you even moderately liked the resident evil games or the storylines or the characters well then this is an epic love letter to the resident evil universe. The weapons will even be familiar the locales are perfect and i really really like going to raccoon city again and again to kill as many of these undead things as i possibly can blood scraped all over the walls. And there ll even be a few extra new locales that maybe you just never seen before you ll see pretty much every character you could ever imagine from resident evil with tons of easter eggs and stuff hidden around every corner. You could also power up your weapons.

And do a lot more. This is a light gun game that pushes other light gun games to inspire to be it. And we may never see a light gun game this good ever again..


Number three call. It creepy yep. This game is just plain creepy. The controls are actually pretty hard to figure out you ll see use your wii mote to move things around as if they were your hands and it just doesn t feel quite right.

But what does feel right is the fact that every time you answer the phone you will hear it through the speakers on the wii. Mote and it feels like something s over your shoulder every single time this happens. And i m telling you the game s creepy. I have goosebumps just talking about it right now and i m creeped out it does actually feel like you re in something real.

Maybe. All the interactivity. The way the game works makes you feel like you re in a living breathing space. And i m telling you it s just really really creepy number 2.

Silent hill shattered memories. The silent hill series has quite the pedigree to live up to and this one doesn t in spades. The flashlight lighting effects are really good and extremely spooky. The atmosphere of silent hill has never been any better the game profiles you from the start messing with your mind like this one sequence here.

Why was trying to color in some people s shirts purple and then later in the game. I actually met these people and they had the same oddly purple shirt this nearly blew my mind. I was even starting to question my own sanity and rarely does a game give you a wide open space. But lead you down and narrow chain of events everything in this game is completely scripted.

Yet it feels like an open world experience. It s just so unbelievable and this game is pretty much a work of art and some of the best graphics. I ve ever seen on the way number one project zero this one never came out in the states. If it was it would have been called fatal frame bud its europe s best exclusive.

Which is also why these japanese girls talk with an english accent. You pick up the camera obscura. Which is your greatest weapon for killing ghosts in slow mo..


Really amplify the intensity of every little thing you do. But that s not the game s only trick. There s also a haunted house mode. Which is perfect for a quick pickup and play or to scare.

Your freakin. Twelve year old cousin. This one is beautiful you even have to have component cables or an hdmi hookup. Just to play it that means that no playing on standard av.

Cables and the game is just better because of it. The storyline is engaging with many twists and turns and hopefully you and your sister can make it out of this evil town alive. Well maybe you were never alive to begin with either way it s a deep really well done up game for the wii. And you probably never even played it and of course.

That s all my opinion. So hopefully. I inspired you guys to play some we a little bit more often it had tons of horror games. On it and a lot of hidden gems.

That people just never play because they gave up on it a little too early and you know what i have tons of different top tens on the week. Already so you might as well start exploring and finding more games. Yet you re just gonna fall in love with also i put out new content. Every single week and i want to know from you guys what type of crazy.

And i mean crazy ideas do you want to see me tack on the future for top ten. So ” ..

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