Transparency Capture Unity Tutorial

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“Everyone my name is drennen and today. We are doing a tutorial on transparency capture capture okay. This is a little thing that you can get for free on unity allows you to take screenshots of things in unity that you re working on for example. This is something that i ve been working on i mostly do a game called seven days to die.

And this is a prefab that i ve got that s been worked up for me. And so i set it all up and use transparency capture to grab this little transparency transparent background. Image and now i can use this in the game as a thumbnail or i could in theory use it pretty much anywhere i needed to so if you had say like a character or a animal enemy a building of car or anything you really need and then you can put into unity and you need a transparent background to use for say a media kit or in game. Images or anything.

It could be done with this program alright. So let s get to it so generally what you need to do yeah. You just search up transparency capture. This is one by orange 0 3.

0. And you can then kind of come over here. I ve already got it for free so if i just open it up in unity. It s there but normally what you do is once you find it on the asset store either in the unity.

Editor or in the asset store on whatever your favorite browser is you just bring it up. I ll try to put some links into the description of the video and go from there all right so if we grab unity here. You can see that this is the object that i took the image of and yeah. It s right here.

So the setup for this is a little bit different um. So you kind of have to go over to your asset store or wherever you have it trans pair. And it s actually this guy right here transparency capture this little green thing and yeah you just import..


It now i don t know if it ll let me do this very well in here. Okay. So yeah. It is actually doing it not too badly and you just you can see everything that it s gonna import and then you would hit import.

I ve already done it so i m not actually gonna do it again. It takes. A couple seconds just a little couple bars. It s gonna flash up along the screen.

And then it s then it ll be installed. I m just gonna hit cancel for myself. But you would hit report and then that brings it usually into your assets. This is a little bit of a complicated project.

But let s just close some of it up. And it makes this little transparency capture thing down over here now that allows you to see these scripts and stuff. There s a little reading needed here and it just sort of tells you how to use it it took me a little bit of a try to get this thing working. And it wasn t exactly i don t know quite a straightforward of that i know i m here once it s all imported you can go back to your scene.

It says to make a scene now it doesn t whatever the first part of the thing is doesn t usually seem to work for me. So yeah. Now i just make a scene by going here. New scene.

And then do you want to save changes. Yeah. Sure what up and this is the one i had from before but if i go wow..


This is an untitled scene. I go file save scene it ll ask me what to save it ass and i ll just go toot as in tutorial for you guys. And it s right down here. Now there s nothing really in the scene other than the main camera and the directional light and so we gotta put something in here to take a picture of right so what can we put in here.

I ve got all kinds of little weapons and stuff for my game. Here s something i was thinking i would try to put into the game. But i haven t quite done yet let s see here where are they all right now. I just drag it onto the into the main scene window.

And i m just gonna hit zero zero zero zero. Because i need this for later on when i set it up for my particular game that i use it for so. What we next to do is so yeah. You can see it s all here.

It s got its material. So you know once you get to this stage of its all kind of ready to go you zoom out and you find your camera here. It is now you can see there s a very tiny. If we took a picture with this we hit play.

It s you know that s not gonna make good good anything really. It s not a good promotional thing. It s not a good thumbnail in game. So we move it closer and closer and closer until.

We re pretty much good and yeah. And now you can finally zoom in and kind of get a bit of a better look at this thing now if that s what you wanted for your thumbnail cool whatever you can do that and what i might do though is uh if this thing a bit of a rotation make it look a little more dramatic. You know whatever you need to do and you can of course change your camera s angles..


And all that as needed to get the exact angle. You want for whatever. It is you re taking an image of okay. Next is you need to go down to transparency capture take your transparency capture to file.

So this script. Here you re gonna want to drag this up onto your axe first lecture. Let s just make sure that we see this you can see here that there s no script on here so. But when we do this drag it on here.

Now over here. You see that there is transparency capture to file great beautiful. So. If you were to hit play.

Now you ready hit see it should capture an image. Sometimes it actually flashes a little bit white on here to be able to see this. So let s go see. If there is a file you oh there it is perfect and so to find this file.

Though it s a little bit trickier what you may want to do cuz doesn t actually say anywhere where it s captured and in the script. If you re to look at it it says you know it just kind of goes here. And it says captured up png and if you go over to this code really all it does is it just passes that into one of the functions in here and saves. It to a location you know file name and it just writes it so.

But that location is actually you know just the base of the unity project. So the base of the unity project for me is in all my unity stuff under the specific title of the project itself which is you know d bat mail a january 28. 2009..


I know it s very creative name ignore it for now whatever you call it need to be the name of your game. The name of your program. Example of whatever you re doing so it s in here mine s got a couple of extra things to do a c sharp. But you know you just hit that little capture a png and that s what it is so it s an audience assets or libraries or anything else we re kind of what you would zoom cuz you know assets.

Transparency. Capture is down over here. But it doesn t put it in that little folder. It puts it above everything else so it s kind of tricky or defined.

But once you know where to look. It s there yeah that was a little bit of a thing that got me and i it makes sense from a computer science point of view where like you know. There s no other bits of directories. So it s kind of just relative to this project.

Which kind of makes sense you know in retrospect anyway stop that and we ll save it. And yeah. That s pretty much that so if you guys enjoyed that tutorial hit the like button. And if you are new to channel and want to see more content about 7 days to die or modding perhaps.

We ll do some more tutorials on unity. Yeah. We ll see how things go and i will see you in another video bye bye you ” ..


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