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“Welcome to home weblink repair shop today. I will show you how to access a a motherboard on toshiba laptop p75. 5. And how to replace some important components on before you start to do anything unplug.

The power and also take out battey looking at the back of your computer. You can see some components like for example. This is the compartment where is the memory of the computer. And this is the compartment where is the hard disk to access these.

2. It s very simple just unscrew. The screw take the cover off. And you will access a memory of the computer.


Memory is actually helped by two arms and by moving these arms. The memory will flip and then you can take the memory. Module outside and replace put in putting the memory module back. You just insert memory.

Under the second aitt angle push it in very gently and push it down. And these two blocks will lock the memory module put the car back and screw the screw back and that s that s it that s all you have to do to replace hard disk. Again one school. Which is holding the cover needs to be unscrewed take off cover and in this case.

You just simply slide the hard disk to my left and lift. It and then you have a hard disk you can replace with the new one or in case. Your computer is not responding you can read a data to access motherboard of the computer and other components like fan mouse pad switch panel keyboard you first you have to unscrew all these screws at the back of the computer basically all of them they they are very easy to unscrew and since they are for this laptop all of them are the same size you don t have to worry about you mix different sizes. Once you finish all screws you turn computer back.


And you are ready to cut off the keyboard. All you need is a sharp more knife and you will start at the top of the keyboard and just simply lift it up very simple move and now you can see the under under the keyboard. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard through the ribbon cable. Which is locked into a connector you just really simply move the lock a little forward with the screwdriver gentle very gentle procedure and you are ready to pull the cable and now you have a keyboard.

Which if you need to you can clean at this point just spread a little alcohol on and clean it let it dry and that s it to be able to take the cover of the motherboard off. We have to unscrew two more screws. Which are under the keyboard. This is a screw number one and this is a screw number two again.

These are the same size as the other screws. So we can just nick them together all right and then we have a few two actually two more flat ribbon cables. Which we have to disconnect same but a little smaller than the keyboard cable. This is one of them from switch panel you just pull it out simple as that okay now it s disconnected and same for mousepad connector just grab and pull okay disconnected now we are ready to lift the cover of the motherboard should be just a matter of lifting up and motherboard is still connected to to this to this cover.


I think these are speakers. But you don t have to disconnect those if you don t need to and now you are you are accessing the motherboard and all important components. Which might need some maintenance and sometimes they have to be replaced because they don t work one of them is cooling fan you can see and the cooling element. This is very easy to take off by unscrewing just a couple screws here and disconnecting cable.

Which is here doing so you will take the cooling fan off then you can also unscrew the cover from cooling fan and actually access the fan itself and clean. It and it will really improve the cooling capacity of your fan. And if you take the fan off you can also clean the cooling element. It s usually full of dust just vacuuming and cleaning with a cotton tip or something there is one thing.

Which could be at this point also replaced in case. You have a problem. It s a power switch. It s a this small part that s actually switch and this is the button.


Which is pushing on the switch. It s very simple the switch is glued with the plastic sticky glue to this cooling element just by by simple lifting you can unglue it because it s not hard. It s it s a soft blue. So you can lift it i ll glue it and then there is a ribbon cable connection to the motherboard.

You will disconnect this get a new switch power switch and replace so when you are finished with all your cleaning action and repair replacement you just reverse a procedure and you will assemble your laptop just make sure that all these connectors plastic connectors. You push and after you hit the click. It s locked okay. Thank you for watching our video clip.

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