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“Everyone it s that one tech girl and i m sorry i haven t done done a lot of reviews in the last couple days. I had to go out town. But i m back so i m going to be doing a review on the virgin mobile xt c. Or the kyocera mj thousand on the keyboard and i ve been getting a lot of questions about it and i just wanted to answer those because if i was buying a new phone like this phone especially.

I would want to know about the keyboard. So um question number one is it easy to use yes. It is easy to use once you get used to it whenever i first got um when i first got it and i got my first text message. I was really frustrated because it was taking me forever to like type one at a time one button at a time and it just took me forever to type of like my first message.

But then after every message. It just got easier and easier in so now i m pretty much used to it it took a couple days. But it s it s definitely worth it the keyboard is really nice. It is made of soft plastic not rubber.

Which i pair. I would prefer for it to not be rubber. Because if it s rubber. The keys get worn down really easily if you re a big texter.

So i really like that it s soft plastic. Um yes. It is a little bit cramped um..


If you do have big fingers. I kind of have big fingers. But i have small hands the big fingers. But um if you have big fingers.

I wouldn t necessarily not recommend this i would just recommend going to a store and trying it out before you before you buy it because it might be a little bit of disappointment. But if you do buy it. And it doesn t work out virgin mobile has this really nice on 30 day policy now where you can return it within 30 days for a full refund so it s not like you re totally doomed if you buy it and it doesn t work out for you okay. But um.

The keys are raised a little bit you probably could not tell at all on this like on a camera. But they are raised. But not very much so um i prefer this this keyboard over the virgin mobile wild card because it s just i don t know it i don t really know why i prefer it s just once you get if you have both of these phones. Then you will just know.

Which one you prefer automatically almost instantly so all right the navigational keys. I don t use the in that whenever i have my keyboard open i don t use these for yellow keys. Which are you used for the navigational keys. I use these right here.

I discovered that when you have it open you can use either on either keys. Whichever floats your boat. So it s not a big deal all right um..


So here let me just demonstrate for you okay. If you are have the keyboard open. Yes. Of course you can use these which are what is actually meant for and i just went to the menu.

There i m going to click back really fast okay and but you can also use if it was open like this if it was like this you would normally use this key right there to get to the menu. But um. If it s like that you can also use this button to get to the menu. It s just really easy and i prefer that because i don t know it s just a lot easier than these small yellow keys right there i don t really like those very much.

But i don t know it s probably just a pin opinion of mine. Okay. What i really like about this phone is you can program. The navigational keys like on here and i m guessing that you can use it for this too it would go do the same thing.

But you can program your navigational keys of course. The top button is going to be your account because that s what it s like on all virgin mobile phones and you can t change that but you can do the sides and the bottom. Which is really a nice feature on the side. I programmed new message.

Which it was already like that. And i just i just used to that so the bottom is recent calls. Which is also already programmed in it like that and i did do this side..


Two pictures. Because i just think that it s a lot easier to click one button for pictures instead of going through the whole menu. Okay. But how you get how you program your navigational keys is you go to tools and settings.

You go down to i think. It s convenience yes is convenient and then you go down. I just click up to customize keys right. There is number seven so if you just want to click 7 all right you can customize the left nav k.

Not the right now key in the down na vi navigational and have the same thing on you can here is. What you can um program your stuff. Too new message inbox. I am virgin xl myspace facebook contacts recent calls my stuff pictures messaging tools and settings media player surf.

The web alarm clock calendar. Bluetooth and calculator. So you can do pretty much any of the tools that you can use on here to listen. And like just sub categories and categories on the menu.

So i thought that was really nice and just a really nice feature and i m really glad that virgin mobile put that on there um okay. I m trying to think of anything else to say about the keys well obviously you do know that the i guess anyone who wants this phone would know this that the numbers are these gray buttons right here. Excluding..


That one they are this gray buttons right here so instead of having a it s not a slide. You can t like slide. The phone up which i ve just tried to do you have to slide it open to dial. Which is like that basically so 555 blah blah.

Um back back back back back okay. But also another nice feature is you can press. The center button and you can just go around and choose the buttons that you would like to go on to so 555. Dot dot dot.

Okay if you have any other questions about the virgin mobile xgc just comment them below and i will be sure to answer them as best as i can and if you need more demonstrations on the keyboarding or anything else about this phone. Then just message me or comment. Me and i ll be glad to do as best as i can to get a demonstrational video up about this phone and if you do have any questions about the any of the other virgin mobile phones. I have a really wide selection of virgin mobile phones and maybe i ll do a video later about all the phones that i have from virgin mobile.

But anyways um. So thank you for watching and rate and ” ..

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